Detailed actor loves detailed film: another pre-Hobbit interview with RA


Thanks to RANet for the heads up on this in the wee hours, a video shot in Toronto during the Hobbit press junket:

Yep, 18 months of fierce, dour, burdened Thorin with his DEEP gruff voice and his sturdy dwarf’s walk. Your efforts paid off in spades, my dear RA. I hope those dreams were pleasant ones . . .

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  1. I wonder how many of these things he actually did for TH! It seems never ending! And yet he’s just keeps on being pleasant to everyone!

      • I was at a Herman’s Hermits with Peter Noone concert last night. My friend has had a crush on him since she was 12. He did give a terrific concert. So after the concert we got in line to get autographs and our picture taken. At the beginning, I noticed that he was pleasant to everyone. By the time we got to him, he was not smiling at all. Our pictures were pretty terrible. He was grimacing! We were only waiting about 10 minutes, so it wasn’t an overwhelming amount of people. I couldn’t help comparing him to Richard. Maybe when Richard’s 65 and been doing this for almost 50 years, he’ll be grimacing, but I doubt it. He seems to be able to be charming when he’d tired and sick. He’s sitting there with droopy eyes, dripping nose and sore throat, but giving thought provoking answers to questions he’s been asked over and over again! Pretty terrific!

        • I always liked Peter Noone, too. Wow, I think that story just magnifies what a truly special person Richard is. As you say, he’s a lot younger than Peter, but I still somehow imagine he’ll still be the gracious, gentlemanly fellow we see now (even when battling sinuses/cold) in dealings with the public.

  2. He has talked about the gruelling weeks of being asked the same questions over and over again. I continue to be awestruck by his patience and his pleasant demeanor, even with the most wretched interviewers. Wow. Yes, the work he did in TH is nothing less than amazing, and it pays off handsomely.

    • Apparently before some of his later movies, HItchcock and his people used to keep track of how many times he was asked certain questions and they would lay odds on them. It was a running joke but he also wearied of the same unimaginative queries over and over again. I am sure RA got worn out, too, but his graciousness, good humor and patience always remained in place. He’s my hero for more reasons than one.:D

      • Maybe people wager on the “circus question”, mention of VoD, etc. It’s getting to be so frequent, so predictable, almost a sure thing. Richard is a hero to me for lots of reasons, one being his ability to remain civil and pleasant, even gracious, when most mortals would run screaming.

        • I guess the wagering bit could help make it all a little more light-hearted and less frustrating. Richard’s definitely a hero to me for a number of reasons, and his patience and gentlemanly nature remaining intact in the face of some unnecessary and tiresome repetitiveness is one of them.

  3. Excited to see this in the on-line edition of my local newspaper!! It’s about time he got more recognition here in Canada, especially here on the West Coast. I’m still disappointed that more magazine don’t have him on their front cover. *Much* better to look at than the majority of so-called celebrities we see much of the time. 😉 Most of them are just plain boring!

    • I was glancing at the magazine racks at the checkouts at Wal Mart the other day and I swear there was a Kardashian on every one of them–they were all glossy weekly tabloid types, but STILL!!

      • Exactly! Every time I’m grocery shopping I stroll along the magazine racks and while there are some good personalities/actors profiled, more often than not it’s people that you would happily not have to look at that often or not at all. Little wonder Richard can say his life hasn’t changed, but no doubt that doesn’t trouble him in the least. He’s probably happier that way, darlin’ man that he is. 😉

          • Amen. We don’t have magazines in the grocery stores here. You have to go to a papeleria (a stationers) or a tienda de revistas y prensa (news agent store or kiosk). There the tabloid press has a field day, but the Kartrashians aren’t on the covers. Here, it’s the princess who is implicated in her husband’s white-collar thievery on a massive scale. Same sort of rubbish that gives journalism a bad name.

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