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For the people of Boston & all those affected by fear &chaos


On this terrible day, I hope to bring some peacefulness of heart and mind with lovely images of Mr. A and his characters and two of my favorite songs.

I made the video below to salute those who endured the devastating storms that swept through my state and other parts of the country two years ago this April. Property was destroyed but worse, many lives were lost and many were seriously injured.
My heart goes out to all those who suffer through such events, whether they be natural disasters or the acts of terrorists. May peace, courage, and strength be theirs.

OT: Prayers for Boston


Today two separate explosions occurred close to the finish line of the famed Boston Marathon. At last report, at least two people are confirmed dead and 23 injured. The eastern Mass. Red Cross has moved in to provide aid.  Those on social media are asked to tweet to allow anyone in area bars and restaurants to know they will be sweeping the streets. http://t.co/GtUhyThYL7

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Boston and those visiting and their families who were caught up in this tragic event.  No word yet on whether or not these were bombs or explosions caused by some other means. Click on links below for more information.

UPDATE: (3:39 p.m. CST) According to the Associated Press, two more bombs were located in the area and are being dismantled.

Richard Armitage: Some Favorite Images for Monday



Love or hate the plaid three-piece, but those colors were sensational with his complexion and made his blue eyes POP.

I’ve only had about three hours of sleep, so my plans to do some more writing and finish another blog entry will be shelved for now. My fingers and brain seem to be having a hard time coordinating things, if you know what I mean.  So I am going to simply share some images and brief thoughts of the man who is the reason this blog even exists. The lovely, modest, charming, funny, sweet, thoughtful, sexy and oh-so-talented Richard Armitage.


Another Robert Ascroft photo. My gosh, let’s give this man some sort of award, shall we? The large number of irresistible photos he’s given us of Mr. A deserves one. Love B&W, three-quarter view of face, the ear, the stubble, the open collar, the chest hair, the eyes . . . it’s all good.


From Toronto during press junket for TH. Oh, so much to love here, too: the cardi-shirt-tie combo, with the sleeves pushed up to reveal those wonderfully hairy forearms; that wristwatch, the strong, beautiful hands, the long fingers lightly touching his face, the soft smile matched by the benign look in his beautiful eyes . . .


Even not feeling well that day, he still had a ready smile and his sweet nature intact. And it’s simply a treat to see him from head to toe. *sigh*

All Hail Our Hero Bilbo! (Snow Who??)



Yes, with more than 1.6 million votes cast in his favor, the Little Halfling Who Could beat out a certain fairytale character by a margin of more than 100,000 at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night.

Above is the link to tORN’s article about the outcome of the battle.



“Congrats, my little friend! You are truly Hero of the Year!”

I missed the awards, but my understanding is the announcement of Best Hero was done in most underwhelming way, almost as if they planned to sneak it by the audience. No presentation of Golden Popcorn to someone in Martin’s stead, for example. One suspects if Ms. Stewart had won, there would have been considerably more ballyhoo.

Also interesting is the fact MTV solicited Twitter votes and yet failed to list Best Hero winner on their winners page online.  Honest oversight or something else? Inquiring minds sincerely want to know .. .

Someone on Twitter suggested that everyone with a Bilbo action figure send a twitpic with a trophy and speech and stage their own celebratory event. I like the idea–if I had a Little Bilbo, I would do it!

Although I began to experience a certain fatigue and had to take a few breaks, I enjoyed Tweeting a large number of votes for Bilbo. I was tossing in song references and silly poems; we were seeing quotes from Shakespeare and Tolkien and I believe I tossed in one from Dorothy Parker along the way. There were memes and fake recruitment posters and lots more coming in from all over the world. That little hobbit has a big fanbase, it would seem, and a very imaginative and clever one.

Again, congrats to Bilbo and his CReAtor, Martin–it’s good to see the little guy with the big heart end up on the winning side of things!  And come on, MTV–he won fair and square. Acknowledge this on your winner’s page, please!