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Male eye candy, and not just Richard Armitage: my winding road of dreams.


Last night (or should I say today, as I couldn’t sleep last night due to knee problems) I had, for once, a good dream. One I didn’t really want to awake from.

It’s not that I have a lot of nightmares, but so many of my nocturnal journeys find me in difficult situations that leave me frustrated and exhausted before I even wake up. And often they do involve journeys, in cars, on buses, by foot, on trains  . . . even inside these huge houses that seem to go on forever.  And I never arrive at my destination . . .

by james jordan

                                                                                                    “Winding Road” by James Jordan

But this dream was pure physical pleasure. Involving 18th century costume and Alexander Skarsgard. Alex is actually a (unusual-for-me blonde) bit on the side for me in terms of actor crushes.



The ones where I win the lottery, have a truckload of new books delivered, or enjoy sexy time with delectable guys. You know, the good ones.


He’s not RA, but I could think of much worse males to have a sexy dream about than Mr. Skarsgard. Who is apparently a big sweet goofball in real life. My kind of guy.

I  recently saw some previews of an upcoming movie he’s in and I can only assume that’s why Askar visited me in my dreams rather than Mr. Armitage.  The 18th century costume has to relate to my novel. It has been stagnating of late in terms of actual productivity, yet my dashing highwayman is never far from my subconscious, it seems.

And then I saw this late this afternoon and it spurred a few fantasies about Mr. Armitage and chest hairs. RA with Todd Snyder in NYC, courtesy of Instagram:


OK, jacket needs unzipping as the shirt looks a bit silly sticking out at bottom. Otherwise, loving the beard’s return (sorry, Judi) and while startled by that extra button being undone–we don’t usually see this much of his chest when he’s wearing a shirt–really admiring the scenery. Wanting to bury my face in that manly chest.  And sigh a deep, happy sigh.

Was he at Todd’s atelier trying out yet MORE leather jackets (how many DO you own at this point, Rich??) picking up some new threads before heading back to the other side of the world? Did he change shirts/do up one of those buttons/doff the TS jacket before hitting the streets again?

As I suggested at Twitter, he is more than welcome to swing by here the next couple of days if he needs a taste of summer–mid-80s. Mind you, he’d need to bring some (tight-fitting) short-sleeved shirts the better to ogle his biceps in so he can be nice and cool in the warm weather.


Richard reading lines and providing us with an awesome screencap of Manly Beauty here.


Something with a V-neck would be ideal. Chest hair, you know. Bring the shades, too, that sun is fierce.

And what will I dream when I finally fall asleep? Who knows . . . but I wish you all sweet ones when next you sleep, wherever you are.

Early RA roles: From Lifeguard Lothario to Edwardian Stagedoor Johnny



That shameless flirty-girty, fitness instructor and lifeguard, Lee Preston, in the final series of the popular comedy-drama “Cold Feet.” What this lad can do for a Speedo . . .


Philip Turner, sportsman, philanderer and possible murder suspect in the episode “In Divine Proportion”-Inspector Lynley Mysteries.


Another Philip, Philip Durant, and another  fellow with an eye for ladies to whom he isn’t married in “Ordeal by Innocence,” a Miss Marple Mystery.


RA plays the mustachioed Bill Chatford in the 30’s period piece “Malice Aforethought.” This time, he’s the one who gets cuckolded.  We do get to see him in a pair of handsome purple pajamas . . .


Watch out for that deceptively cherubic face of dashing man-about-town Percy Courtney in “Marie Lloyd.” Percy loves Marie, but he’s got a weakness for the good life and good-looking ladies–and quite a temper.