What would YOU ask Richard Armitage? Redux


I asked this question in a blog entry last summer prior to Comic-Con. Because haven’t we all fantasized about being able to conduct our dream interview with Richard Armitage?

Or, in my case, I actually dreamed I did interview him and in the back of a limo, no less (sadly, I can remember none of the questions, just how charming and funny and gorgeous he was).  Speaking of gorgeous, let’s look at that footie action from Magic FM again, shall we?

jamie edwards and Rich playing table footie

With the recent flurry of new interviews prior to the DVD release of THAUJ, the whole WWYARA question popped into my mind again.  We’ve seen the same old chestnuts about the circus *sigh* fun ones about whether or not he does impressions of other cast members (earning us that delightful “ooooh, BIL-BO Baggins . . .” in the Bin Weevils interview), and, frankly, strange queries about whether or not Thorin would rather fight horse-sized ducks or duck-sized horses. That one still has me scratching my head. The person who submitted that must have been on something stronger than my Kahlua and Coke. 😉


Would you ask him questions about Thorin? Does he ever fear being typecast as Tolkien’s heroic dwarf?  Or  would you ask him about past characters and their development and, perhaps, what the future held for them after the scriptwriters finished their work (or in some cases, their hatchet jobs. Looking at you, Spooks people)?  Are there any of his past characters he would long to see brought to life on the big screen?

How about future projects? Looks like he’s been queried enough about RIII at this point, as well as any future prospects of a VoD reunion. Favorite novels (other than The Master and Margarita) he’d like to see become screenplays?  He’s said he wants to do smaller, more intimate film with a great, literate script–any specific director he’d love to work with? Does he still have directing aspirations of his own? Dream cast he’d love to direct?

The Master and Margarita

The Master and Margarita (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Would you ask if he’d consider doing a voice role in an animated feature for, say, Disney/Pixar?  Because he all know he’s a great storyteller for children  . . . and he loves the studio’s films.  How about the possibility of narrating more audiobooks? Is there a list of books he’s dreamed of recording?


Would you ask about his favorite films, books, music, TV (assuming he’s gotten to watch any) over the past year?  Is there a television series he’d love to appear in (Game of Thrones, anyone?)?  But then again, he’s trying to get away from the action/violence genre, so, possibly a comedy or period drama such as Downton Abbey?

Downton Abbey visits Seattle

Downton Abbey visits Seattle (Photo credit: KCTS OO9)

Or how about the best advice he’s ever been given as an actor? Who most inspires him as an actor? What counsel would he give to aspiring actors?


Favorite chocolate ice cream blend? Rocky Road? Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough? Or just pure, rich, unadulterated chocolate? Does he like it with whipped cream and a cherry on top? OK, getting silly here, but I suspect he likes a little silliness tossed in here and there. The man obviously loves to laugh.  And there is always “What are you listening to on your iPod right now?”

ipod shuffle loja online leilao

ipod shuffle loja online leilao (Photo credit: sucelloleiloes)

And hey, my new Weta Workshop book was just delivered by spouse. Arrived a day early! Hooray!!  Here it includes this photo, which I found courtesy of Servetus at FB:


Can’t wait to discover any other gems within that volume! Loving Mr. A in green. NTM the beard and muscles and everything . . . and isn’t Adam a cutie?

And again, I ask, what would YOU ask Mr. A? Do tell!

Tonight, I will be nursing the Even Worse Knee (yep, fell again) and perusing my new book. I am sure I will have something to share from it later. 😀

(other screencaps courtesy of Richard Armitage Net)

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    • Great question, Kathryn! As someone who was very shy and introverted as a child, I know it was being put in situations that forced me to face my shyness and deal with it that helped me overcome it. So, mom, thanks for putting me in the church choir at a very young age. 😉

      I have wondered if he sort of adopts a special persona for those press junket type situations. Not saying he’s being phony–I just know I’ve had to do something along those lines myself to deal with jittery feelings and my innate fear of certain situations.

      • I was put in situations where I had to overcome my nerves but I don’t think I ever really did…as I get older it definitely gets harder. I’d love to know his secret!

        • I have another whole set of Doubt Fairies that trouble me now, I have to confess, Kathryn, about aging and health issues and weight and what not. It would be great to know his secret to overcoming his own doubts and fears. I am now reading the wonderful Chronicles book and they talk of his amazing commitment to the character of Thorin. Is it his sense of strong commitment and a sort of dogged determination that helps him through the difficult moments, I wonder?

          • You know what…if I could pick a mentor to help me through all the things that I’m struggling with right now, someone to tutor me in overcoming my fears, I’d love to pick him. Not because he’s gorgeous or anything like that (truthfully!) but because he’s exudes calmness and quiet confidence even though from the things he’s said it seems it may be the case that he struggles with the same things we do: shyness, self-confidence, staying calm under pressure. And even if he doesn’t he seems like someone who’d offer sound and genuine advice.

            • I think he would be a fantastic mentor. Richard has such a groundedness and that Zen-like calm and unflappability that I really admire. As you say, aside from the whole “gorgeous” factor, he is someone whose presence and wisdom (and I do think he’s a man of not just intelligence but wisdom gained through life experiences) and fundamental decency as a human being makes him someone you would trust to steer you the right way. He strikes me as a great listener, too.

  1. I think I’d want to ask him if he has any plans t do a film (or films) that include musical performances (I’d LOVE to hear him sing again, something a bit more than what he was called upon to do in “The Hobbit”). That would make the package absolutely) complete for me (not that I NEED anything else to make the package any more complete). He’s said previously that he considers himself “not a bad singer”. As usual, I think he’s being far too modest, but I’d love to know if he’s had any thoughts in that direction.

    On a different note–my canvas finally arrived today, and it is to die for. My friend did a fabulous job–now I’m chomping at the bit to see it finished.

    • Wonderful about your canvas! I am already putting together another post featuring some quotes from the new book. Hearing people say wonderful things about RA always gets to me. *sniff* As for RA’s musical gifts, yes, I would love to hear more of his beautiful baritone. I just don’t know if he is that interested in more musical performances. But he shouldn’t let that golden voice’s musical chops rust, that’s for sure. 😉

      • I hope he doesn’t let the voice go to waste–I just don’t see him using it outside of movie or possibly stage work. Listening to him sing even that little bit on The Lonely Mountain gave me chills.

        • That’s it, it would be a shame to let such a lovely voice go to waste. After having left musicals far behind him when he elected to go to LAMDA and focus on his acting, I wonder if performing on stage in any sort of musical production still appeals to him? He’s had the training, he’s got the natural ability and he certainly has the stage presence.

          • There go those chills again–not that I think I will ever be fortunate enough to see him on stage (but I can dream, can’t I?) and since there are so few musicals being produced anymore–plus, if he were going to undertake something like that, I think he would be very choosy about the property (and rightfully so). Being of a musical background and having performed professionally for so many years myself, that always seems to be where my mind goes. But then–truthfully, I would be happy with just about anything he chose to do (we’re back to the phone book thing again). He is most definitely my hero and I don’t see that changing.

  2. I would ask him if it is true that he was in the circus when he was young. hahahaha … The last time they asked him the other day, he said: ‘Oh, that golden nugget’…or something like that. He is so polite about it too. Poor Richard!

    Seriously, though, amongst the many questions I can think to ask him, the first one would be this:
    ‘If you could speak with Professor Tolkien, what would you ask him about Thorin and about Middle Earth?’

    • Another great question, my dear! Yes, the dreaded circus question was in the Magic FM interview. I loved that he finally admitted it was a “chestnut” LOL Ever the gent about it all.

      • Yes! That’s the word I could not remember. I laughed and laughed. I hope the reporter was ashamed. It shows complete lack of preparation and imagination. Geez!

  3. I would just ask him silly questions to make him laugh. Something about him just makes me feel like he would be really fun to be silly with. The questions I would really like to ask him are too intimate for an interview. I’d really like to get inside the head of that shy guy who’s never wrong, who thinks he would be more popular if he wasn’t so intensely in character (excuse me? MORE popular??) and who claims to have a bad temper but is always lovely to everyone he interacts with. Who is that guy?? LOL!

  4. I was thinking about this lately, and I would like to know, given all that he knows about production and post production, can he still just go and lose himself watching a film, especially one that he’s in. How’s the knee? Do you ever feel like someone has a little voodoo doll of you?I know I have those days!

    • That’s a great question, too (good grief, they should just let us give these chat show and radio people the questions from now on). Is he able to put aside all his knowledge of green screen and prosthetics and other stuff and just immerse himself in a good story . . . one of the things he mentioned about why he liked the HFR and 3D was really being inside the story, as I recall.

      And if there is someone with a little voodoo doll of me–I know exactly who that person is LOL I popped some ibuprofen and elevated and iced it, so it’s better. As Benny said, I should have a lovely new selection of bruises by morning.

            • You are not alone, there , my dear–when I had twelve cats, All of them were rescues or strays. I kept rescuing them, thinking that I would clean them up and find them homes. Speaking of suckers, they found one, all right–mine! Also at one point, in Tennessee, I rescued a German Shepherd mix mom and her litter of five pups. I just can’t say no.

              • There’s a reason why I don’t go to the animal shelter any more than absolutely necessary. I just can’t bear to see all those animals in need of a home. We’ve had as many as 10 or ll cats and dogs-inside and out–again, all strays or rescues. We are down to “only” five right now. When Seabee and Jack showed up–well, my heart was lost. You’ve seen them–how could it be any different?!

              • Not possible, Angie. I can’t go to shelters, either–I cry for days because I want to take every single one home with me. All of mine are now getting on in years (in pretty good health, still, though, especially considering their origins) and I haven’t had a new one in quite some time. I would like to have a dog again some time–it’s been quite a while.

              • We won’t likely get any more cats until these pass away. I have really enjoyed having a puppy around again, even if he does keep trying to untie my shoelaces and gnaw on my jeans. 😉 He’s getting big, though, I certainly can’t pick him up anymore.

              • My friend in Tennessee has the same problem–although I can’t even begin to see her trying to pick up a 50 pound pit bull mix. Now, that would be too much for me, too.

      • Sending lots of healing thoughts your way! I am so sorry about the Even Worse Knee. That multi-colour look can be quite something. Can you get this goop that’s aloe vera gel doped with aspirin precursor in the U.S.? Here, it worked like magic when I fell on icy cobblestones and hit my knee.

  5. He’s wearing green….so good to see him with another colour than black or blue *sigh*
    Aww, and Adam! Isn’t he cute?!
    I hope you’re knee will get better soon Angie!!!

    • Adam’s adorable. Just want to hug him big time. Agreed, RA really does need to wear color more (as much as I like him in black and blue, there ARE many other colors out there and variety is the spice of life). Thanks, Herba, I have it propped up now and iced it earlier.

  6. I’m late to the party again, but yes, all good questions. My contribution: “What would you like to talk about?” “How do you feel about skiing in Spain?” “When you design and build your home, would you like to keep a pet and if so, what kind?” “You’re clearly a good rider now. Would you like to have your own horse?”

  7. I would ask him who was his favorite character he’d most liked to played. 🙂

    And of course, what are his plans for the future ? A new movie ? Serie ? Theatre ?

    Or : I know you like skiing. Me too. When do you come to skii with me in Switzerland ? lol

  8. Wow, what would I ask to Richard? What a question! I´d like to know if he likes to dance, not just go out dancing in a club or a bar, I mean something like ball room, not like the contests, but if he likes ballet, mayby or something like that.
    I´ve been thinking about his shy personality and It is strange that someone born under the zodiac sign of Leo is so extremely shy, normally, they tend to have an expansive personality, likes to be the center of attention, unless the shyness is a strategy to be the center of attention, I´d like that!
    Anyway it does not bother me, shy men are delicious, and I was long talking of what he wants, to overcome her shyness.
    Best regards!

    • Fhernanda, I am another shy Leo, what can I say. But when I was singing in high school and at that time church too I would forget about everyone watching me and just sing, because I enjoyed it so much. I also forget that I am shy when I am hosting a party, but I tend to stay in the kitchen making sure there is food in the dishes.

      I would ask Richard the following. You enjoy downhill skiing, would you ever give cross country skiing a go? If you where able to go back in time, what time period would you go to and why?

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