Male eye candy, and not just Richard Armitage: my winding road of dreams.


Last night (or should I say today, as I couldn’t sleep last night due to knee problems) I had, for once, a good dream. One I didn’t really want to awake from.

It’s not that I have a lot of nightmares, but so many of my nocturnal journeys find me in difficult situations that leave me frustrated and exhausted before I even wake up. And often they do involve journeys, in cars, on buses, by foot, on trains  . . . even inside these huge houses that seem to go on forever.  And I never arrive at my destination . . .

by james jordan

                                                                                                    “Winding Road” by James Jordan

But this dream was pure physical pleasure. Involving 18th century costume and Alexander Skarsgard. Alex is actually a (unusual-for-me blonde) bit on the side for me in terms of actor crushes.



The ones where I win the lottery, have a truckload of new books delivered, or enjoy sexy time with delectable guys. You know, the good ones.


He’s not RA, but I could think of much worse males to have a sexy dream about than Mr. Skarsgard. Who is apparently a big sweet goofball in real life. My kind of guy.

I  recently saw some previews of an upcoming movie he’s in and I can only assume that’s why Askar visited me in my dreams rather than Mr. Armitage.  The 18th century costume has to relate to my novel. It has been stagnating of late in terms of actual productivity, yet my dashing highwayman is never far from my subconscious, it seems.

And then I saw this late this afternoon and it spurred a few fantasies about Mr. Armitage and chest hairs. RA with Todd Snyder in NYC, courtesy of Instagram:


OK, jacket needs unzipping as the shirt looks a bit silly sticking out at bottom. Otherwise, loving the beard’s return (sorry, Judi) and while startled by that extra button being undone–we don’t usually see this much of his chest when he’s wearing a shirt–really admiring the scenery. Wanting to bury my face in that manly chest.  And sigh a deep, happy sigh.

Was he at Todd’s atelier trying out yet MORE leather jackets (how many DO you own at this point, Rich??) picking up some new threads before heading back to the other side of the world? Did he change shirts/do up one of those buttons/doff the TS jacket before hitting the streets again?

As I suggested at Twitter, he is more than welcome to swing by here the next couple of days if he needs a taste of summer–mid-80s. Mind you, he’d need to bring some (tight-fitting) short-sleeved shirts the better to ogle his biceps in so he can be nice and cool in the warm weather.


Richard reading lines and providing us with an awesome screencap of Manly Beauty here.


Something with a V-neck would be ideal. Chest hair, you know. Bring the shades, too, that sun is fierce.

And what will I dream when I finally fall asleep? Who knows . . . but I wish you all sweet ones when next you sleep, wherever you are.

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I'm an LA native--Lower Alabama, that is. My husband of more than 30 years and I live here on a portion of my family's former farm with two gorgeous calicos and a handsome GSD mix. My background is art education, and over the years I've been a teacher, department store photographer, sales associate and a journalist. My husband, his business partner and I have Pecan Ridge Productions, a video production company, for which I shoot & edit video and stills and manage marketing. I also still write part-time for the local paper. I love movies, music, art, photography and books, and my tastes in all of them are eclectic.

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  1. Poor Richard with his jacket and shirt hanging out. Bless. As I was out running this morning I was thinking about this picture (Im surprised I actually made it home in one piece, you know how clumsy Richard makes me!) – *sigh* it really is so yummy – the beard is back HOORAY!

    • Yeah, the haters gonna hate on the beard, but I for one was glad to see it back. He wears one so well. Gorgeous fella. And I am very glad you made it home in one piece, my dear. I worry about you sometimes . . .;)

        • LOL. I just had this vision flash through my mind of driving round the streets of suburban west London avoiding emus. Do they run across the road or down it ahead of you? Just asking so’s I know what to expect.

          • Lol! Emus in west London! Now that would be a sight!
            I usually run in the park near me and they live in there (they are not usually on the road) one day I was running along a track (this was very early in my Thorin obsession) and I was thinking about the scene where he arrives at Bag End.
            So as you can imagine I was not really taking much notice of my surroundings. I came around a big gum tree and came face to face with an emu (literally face to face!) it looked like it was going to peck my eyes right out! I have never run so fast in all my life!
            Australian wildlife can be quite intimidating at times.
            And my Richard infatuation causes many accidents and near misses- I noted some on one of my blog posts recently. Like the time I walked into a tree- that’s another story!

            • Ha ha. Killer koalas! Sorry, feeling very silly this morning. What with emus jumping out from behind buses on the school run and koalas frothing at the mouth attacking the windscreen wipers at the red lights…
              Yes, well. Fantasising about Thorin beats listening to your ipod I suppose.

              • You guys have got to quit entertaining me with images of enraged emus and koalas run amuck as I really do need to get to sleep. Maybe I can dream about Guy the highwayman this time. And needing to loosen the riband on his flowing locks and help him with those rather snug breeches and slide that white linen shirt up to bare his taut belly … oh crap. This isn’t helping either. I am taking two ibuprofen and I will catch up with you naughty wenches later. 😉

              • Ohhh Angie you could dream about Guy the Highwayman saving you from an enraged koala and a ferocious platypus. He picks you up and slings you on the back of his emu and takes you back to the billabong where you then help him with the snug breeches and slide the white linen shirt up……and take a swim in the cool water… Yeah, youre right, ibuprofen may help

              • Yeah, but watch out for the snapping alligators. Might get their toothy-pegs caught on the riband. Or has that already been discarded? Along with the snug breeches and the white linen shirt. And was that before or after the race through Notting Hill on the back of the emu?
                Both of you go away and leave me get on with some work of which I have done pretty much zip so far this morning.

              • Ahahaha! Snapping crocodiles and fierce wombats> CRIKEY after dealing with all that you will certainly have to pour Sir Guy and goblet of wine and help him polish his bow and sharpen his arrow! *ahem*
                now carry on with your work Wydville and get to bed Angie and no more dreaming about Sir Guy and Australian wildlife! (those echidnas can be quite prickly!…)

  2. I think he looks fantastic just like that. The newest pic that is your background is the one that is currently making me crazy – it is just so perfect. And I guess Alexander is not so bad either. I’ve always been a bigger fan of his Dad’s. ;( (Eric is fine, but I am still Team Bill)

    • I like Stellan, too, it’s a talented family. I haven’t run across anyone yet who didn’t like that latest Ascroft shot–and rarely do we all agree about anything (beard, anyone??). 😉 While I liked both Bill and Eric in the books, I have never been able to get into Stephen as Bill. Part of it is his IMHO pretty terrible southern accent. I am a native Alabamian and been all over the south, and it’s just–bad. Sort of makes me cringe at times, sorry. And it doesn’t help that I envisioned someone who looked like RA playing the role, which Stephen does not. I generally like the quite tall, lean, dark-haired, blue-eyed type. Alex fits that except for the fair hair. 😉

      • Alexander does fit as Eric. He had to grow on me though, as I had pictured something a bit different. Physically, he is perfect – that cannot be denied. So now I can’t picture anyone else. Stephen’s accent is weak, I agree. I have family in Louisiana, and his accent it is not Louisiane – not even a little bit. I hadn’t seen North & South until 2008, so unfortunately I didn’t even know of Richard’s existence yet. (God bless Netflix) Richard would have been perfect, absolutely perfect, as Bill. And it would have killed me, especially they way the plots turned. But even if he had ever been offered the part, he sure was pretty busy at that time between the two series. Not sure if he would have considered it, even if he had ever heard of Alan Ball, Charlaine Harris or her books.

        And I am all over that beard, including the one-day stubble – all of it.

        • Oh, I think RA was probably better off career-wise doing what he was doing–although whenever I think about what poor Lucas went through in that last series, I find myself wishing he’d left that show sooner. *sigh* But I do think he’d have made a fantastic Bill and really given Sookie something to be torn between in terms of a love triangle. The heat! At least I don’t find Stephen’s accent as annoying as I do Sarah’s on Spooks. That would make it hard for me to even watch the show!

          Funny that Lucy (Marian) ended up on the show. Poor Lucy, having to work with Richard and now Alex! My heart bleeds for her–not. 😉

          Mr. A wears facial hair–be it stubble, a light beard growth or a full-fledged (neatly trimmed) beard–so VERY well. His facial structure, the pattern of growth, his masculine aura all work to make it happen.

          • I so agree on every count. But I am glad he did Spooks…and I think the series ended as a result of his leaving – I might be alone in this. And I think he actually left the series early for greener pastures in South Africa, but we will probably never really know. I just don’t like the way his last series ended…but…you know.

            And the moment I saw – not just heard – Sarah, it was like nails-on-chalkboard for me. (What were they thinking?!)

            Yes, Lucy is a VERY lucky girl! (True Blood – hot!)

            That Ascroft picture is so damned haunting. And, thank you for that. 🙂

            • Lucas was a wonderful character, even if they decided to perform character assassination on him. *sigh*

              After having discovered RA as Guy, I was enthralled by this new character as soon as he stumbled out of that trunk and with what RA brought to the role (I had also seen him in VoD, N&S and Sparkhouse by then and knew this was a master actor).

              I think he really loved playing the role and probably had some issues with the bizarre things done in S9, but I doubt he’ll ever reveal it if he did. I hate the way the series ended, just as I hated what was done to Porter in the American version of SB. 😦 It’s not just the characters dying, it’s the way they script it!

              I do think he was ready to move on and do more SB, but then this chance to play Thorin arose and even without it being fully greenlighted, he said he just couldn’t pass up the chance to play that iconic role. I do think he was born to play that role, just as he was born to play Thornton.

              Poor casting choice–GoR–did her no favors with the hair and makeup and wardrobe styling–and then that VOICE. She looked and sounded wrong. Have only seen actress in a couple of other roles, but she was mainly decoration in The Young Victoria as lady in waiting–had maybe one or two brief lines–and the other role was Law & Order UK. The character came across as rather cold and calculating there, too. But her normal accent is so much more pleasing to the ear. A world of difference!!

              I hope other good roles come Lucy’s way. Even if I had issues with the character of Marian, I really like Lucy, she seems like a grounded young woman, and she enjoyed a good rapport with RA.

              And you are welcome. 😀

          • I’ve never been a beard person and I’ve also never been much for the “scruffy” look–until now. I have to say that our dear boy has totally changed my opinion in both of those areas, I love his scruffy days and I’ve gotten used to the beard, although that one took awhile. Truthfully? I don’t care what he wears (or doesn’t), whether or not he shaves or lets his hair grow–whatever he wants to do is OKAY with me.

            • He’s just got it goin’ on no matter what, let’s face it. Somehow scruffy works for him in a way it wouldn’t for the vast majority. I do sort of miss his hair having some length to it–maybe not Thorin-length LOL but a little longer, that would be nice. Still, no matter what, he’s a lovely man. Short hair, long hair, in-between hair, whiskers or no, dressed up or down—(thud).

              • I have to admit, I do miss his hair being a bit longer–although he’s so beautiful anyway–well, I think one word still sums it up best. THUD!!!!!

              • I think part of it is because I first “knew” him as Guy and he of course had the longish hair–not longing for a medieval mullet, but love a little floppy fringe needing to be pushed back. 😉

              • Makes me wonder if his “stylist people” are telling him to keep the hair shorter to go with his new look. Of course, he also has to wear the Thorin wig for Hobbit, which is probably another reason to keep his own short for comfort reasons.

  3. Oh forgoodnessake! How on earth am I going to get any work done now that – rather vivid – images of polishing bows and sharpening arrows are forming in my mind?????? You see, even my geography/zoology is all mixed up: alligators, crocodiles, koalas… well, they all have nasty sharp vicious teeth.

    • Work, hmmm? Guy the highwayman would be cleaning and reloading his pistols, cleaning and sharpening his sword, going to the salle des armes to practice against a skilled opponent, talking to his financial advisor about moving the wealth he has acquired, and arranging passage for himself and Lizzie aboard a French vessel, that is, when he isn’t shedding his costume and divesting Lizzie of hers. Take a good large dose of the daydream, and then have at it with a vengeance. Leave the Australian wildlife to find its own way home.

  4. Well that new pic certainly floored me this morning. I’m not really a beard person but he looks stunning in this and look at his eyes and the chest hair OMG I’ll have to stop and wipe away the drool from my keyboard LOL!!!

  5. Hi everyone..It’s been a long while…Real life has been rather difficult, but this week I’m on leave- and just arrived to London! And…- this is so typical- the moment I arrive to the UK, Richard scurries off to the Big Apple! Not fair! Love the new (?) background, Angie!

    • Hey, Judit! Lovely to see you here again! I hope things have improved some for you on the health front. Yes, it is a new background, just put it up this week. That Richard, you can’t keep him in one place for very long unless he’s making a movie there, it seems. 😉

      • The man is like the Energizer Bunny. As for me, I don’t know just what it is about this place- the moment I arrived to London I felt alive again…Can’t quite put my finger on it..In the past couple of months I was feeling like one of those zombies in The Walking Dead. 🙂

        • He really is amazing. Where he gets the energy, stamina and the ability to remain so pleasant and well-mannered in the face of it all, I don’t know. But he’s an inspiration. Maybe London is “your” city. So glad to hear it’s having such a rejuvenating effect on you, too!! Zombie fine for TV show, not so good for RL. 😉

          • Tell me about it.. I’ve been feeling lethargic and detached..Maybe I went back to work too early, who knows..London is definitely a place with tons of happy memories for me so that probably has something to with the rejuvenating effect!

  6. He does look a little like he had to dress in a hurry! Hmmm, it gives me certain ideas…I’m sitting and I feel like I could crash into a tree!

    • Oh no, not you too. What with bechep crashing into trees and being chased by enraged emus, next you’ll be telling us that you saw a kangaroo hopping down the M54.

      • LOL I thought of you last night – there was a koala outside my bedroom window making a hell of a racket! I went outside to chase him away and then thought better of it!

        • LOL that doesn’t happen too often around here–Koalas OR emus! Just squirrels and raccoons, possums, birds—the occasional bobcat and coyote (they don’t come close to the house, fortunately).

        • How good is your tennis serve? Usually one well-placed tennis ball at decent speed is enough to scare off unwanted wildlife. I used to spray diluted ammonia on the fences around the property in California, and that kept possums, skunks, and raccoons out of the gardens. The safari park could sometimes be persuaded to part with a bucket of big-cat poop, which people would put in small bags to tie on fences to deter deer.

  7. Why can’t I have dreams about Alex (my only side crush) or in fact Richard??And is it just me or is that jacket way too small for Rich? Just doesn’t work for me… What would Ilaria say?

    • LOL Chattypatra sent her a link and asked Ilaria just that. Not that she would respond in a public tweet, I suspect. It does look a little small to me as well. And Lord knows I love the man in leather. *sigh* I had had a long dry spell without any sexy time dreams, so this one was especially welcome ( I did think about you afterwards, too, Judit LOL I knew you’d appreciate the subject of my dream ;)) I really wouldn’t object to a dream with both Alex and RA in it. *guh*

  8. Alex Skaarsgard, like me not so much as Richard, so I think that it is OK for a dream.
    The rest of the photos of Richard, what can I say?
    Scruffy shirt, I definitely like it, and a lot!
    His arms are every woman’s dream to embrace, nothing to say on the matter.
    As for his beard, I’m not very fan of men with beards, but up to that point in it like me.
    Greetings to all from Buenos Aires, Argentina!

  9. Thanks for the laughs. Maybe I will finally have a dream, with everything said here it could be odd as well and that would fit in just fine. I don’t dream good dreams and if I do I don’t ever remember them, just odd ones.

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