More Thorin Thursday: The CReAtor beneath the dwarven exterior



Beneath the proud, slightly dour, majestic presence of battle-hardened warrior and displaced king Thorin Oakenshield, is the enormously talented Richard Armitage. Such a focused, committed actor. Such a thoughtful, generous, hard-working, modest, sweet and beautiful man. *sigh*  In my eyes, just as much of a hero.

BeFunky_taminner1 (1)RATamie.jpg





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  1. OHHH that top picture Angie, you know what that does to me……………………………oh, where was I? oh yes, FOCUS!
    Now, I must just tell you how much I love Thorin Thursday – it really is such a special day. There is my dreamy dwarf and all is right with the world. And lately we get 2 posts a day! Whoo Hoo! You are wonderful.

    • When I am really up to speed, I’ve done four or five posts for certain days . . . but it’s been a bit of a struggle of late, glad I was able to do this. 😀 That first picture is just sublime. He’s absolutely beautiful.That grin gets me every single time. . . *sigh* *melt* *thud*

  2. I’m glad you were able to do this. Yes, that first picture is sublime. The grin gets to me, too, and I wish I could sit on the floor and play Legos with him.

  3. OOh I missed this yesterday for some reason! I’ve just felt a lot of stress melting away! I know he had to wear padding to give the overall appearance of Thorin but there doesn’t seem to be any padding on that very lovely chest! I know have another urge to watch the hobbit – again…, find all the Thorin related videos I can and probably have a very cold shower! Sigh… Love the fact that Thorin Thursday is followed by Guy Day Friday!

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