Guyday Friday: The Peacock!


I quite like peacocks. peacocking Wouldn’t mind having some out here except the dogs would like not give them any peace. Those gorgeous shades of green and blue, such a feast for the eyes!.  Our late, lamented cat Smokie used to sit outside the hall closet door and cry for the large peacock feather (purchased at a cat show we attended) that she knew was tucked away inside there. Fantastic kitty fun!! That pussy loved her peacock plume!

I like peacocks so much I have some peacock-related items on the way:

peacock clip1

To give my updos a bit of color, two of these peacock hair clips.

peacock fan

And for those moments when hot flashes hit or it’s simply a sticky summer’s day in south Alabama, how lovely it will be to whip out this pretty, peacock-ish hand fan and cool down in style.


Peacock earrings, for those times I want a bit of bling. All the above not likely to be worn/used at once. 😉

But what, pray tell, do all these things have to do with Sir Guy?

Well, wouldn’t you say our proud, vain, beautiful henchman was just a wee bit of a peacock?



Just as a male peacock would do, Sir Guy likes to present his–er–plumage and show it off for the ladies. He knows what they want to see. And he’s quite proud of it.




In honor of Sir Guy and Guyday Friday, here’s my little tongue-in-cheek captioned fanvid tribute to not just the Hot Velvet Henchman, but several of the CReAtor’s delectable characters.

“Whatcha waiting for, it’s time for you to show it off–
“Come on baby, let me see what you’re hiding underneath. . .” 😉 😉 😉

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    • LOL I was shocked at how cheap the various pieces were (and they still had high ratings) so I hope they don’t fall apart after I use them once. I am CERTAIN Sir Guy, however, is put together very well and he can-erm–endure a lot. Plenty of Stamina. 😉 And beauty. 😉

      • Well, they don’t look cheap and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they’ll don’t fall apart!

        Yes, poor Guy had to endure a lot in the past and I think would be ready to endure some good stuff any time 😉

        • I read reviews and most ppl thought they got more than their money’s worth. Two of those hair clips were less than $4 together. No shipping. Gotta wait a few weeks for them to get here from China, but looking forward to it.

          I tend to pamper and pet Sir Guy, but the poor thing really hadn’t had an easy life of it, between losing his family and home, having a “friend” like Robin who practically got him hanged for something Forest Boy himself did as a child, working for a hideous troll like Vasey and falling for a woman who manipulated him right and left . . . yes, he deserves LOT of appreciation and good stuff.

              • A good plan for cheering up 🙂

                I must say Guy wasn’t my favourite and I refused to watch RH for a long time but when I finally watched it he kept my imagination running for quite a while 🙂

              • Yes, I found out really soon after I watched it. He brought me back to writing stories and played a big part the cinema in my head 😆

              • Even though the first fanfic I ever wrote was about Lucas, Guy was the centerpiece of the longer stuff I’ve done (until I wrote the Porter fanfic).

              • Have you posted your fanfic somewhere?
                Lucas and Porter never triggered my imagination like Guy did, even though I like them both really much

              • Oh, yeah, it’s all been up a while (years in some cases) at Dreamer Fiction and at Live Journal where I am also fedoralady. Some of it at Wattpad but you have to have some sort of code to unlock it. They are all of the adult variety. 😉

                There’s plenty to ignite one’s imagination when it comes to our Sir Guy. 😉

              • Cheers from the rooting section back here! What do we want? GUY!! How do we want him? SND and extra HOT!! Who do we love? GUY!! Dark side here we come, all together now, Team Leather! And I think Guy would approve of the bling, as long as it does not have those sneaky daggers like Marian’s.

              • No deadly bling, I assure you. 😉 With my luck, I would accidentally stab myself if I tried to use such a weapon. LOL Hooray for Team Leather!

  1. Phew! Think I could do with that fan of yours! What a great way to kick off guy day Friday. Always love those tongue in cheek captions!♥
    Got to say love your peacock accessories, particularly the hair holders,definitely worth growing my hair for again.

    • Maybe I need to put in a large order and share fans with all my regular commenters,;) I DO have fun with the captions, I must confess. This is the longest my hair has been in YEARS. Don’t think it’s been past my shoulders since we were married over 25 years ago. Looking forward to playing with the new doo-dads! 😀

    • True. I once stayed on a ranch where the peacocks had free range, and what a noise they made, especially in mating season!

      • I live next to a wildlife park, on the back side where we see the deer most of the time. We do see and hear the peacocks and they can be very loud. Every spring we have to get use to the noise all over again.

        • Yeah, I guess that could be a real nuisance. We used to live on the edge of Fontenelle Forest nature preserve when we were in Nebraska and on the second floor up amongst the trees. If we left our patio door to the bedroom balcony open the sound of birdsong was not such a joyous thing early some mornings. 😉 It was a beautiful location, however.

  2. Thank you Angie for the Peacock “thing”. You know that you are very talented about those characteristics of our beloved bad Guy (not so bad for me !!!) ! Hope you have a lovely weed end. Happy Guyday Friday to every RA lovers.

  3. Happy Guyday Friday, everyone and especially Sir Guy! Actually, Guy might have been served such fowl as peacock and swan chez Prince John. As I understand, pretty beats taste when it comes to the poultry.

    • You are so right, swan and peacock served in a very elaborate manner would likely have been a regular part of Prince John’s royal diet. 😉 Although Sir Guy, I have discovered, enjoys simpler and very hearty fare to fuel his activities. 😉

  4. Believe it or not, peacocks actually roam around freely in our neighbourhood! I think they lived on a piece of property nearby, but the owners have moved on. There are well over a dozen of them and that number continues to multiply. Needless to say they are pretty tame and they may be found up on a roof or sitting on a porch!! 😀 It startles people who are unused to them I can tell you! It isn’t that unusual to find them in our back garden having come over the fence. We’ve even had 4 or 5 of them at a time. They seem to take delight in deciding to cross the street just as you are driving along and take their time getting from one side to the other! 😀 They are gorgeous to look at, at least the males of the species, but the noise they make is best heard in the far distance – or not at all!! 🙂

    Oh, and happy Guyday to you all. 😉 Thanks for the above pics Angie! He’s always a treat for the eyes. *sigh*

    • LOL I can just imagine them prancing across the street, like–well, proud peacocks! 😉 Yes, having rethought the whole noise issue I think I will pass. I enjoy birdsong but the raucous kind is not easy on my ears or nerves. 😉 And yes, Guy is ALWAYS a treat for the eyes, indeed.

  5. So glad you mention above the fiction… I confess that I looked for “Dangerous to *”, to which many people refer laudatively, but I could not find Ch.3 and Ch.11. The address at livej. goes nowhere in that regard. Please, help. Also, my e-mail is working. 🙂 Oh, and the pics are just making it harder to bear the deprivation.

    • CB, If you are interested in reading more RA related fiction of all sorts, I would recommend seeking membership in Dreamer Fiction. It’s nice to know “Dangerous to Know” is well-liked and you will find all the chapters there, I promise.;) LJ is hard to navigate anyway. If you would like, I can share your email and the username you desire with Leigh, who is co-admin there and she could get you set up. 😀

      • Please do share them and thank you. I hope the co-adm. reads this and agrees. Also I hope it’s not too much time consuming for you to do this. 🙂

        • Read & understood, CB. I will need your e-mail address, the username you prefer, and verification that you are over 18. If the recommending member such as Fedoralady does not know your age, just tell me an event that happened in the year when you turned 18. It’s no trouble at all to set up a membership once I have this.

  6. Beautiful accessories!! Likee 🙂 Oh, goodness, I’m all flustered now what with Guy’s confident, strutting self. Very male peacock indeed. Great post!

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