Thorin Thursday: My kind of ‘stormy’



It’s warm and sultry here this afternoon, thunder rumbling in the distance, with a wind advisory, tornado watch and severe thunderstorm warnings all in place. Oh boy. Buckle your seatbelts, fellow Lower Alabamians, it could be a bumpy night.

Feeling the closeness of the heavy, humid air, I twisted up my hair and clipped it in place with my “Octopus” (what clever hair accessories Goody comes up with!) to get it off my neck. Ah, better now.

I went out to pick up the mail and play with the dogs a little, and felt the flare of pain in the FMS trigger points inside my knees and hips.  FMS no likee tempestuous weather.  However, I am quite fond of a certain rather tempestuous, brooding, heroic warrior dwarf who can roar louder than the fiercest March wind and fight with the  ferocity of a killer tornado. Oh, Thorin, you are my kind of stormy.








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  1. Ohhhh a stormy Thorin is almost as good as a wet one! (actually or a dry one, grumpy one, happy one….any kind of Thorin is my kind of Thorin really!) But a stormy one has so much promise don’t you think!?

    Oh and as a PS did you hear the news that Richard is coming to Australia on 1st May?

  2. Lovely pics Angie. Watched my DVD Tuesday there were parts I really couldn’t remember. Do think it may have been because I was drooling over Thorin on the big screen lol

    • I found I noticed a lot more details when I watched it at home, too, AJ. I think between all my nervous excitement, the 48 fps and 3D and THORIN!! some things became a bit of a blur. 😉

  3. Thorin!! Beautiful pictyres *drool* That’s the kind of stormy I can love. Take care, Angie. I know how much it hurts. May the weather systems move on and leave you in peace.

  4. I have not been able to get on the Internet lately, but now I am attempting to catch up-that fourth pic is so cool!!! What effect did you use? It’s awesome 🙂 He is stormy and smoldering, isn’t he?

    • We are glad you were able to catch up! For that particular one I used an online editing service called Be Funky which has some cool artistic edits available, including Impressionist style. I’ve used it a few times. 😀 Oh, yes, stormy, smouldering, sizzling and sublime!

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