Go Bil-Bo. Beat Snow-White (Clap-clap-clap-clap-clap!)


The MTV Movie Awards are Sunday night and one of our own–Martin Freeman, aka Bilbo Baggins of The Hobbit–is up for “Best Hero” against Batman, The Hulk, Catwoman, Ironman and Snow White aka Kristen Stewart.



There are now over 1,000,000 votes EACH for the two top candidates, Bilbo and Snow White (the rest are far, far, far, far behind). Even though a lot of Twihards are talking about boycotting the awards show (the last Twilight movie only got one nod this year and they feel cheated) plenty of KS fans are voting for her.

Some have apparently threatened violence or have just been needlessly rude over the fact their choice isn’t trouncing all competition.  To this I have to say–come on, guys, let’s all play nice! We are kids at heart but we don’t have to behave like the worst of junior high days.

Maybe some KS fans just assumed she’d walk away with it. Ah, but they didn’t reckon with the power of the Tolkienistas, the Freemanians, Richardettes and the Hobbit Heads, did they? We can be a very determined bunch!


Me, I have always been one to pull for the little guy, the ordinary fellow, the unlikely hero, the dark horse. And I really want to see this particular little guy with big hairy feet and a willing heart win.  Go to the link below and cast your vote.


If you are on Twitter, you can also vote with every Tweet by adding #votebilbo to each message.  They are apparently only counting one hashtag per Tweet, so you can use the other characters to say something witty or profound if you wish.

As you can see, the ChaRACters and the CReAtor are also supporting this initiative:





So go here http://t.co/XGreLY2ei3 and vote to your heart’s content this weekend.  Help an ordinary little hobbit officially achieve “Best Hero” status. He deserves it!  Go, Hobbit-Heads!


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          • I know you aren’t, just figured might be somebody out there who is. 😉 Right now Bilbo is over 15,000 votes ahead. But we are still voting. You never know when those sneaky twi-hards will attack. LOL

              • Oh I know mild frustration. I know severe frustration, come to think of it?! ((hugs)) I do think Martin deserves this award more than Kristen because even without having seen her performance, I am certain his is the superior one as a hero to root for. And his character, the little guy up against big odds, is the sort I like to champion. And it’s time for the reign of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson at MTV awards to end. 😉

    • Thanks, Carla, I am glad you liked. As I said on Twitter, I can’t do somersaults or splits but I was on the pep squad in high school and I can sheer someone on!

  1. I don´t have an account twitter,but I´m glad Bilbo is ahead from.Btw,I loved the quotes in the pictures,Angie,very funny.

    • Still ahead as far as I know. I voted off and on throughout the afternoon and night until I got weary of #votebilbo LOL But trying to make up clever little rhymes and using quotes and such. Glad you liked the memes. 😀

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