Early RA roles: From Lifeguard Lothario to Edwardian Stagedoor Johnny



That shameless flirty-girty, fitness instructor and lifeguard, Lee Preston, in the final series of the popular comedy-drama “Cold Feet.” What this lad can do for a Speedo . . .


Philip Turner, sportsman, philanderer and possible murder suspect in the episode “In Divine Proportion”-Inspector Lynley Mysteries.


Another Philip, Philip Durant, and another  fellow with an eye for ladies to whom he isn’t married in “Ordeal by Innocence,” a Miss Marple Mystery.


RA plays the mustachioed Bill Chatford in the 30’s period piece “Malice Aforethought.” This time, he’s the one who gets cuckolded.  We do get to see him in a pair of handsome purple pajamas . . .


Watch out for that deceptively cherubic face of dashing man-about-town Percy Courtney in “Marie Lloyd.” Percy loves Marie, but he’s got a weakness for the good life and good-looking ladies–and quite a temper.

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  1. These roles are all so well-crafted, so different, even if in the brief clips I’ve seen in the two that I haven’t in their entirety. You can see the gifted actor at work, making you believe each of them. I’ve just got to see those porple pyjamas.

    • Yes, they are all cut from the whole cloth. I can see why people who saw some of his earlier, smaller roles didn’t immediately recognize this was Sir Guy or Lucas, etc.–he so becomes his characters. LOL the purple PJs, I need to find a screencap of those. He’s not feeling very well in the scene, alas.

  2. Thank You for the picture of Philip Turner, the first RA role I saw him in. I still think all of you who saw in N&S or Robin Hood where lucky. I was to busy I think (it was a few years ago when I first saw the show 2005 or 2006, not sure. it was on PBS) watching Inspector Lynley at that time. But I still remember the show very well.

    • Yes, he left a memorable impression in that role. I just wish we knew for certain what the outcome was for his character (don’t want to say anymore re spoilers).

          • Come to think about it I also saw RA as Philip Durant and Bill Chatford before any other roles too. Thank you PBS. I also think there is just something that he does to make the characters more human. No matter how bad they are, in a way you feel for them. That is talent at it’s best.

  3. What I find surprising about Richard (or perhaps it’s something in me) but I have found that no matter what character he “inhabits” – as he always does – and whether I like or dislike that character – it never affects how I feel about him; whereas with other actors, if I dislike a character they play it can turn me off them in such a way that I have a hard time watching them in anything else! Ian Glen (Vaughn Edwards in Spooks) comes to mind. 😦 Poor guy! I thoroughly disliked him in Spooks, and didn’t like his character in Downton Abbey or Cranford and I’m still not sure what I think of him in GoT!!

    • I am the same. And truth be told, I can’t even despise the characters who truly behave in a reprehensible fashion, simply because RA always invests them with humanity that allows me a degree of empathy even if I hate their actions. I know what you mean about Ian, too. He’s a fine actor but ever since he appeared as the Miserable Vaughn I find myself drawing back just a bit when he’s on my screen–even though Joreh in GoT is considered a good guy!
      And we all know how I feel about Julie Graham. If you don’t, just know I am not a fan of the actress LOL

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