Richard Armitage: Some Favorite Images for Monday



Love or hate the plaid three-piece, but those colors were sensational with his complexion and made his blue eyes POP.

I’ve only had about three hours of sleep, so my plans to do some more writing and finish another blog entry will be shelved for now. My fingers and brain seem to be having a hard time coordinating things, if you know what I mean.  So I am going to simply share some images and brief thoughts of the man who is the reason this blog even exists. The lovely, modest, charming, funny, sweet, thoughtful, sexy and oh-so-talented Richard Armitage.


Another Robert Ascroft photo. My gosh, let’s give this man some sort of award, shall we? The large number of irresistible photos he’s given us of Mr. A deserves one. Love B&W, three-quarter view of face, the ear, the stubble, the open collar, the chest hair, the eyes . . . it’s all good.


From Toronto during press junket for TH. Oh, so much to love here, too: the cardi-shirt-tie combo, with the sleeves pushed up to reveal those wonderfully hairy forearms; that wristwatch, the strong, beautiful hands, the long fingers lightly touching his face, the soft smile matched by the benign look in his beautiful eyes . . .


Even not feeling well that day, he still had a ready smile and his sweet nature intact. And it’s simply a treat to see him from head to toe. *sigh*

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I'm an LA native--Lower Alabama, that is. My husband of more than 30 years and I live here on a portion of my family's former farm with two gorgeous calicos and a handsome GSD mix. My background is art education, and over the years I've been a teacher, department store photographer, sales associate and a journalist. My husband, his business partner and I have Pecan Ridge Productions, a video production company, for which I shoot & edit video and stills and manage marketing. I also still write part-time for the local paper. I love movies, music, art, photography and books, and my tastes in all of them are eclectic.

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  1. I think that’s why Ilaria had him in that suit for the NY premiere; his eyes simply grab you and you’re inescapably blissfully drowning in blue. That latest b&w photo by Ascroft stuns me *speechless rapture*.

    • I know a lot of people didn’t care for the plaid suit (or the shiny Japanese one) but my gosh, he looked gorgeous in both. That black and white from Ascroft is just wonderful. I love how these keep showing up here and there. . . as if someone is drip feeding our addiction. 😉

  2. “drip feeding our addiction”! Lol!! That is a very apt description of what’s been happening lately. Robert Ascroft sure knows how to show Richard to perfection.particularly in that latest one. No matter how many times I look at it, I’m captivated! *tries to remember to breathe* I’m like you, I thought the outfits at both the Japanese Premiere and the NYC one were amazing in what they did for him. They made him stand out, even though he does that naturally, and only seemed to me to make him even more beautiful! 😉

    • Somebody mentioned Warners doing that with the various interviews re TH and now with these Ascroft photo appearing here and there, one or two at a time. Drip feeding seemed an appropriate term!!

      To me, Richard really looked like a polished, confident STAR in those outfits and I think they worked really well for those particular venues. And he looked very comfortable in them, too. And gorgeous! I know there are lots of people who don’t care for them at all, but I don’t agree. I thought Ilaria made a lot of good fashion choices for Richard.

      • I agree wholeheartedly. I hadn’t been convinced about the role of stylists up until then but Illyria did an amazing job with Richards wardrobe and, i think, this helped his confidence during the grueling Hobbit promotional tour. The POW check is one of my favourites on him – brings out the blue of his eyes and also made him look even more buff than ever!

        I must say the Robert Ashcroft picture took my breath away – i’m so glad you’ve used it for your wallpaper!

  3. He did indeed look like the star he is!! We certainly think he is one even if he has a hard time with that term, bless him! Ilaria chose outfits that simply enhanced those stunning good looks. Of course she had the perfect model to clothe! 😉 *yum* I can’t wait to see what he’ll be wearing in Sydney! 🙂

  4. That second picture took my breath away! Stanley Stunning!

    I’m one of the people who didn’t like the plaid suit or the shiny suit. I do agree with the assessment that they set off his eyes. They were also impeccably tailored and made him stand out.

  5. A new background I see and it looks great. Just got to love the Ascroft picture. I didn’t really care for the plaid three piece but love the tie, it made his eyes pop. I really like that color of blue. Now back to the latest picture…

    • Yeah, I decided it was time for a change. 😉 Thought I’d keep it simple with black, white and red dominating in the design. RA definitely needs to have a sapphire blue tie as a regular staple in his collection. It really works well, especially against a crisp white shirt.

  6. I’m going to the Sydney Q and A with Richard on May 1 so will try to provide pics of what he wears, how he looks, how utterly enchanting he is. To think I AM GOING TO SEE HIM IN RL! Sorry, awfully flustered here, just bought my ticket and am feeling as breathless as I dare say Margaret was when she met Mr Thornton at the station!
    Now all I have to do is get from Melbourne to Sydney … but that bit is easy. Staying calm is not!
    Thanks for your welcome on the other thread! I’ve admired RA since seeing him in N&S in 2005 but the crush has flared up badly of late and I need some consenting adults to talk with. I know you will understand. And I know my husband will not. Quite rightly!

    • That’s so exciting! Bechep who has her own blog “Such is Life” and also comments here is also going! Can’t wait to hear back from you all, sounds like there is going to be a pretty good RA Contingent from Down Under on hand for it. 😀 And of course we will want every little detail about RA and the entire experience. 😉

      Yes, we do understand, and while our husbands are often quite good-natured about it all, squeeing, thudding, and drooling copiously, along with waxing rhapsodic over a certain TDHBEW in their immediate vicinity is NOT a good idea. What happens here in Armitage World–stays here in Armitage World. 😉 Again, welcome!!

      • While my husband now knows ( he so busted me on 14, December, 2012 TH opening day in the US to his nephew) he never talks about it or teases me about it. But really he has his hobby and I do my thing so it works. After all if he don’t get a good price to haul a WWII jeep trailer from New York State he is going after it. It is to go with his 1944 Ford GPW that is has restored.
        Most every Sunday he does have to listen to me playing one of the audiobooks that Richard has read. I also like being able to talk about British actors and TV shows to people who don’t look at me I am crazy because I don’t watch US TV shows. But my family do know about what I am talking about and there about all that I know in RL.

        • Hey, we all deserve to have a hobby, right?? It’s somehow OK for guys to be nuts over sports, so I say it’s perfectly OK for us to be nuts over Mr. Armitage. 😉 And yes, it’s very good to have places to come to where we can enjoy and revel in him together.

          • This jeep my husband has , is a childhood dream come true, it took many years and a bunch of money to make it come to life. The trailer is just a added piece to it. It is half mine too and now that it is fixed up we do enjoy taking it out for rides. It was after we had gone to our first Military Vehicle Preservation convention that I knew that there where other people out there just like my husband. So if he can drool over anything army green, well then …..
            No trip to New York State , he is having it hauled.

            • We had a genuine WW II Army jeep when I was a child. We used to ride terraces in the back forty on it and what fun that was! There’s also a funny story about my mom traveling with my older sister in the Jeep on a trip back home to Tennessee. Deb was a toddler, got into my mom’s purse and threw out her best lipstick–no roof on it. 😉

              • Do you know what ever happened to the WWII jeep your family had? We do have the canvas roof, in fact my husband got the canvas from a guy in England (it had a better smell to it, old military and it matters) . But with no doors it can be a cold ride and breezy. When it is hot just breezy and that is o.k. on those days. It is in the garage where my car use to sit, now on those snowy days I have to clear off the snow, yuk. My husband also has genuine WWII military uniforms also, he has put them on to drive the jeep. Last year at our towns festival he drove the jeep in the parade in his uniform with the Civil Air Patrol (he and sons 2and now 3 are in it) and son 2 in the WWII CAP uniform, both of them are wool uniforms.

              • I do not know, Katie, my dad sold it at some point. Yeah, not a great thing to ride in on a cold and snowy day.;) Those wool uniforms had to be quite warm and itchy in hot weather and I can only imagine trying to fight in them when you were wet and water-slogged. My dad was a military policeman at a German Prisoner of War camp in Tennessee and we still have the billy club he carried and his old service revolver.

  7. I think I have just died and gone to heaven. This latest Ashcroft photo is sublime: has to be my most favourite image of Richard to date. I feel a poster-sized print coming on!
    Meantime, as if I don’t spend enough time on your blog, Angie, I have a strong suspicion I shall take up permanent residence since you’ve changed the theme. Gorgeous, my dear, simply gorgeous.

  8. The shot of him in the chair with his chin in his hand is one of my all time favorites–I love that photo! Loving the new background, too!

      • As I mentioned before–wow, I have missed this! Who’d have thought that when the computer blew, it would take 90% of my fun with it? Never have thought of myself as any kind of computer person before, but suppose I may have to rethink that now.

        • That’s me, Stephanie. Benny could tell you years ago I almost had to be dragged kicking and screaming to use a computer. Now if I am cut off from it it’s a bit like one of my limbs is missing. Never thought that would be the case!! But look at all the lovely people I have gotten to meet as a result. 😀

          • That’s the thing–I’ve never been a Facebook or Twitter person, really, so I didn’t follow blogs or any of that stuff. I checked my email, did research when I needed to, shopped when I needed to, all that sort of thing–but I have SO missed interacting and chatting with everyone and gazing at my main guy (missed that a LOT)–so I hope this one hangs on until we figure out a permanent solution. By the way, I LOVE the book–it’s absolutely GORGEOUS! Highly recommend to everyone!

            • I do twitter, although some days I avoid it because you can literally end up getting nothing else done! And I have a facebook account, but for some reason I don’t like hanging out there a lot. However, in trying to promote the new video production business, I may be forced to do so. May your borrowed laptop hang in there until you can do better. I don’t know if you are a committed Mac person, but there are some very good PC laptops out there at reasonable prices if you are forced to replace your old one.

              And I love the new book, I have already shared some quotes from it and plan to do more tomorrow for Thorin Thursday. 😀

              • I am not a committed MAC person at all–the MAC is my housemate’s and I know she really likes it (or did until all the costly problems started). I’d be happy with anything that got done what I need to do on a regular basis–I don’t need all the bells and whistles.

              • OK, wasn’t sure–I have worked with people who are very disdainful of anything but Macs. Having used one at work which was very nice indeed, the big desktop model, nice that is UNTIL it went on the fritz, and much sooner than it should– in fact, a whole office full of them went down one after the other–I am not quite so enamored of Apple. 😉 I am quite happy with this HP I am currently using. And judging from what you’ve said you use the computer for (don’t know about your housemate, of course) I think you could get a new one for a decent price.

              • I also used a mac at the gallery where I worked for nearly six years–at one point, the thing was down for 4 MONTHS!!! Had to call the other stores to do research for me when I needed it, hand write bills, tickets, receipts and framing orders for 4 MONTHS. That alone was enough to put me off of them pretty much permanently–however, am currently working on a way to get one of my own since I think it would just be better for us to have our own computers and that way, also, if one is out of commission, we have one to fall back on. The last week has been an unbelievable headache–never had any idea I would ever say anything like that in a gazillion years.

              • LOL They are great when they work–but unlike all the hype, Macs are NOT invincible machines. Actually, it would be good if you could own a laptop of your own if possible–as you say, if you each had one, there would be something to fall back on. I know I’d hate to not have a computer of my own. Now with the video production company it’s vital we each have our computer, anyway. Good luck and if I can be of any help, let me know. Spouse is very computer buying savvy.

              • Thank you so much, and if I need some input, I will certainly call on him. Also have a friend here (the husband of the couple who loaned us this one) who is very computer savvy–actually, should have known the other night when I called him for advice on the MAC and he said he didn’t know anything about them that we were in big trouble.

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