Guy Friday: Beautiful in Black & White



After last night’s storms, a quiet, cooler day with humidity below 50 percent. This is a good thing. Doing knee strengthening exercises as I put this entry together.  They aren’t all that much fun, but looking at Sir Guy is.  The lashes, the stubble, the delicately-shaped lips that curve into such delicious smirks, the intensity of his gazes, the curls at the nape of his neck, the tousled mane . . . yup, those knees are hurting just a little less now. *sigh* Happy Guyday Friday, dear ones.








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  1. Wow Fedoralady, you have given me a great idea for me to do my exercises, never would have occurred to me, and that thinking about Richard makes the imagination fly!

  2. Guy does look beautiful in b&w. Thanks for these! I’m glad the humidity is down and the FMS is just a bit less brutal. I know that the knee-strengthening exercises aren’t any fun — they hurt! — but good on you that you’re doing them and finding the motivation in looking at Guy. Happy Guyday!

    • Yes, they hurt, although not as bad as right after my surgery when trying to bend my knee to 45 degree angle literally brought tears to my eyes no matter how I tried to fight them off. Don’t want to go through that again! Sadly the humidity shot back up and we had one rainy, stormy Sunday. Weather Knee not happy. Ah well . . . Guy’s still gorgeous no matter what the weather!

  3. B&W Guy!! *guh* Love the way those incredibly long lashes of his cast shadows on his cheek in the first pic, yet he still manages to look so totally and stunningly *male*. Breathtaking! Reminds me of the lyrics to that Alison Krauss/Vince Gill song, “Whenever you come around.” 😉 “I get weak in the knees and I hold my breath…when you smile that smile, the world turns upside down”! Oh yeah! Fits perfectly. 😀 *sigh*

    • That is always one of the most stunning of his screencaps, I think. I love the downcast glance just because we do see the sweep of those gorgeous lashes. Totally and stunningly male, indeed!! He can turn the world on with a smile and turn our worlds upsidedown, too.

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