Maybe you do need a break from ‘slightly dour’ my dearest RA.


I am sure you’ve probably all seen this by now, but here is another online interview promoting the Hobbit DVD release, this one courtesy of Christa Ktorides at DIY.

(What an apt place for our Thinking Woman’s Greek God-like DIY Geek to appear, don’t you think?)

Now, some have interpreted Richard’s comments about being the slightly dour one who doesn’t get a punch line to mean he doesn’t understand the punch line–as in Richard Armitage doesn’t get the joke. That he is being the typically diffident, self-effacing gent we all know and love, the one who “can’t do impressions” and is “not a bad singer.”  (To which I say, “Poppycock!”)

My interpretation is that RA doesn’t usually play characters who get to crack jokes. He’s often the brooding, angsty, conflicted hero or anti-hero types, and, let’s face it,  they typically don’t get a lot of funny lines. They aren’t the proverbial life of the party.




And yet there were moments of levity, times in Robin Hood, for example, when I thought he was absolutely hysterical in his own way. Look at some of his facial expressions and body language when reacting to the Treacherous Troll’s antics. RA’s no “slip on the banana peel” slapstick kind of actor. He’s not fated to do stand-up comedy, I am certain.  But he’s definitely got a sense of humor and of mischief. “Love in an Elevator” and “Master and Servant,” indeed!


One of my favorite RH S3 moments: Guy realizing Vasey is still alive–followed by a little “hi there!” wave and singularly insincere smile.

How about some of the moments he shared with Ewan Bremner in Strike Back? Definitely funny.


In VoD he’s more or less the charming, cheeky straight man to Dawn, but it’s certainly proof he can handle lighter stuff just fine, too.  He can *cough* charm the pants right off you.


We’ve got two more installments of TH trilogy, which promise to be much darker than the first film. More conflict, More angst and brooding. And you do it all so beautifully, so compellingly.

And yet–maybe, dear Richard, you do need a break of sorts.

Something, as you have mentioned,  without all the action and violence, with less of a dark edge (as good as you are at all the angst, brooding and “simmering dignity”).  Something well-written and witty–that goes without saying–that combines comedy and drama, and a talented co-star with whom you have great chemistry.  Just for a change of pace and a break from all the sturm und drang.  Surely that would be good for your own mental well-being, yes?

And it might help your fan base out, too. Our poor besotted hearts can only take so much . . . *sniff* Show of hands of those who want to re-write the ending of The Hobbit? I know, I know–but a girl can dream.

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  1. Oh, I agree! RA definitely “gets” the jokes! He just doesn’t get to deliver the punch lines very often. Some of my favorite scenes in Strike Back, are when he’s with Ewan Bremner! And you can tell by his crinkles that he loves a good laugh! I hope he gets the chance to play some more light, comedic roles soon! I think after the next two parts of TH we’ll all need some good laughs! (Maybe when Thorin is SND we can get him to lighten up a little bit!)

  2. Who is saying he doesn’t get the humour? Someone hold my coat while i go and sort them out! I’m feeling myself going into full APM over that one. Huummmph…

    I agree that he is being his usual self deprecating self but i also think he is perhaps alluding to a perceived inability to turn on the comedy act for chat shows, in the way colleagues such as Martin Freeman and James Nesbitt can. I often think when he makes statements about his personality, he is comparing himself with a peer group who aren’t normal in the grand scheme of things. My impression is that RA would be the sort of person who would make a fun, easy going companion (trust me ladies, i have given this some thought over the last couple of years 😉 ) – the sort of person who would make me giggle at silly little things, at him and at myself. I agree with Laurie – i think he totally ‘gets’ the humour in everyday situations (not that being stuck in Afghanistan with a mentally unstable sidekick is normal but you know what i mean) and in many ways roles like that are far more challenging than the role where the humour is written into the lines.

    • I didn’t get where they were coming from with that interpretation at all (this was all on Twitter, which has been an annoying place of late for me. Mind’s not in right place for it at present). As if he deemed himself not bright enough to get the joke. I know he’s self-deprecating, but I don’t think that comes into play here. I know he’s said he’s “so not funny,” but there are different types of funny. Some people are the more overt, lampshade on the heads type.

      Some are more subtle.

      My husband would never consider becoming a stand-up comedian and would hate the idea of having to be entertaining on a chat show, but he’s one of the funniest people I know. He’s witty, intelligent and excels in a dry, deadpan sort of humor everyone doesn’t get. We share a lot of inside jokes.

      My life has been horribly unfunny in some ways in recent years but somehow, we’ve been able to eke out laughs where on the surface they do not appear to be. Richard has been able to do that in some of his roles, too and it is a challenge in acting as in real life.

    • I think you have a point about him not “turning it on” for the interviews. My friend, who liked TH, couldn’t get through an interview because she said he was so boring. I’ve also seen comments on Youtube about him being wooden. Oh well, I certainly enjoy his interviews! He’s thoughtful, not just silly.

      • She must have been expecting Thorin to show up and roar at the cameras! LOL I have never found him boring or wooden–I don’t quite understand their POV, unless it is they want someone being glib and in performance mode and dishing out witty bon mots left and right. *sigh* I like him just fine as he is and look forward to every interview (if not to every interviewer). 😉

  3. I think that he should do stage work for a change of pace. It’s a natural choice for British actors and gives them and their audiences an enjoyable place to explore different aspects of acting! I’m looking forward to seeing him in a theatre in London in the hopefully not too distant future.

  4. Lost in translation perhaps? Reading that sentence (and as a Brit) I instantly understood it to mean
    “… who doesn’t get [given] a punchline.” No other interpretation crossed my mind.

    Daughter and I laughed so hard at that scene in Strike Back after the women have taken the jeep and Porter kicks the sofa and then yells at Ewan Banner to shut up. We’ve played it over and over and over and laughed just as hard each time. (Again! Last time! Errr, again?)

    • And as a non-Brit that’s just how I read it, too. Never would have seen it any other way. There were some genuinely funny moments with those two, weren’t there?

  5. I think he certainly does have a sense of humour – but he shouldnt tell jokes (A blonde walks into a bar…) I have seen snippets of it in Robin Hood, VoD, and certainly in other interviews – he alludes to quite a wicked sense of humour. I do think it is time for him to maybe do something a bit more light hearted where he doesnt die preferably!

    And I have already re-written the ending of the Hobbit in my head several times – oh and look, Im in it! How about that!!!? 😉

  6. My hand is up! I have not exactly rewritten the end of TH, but I did give him a very happy ever after SND in my fanfic.

    I don’t think Richard’s sense of humour is at all lacking, so I don’t see what the noise is about. He just hasn’t had many comedic roles, even though he has demonstrated that he can do them well. I like that his personal sense of humour isn’t raucous or hurtful, just playful and a bit naughty.

  7. Richard is too sublime (as one lovely actress said;)) for them! Hey Angie, some people are strange*sigh*(or deaf and blind)or they need to be entertain by jokes with giant ADHD. It seems that they not see those sparks in his eyes 😉 I love his cheeky ,sometimes goofy, boyish sense of humor. I can’t count how many times I was chuckling and giggling thanks to RA:)

    • Yes, I will always have an extra-special place in my heart for Hermione for realizing how wonderful our RA is. In a world where so much is glib and superficial, we have our grounded, thoughtful RA and I wouldn’t have it any other way. How can you miss the depths of intelligence, humor, sweetness and naughtiness in those amazing eyes?? Deaf,dumb, blind and possibly thick as a plank I do suspect some people are. He is a day brightener!

  8. Calling Noel Coward, maybe? (yeah, guys, I KNOW he’s dead!) Or something similar to the kind of thing the late, much lamented Nora Ephron was writing for Tom Hanks? Cheeky, charming, smiling–although, quite honestly, I’l ltake him anyway I can get him, but I would very much like to see him get a chance to explore the lighter side and do some comedy and get another chance to “laugh his face Off” (his comment about VofD). There we go–we need to bombard Richard Curtis with emails to write a romantic comedy for Richard.

    • There are times when one wishes one could summon Dear old Noel’s ghost forth to write. 😉 I will also take him anyway I can get him, no matter the role, but I do recall those lovely shots of him laughing uproariously from the sidelines during the taping of VoD. Guylty has been talking about wanting to see him in a remake of Roman Holiday, but whoever would play the Audrey Hepburn role? We’d need to summon her ghost, too! Yikes.

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