Thorin Thursday arrives early!: oh, those inappropriate dwarfy thoughts . . .




Last night I watched “Snow White and the Huntsman.” What can I say, I liked the villain of the piece best of all–Charlize Theron as the mad evil Queen lusting after the heart of her stepdaughter to provide her with the immortal beauty and youth she craves. Snow White was OK, but I certainly am glad Bilbo beat her out for Best Hero. She just didn’t–inspire me.  I wasn’t particularly rooting for her.

As for Snow’s dwarves, well, they were a rather crotchety, crafty bunch, played by a cast of familiar Brit character actors given human dwarf bodies through the magic of CGI. Good performances, but they just weren’t Bilbo’s dwarves.  And not a Thorin amongst them to put inappropriate thoughts in a girl’s head.  They didn’t have his romantic mane of hair, his noble profile, his soulful, beautiful eyes, his deafening roar, his majesty. *sigh*


So, as more and more folks get their TH DVDs, the continued thudding, squeeing, drooling and sighing over  a certain vertically-challenged hottie takes place around the world. Wonder how many DVDs/Blu-rays have almost been paused and rewound and slo-moed to death already?

Did we ever think we’d feel this way about a sweaty, hairy, almost 200-year-old dwarf?  No, we didn’t. But we DO.

I found a few GIFs on Twitter I thought I would also share with you.  Oh, the joys of Thorin smiling!!



Someone suggested RA was doing his John the Baptist imitation here with his attire. Whoa–a bit wobbly, are we?? From PJ’s sneak peek of the second film.


Bilbo, that’s just what so many of us want to do–leap into Thorin’s strong arms! 😉




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  1. INAPPROPRIATE THOUGHTS!!!!!? ooohhhh you dont know the half of it Angie! What a nice surprise to come in and see an early Thorin Thursday post. *sigh* That GIF of him smiling has got me thinking VERY inappropriately at the moment – you know how I love a smiling Thorin. 😉 I think it best I remove myself from all electrical appliances for the next 10 – 15 mins…

  2. Oh, Thorin really is the king of hearts, irresistible. What kind of thoughts are actually inappropriate? There are lots of manifestations of desire out there, some a little further out on the curve than others, but there’s no doubt that Thorin is one hot dwarf.

    • You have a point. Obviously many people find that particular dwarf to be absolutely irresistible and for good reason. Look how he’s brought so many new fans to flock to RA?!

  3. Leigh I would love to get your opinion on whether my thoughts are inappropriate or not but I dont think I should put them down here! Its a PG time slot 😉

    • If you ever get it finished? Wow, bechep, you only stated your inention about ten minutes ago and already you’re virtually done. I’m impressed. I told Leigh about a year ago about an idea I had to commit to paper (paper? I mean hard drive) and she’s still waiting.

      • Ive been working on it for a little while. I write a lot then I think nah, this isnt right and I start again. The trouble is I’m not a writer and don’t pretend to be so unfortunatley it’s not going to be a great one I fear!

        • Don’t underestimate your abilities. Your first Thorin blog instalment was top notch. You’ve got the nack just not the practice yet. Keep at it – and you could do worse than run some of it past Leigh.

          • And I am willing to look at what you write. One thing you will notice about people who write is they share a voracious appetite for reading. Even Richard shows evidence of this. I have many years of professional experience and I don’t mind sharing when I can.

            • Oh Wydville on Thorin Thursdays it’s perfectly understandable to be unable to spell, walk, form sentences, drive a car, eat, iron…. I find I am quite unable to function normally on Thorin Thursdays. Actually, now I think about it, I’m unable to function normally on Thorin Thursdays, Thorin Fridays, Thorin Saturdays…

        • It’s commonly said that each of us has at least one story to tell. How do you know you’re “not a writer” until you write? Now that we have the tools and we live long enough, there’s no reason not to be inspired and tell a story. Not all of the stories you want to tell will go anywhere; some will peter out before you get to the middle. Some you’ll want to share, others maybe not. At least one author has confided that her husband was pleased. “I didn’t know you had it in you,” he is reported to have said.

  4. Oh my! Was having a really bad day, got my post from you and suddenly my day is much better! My TH DVD must be extremely worn out, can’t think how many times I’ve seen it! I’m a real peace lover but got to admit love seeing all that sword action – all that flying hair and swirling coat! Still having a very damp, cold spring here in Wales but suddenly my temperature has shot up! I think the fact that I’m watching S3 of Robin Hood with a very HOT Guy whilst typing this is not helping! Really am not looking forward to the last Hobbit film as I just KNOW i’m going to cry my heart out! Luckily my daughter who will be 12 by the time the film comes out will be crying just as hard, her loves are Fili and Kili but she does see why Mummy has succumbed to the”Armitage Effect!”

  5. Who’d have ever thought I’d be having lust in my heart about a dwarf? Beautiful photos, Angie, thanks! Just saw “Snow White” very recently myself for the first time and was SO not impressed–did not at all like the story path, although there were moments I was able to get a few good chuckles out of the dwarfs. I did think Charlize made a terrific evil queen, but that was about it.

    • Charlize was definitely the best part of the film, although I did also get some enjoyment out of the dwarves. Once again, the villain completely overshadowed the hero/heroine. I haven’t seen the more comedic Snow White film with Julia Roberts, so don’t know if I’d have care for it anymore than this one. I am pretty sure my top dwarves will ALWAYS be in TH, though. 😉

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