All Hail Our Hero Bilbo! (Snow Who??)


Yes, with more than 1.6 million votes cast in his favor, the Little Halfling Who Could beat out a certain fairytale character by a margin of more than 100,000 at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night.

Above is the link to tORN’s article about the outcome of the battle.



“Congrats, my little friend! You are truly Hero of the Year!”

I missed the awards, but my understanding is the announcement of Best Hero was done in most underwhelming way, almost as if they planned to sneak it by the audience. No presentation of Golden Popcorn to someone in Martin’s stead, for example. One suspects if Ms. Stewart had won, there would have been considerably more ballyhoo.

Also interesting is the fact MTV solicited Twitter votes and yet failed to list Best Hero winner on their winners page online.  Honest oversight or something else? Inquiring minds sincerely want to know .. .

Someone on Twitter suggested that everyone with a Bilbo action figure send a twitpic with a trophy and speech and stage their own celebratory event. I like the idea–if I had a Little Bilbo, I would do it!

Although I began to experience a certain fatigue and had to take a few breaks, I enjoyed Tweeting a large number of votes for Bilbo. I was tossing in song references and silly poems; we were seeing quotes from Shakespeare and Tolkien and I believe I tossed in one from Dorothy Parker along the way. There were memes and fake recruitment posters and lots more coming in from all over the world. That little hobbit has a big fanbase, it would seem, and a very imaginative and clever one.

Again, congrats to Bilbo and his CReAtor, Martin–it’s good to see the little guy with the big heart end up on the winning side of things!  And come on, MTV–he won fair and square. Acknowledge this on your winner’s page, please!


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  1. I’m so glad Bilbo won! Although I will admit to being disappointed that he didn’t really have a worthy opponent. All of those nominated, with the sole exception of that Snow person, could have walked away with the award and I wouldn’t have minded. I managed to double my total tweet count during the #votebilbo campaign, which is just crazy. But it was a fun time. I didn’t watch the awards either, and am disappointed to read that the award wasn’t given its fair share of time in the spotlight. It would be great if the fans really take up the twitter acceptance speech idea. If I had a little Bilbo I’d join in. 🙂

    • Yeah, I know what you mean about wishing he’d been up against a different main opponent. What is funny is that Perez Hilton was congratulating Bilbo on his blog and mentioned everyone he was up against EXCEPT KS as Snow White. LOL Almost as if she wasn’t worthy opponent. 😉 tORN has a cute limited edition T-shirt out commemorating the occasion I wouldn’t mind having, but I am going to save my money.

  2. I am glad Bilbo won. However, if MTV in the U.S. is anything like it is in Spain, I doubt they will make a to-do over anyone who isn’t fodder for the scandal sheets. Art, talent, performance — none of this seems to count for anything. It seems to be about ugly people behaving poorly.

    • I don’t watch MTV anymore and haven’t really in years. Now judging from the ads that run on other channels, it’s mostly reality shows, which I don’t care for, featuring people I REALLY don’t care for. 😉 I am definitely NOT their target audience. But, hey, yey, Bilbo!!

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