Richard Armitage, bad-tempered and moody (but not really). Delightful vid!


It’s Thorin Thursday and this compilation of clips from Richard’s various red carpet appearances and interviews for The Hobbit should fit right in. It tends to disprove Richard’s claims of being such a moody, mean, dour fellow. Lots of great moments here guaranteed to make you chuckle, giggle and grin a lot! Enjoy.

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  1. Richard is simply lovable. If that’s “moody and bad tempered”, gimme! So much better than so many men I have had to deal with over the years, when I was usually surrounded by them in the workplace. If a local sports team lost, I would dread going in to work the next day.

  2. Do NOT buy this one at all–considering all of the lovely things his co-workers have had to say about him on practically everything he’s done and the lovely personality shining through in his interviews–all I can say is that is he really is mean and moody, he certainly hides it well!

    • Yeah, he’d have to be an even better actor than I thought he already was! LOL I am sure he has his moody moments, and he’s entitled. But there’s too much bonhomie shining out of that countenance for me to believe he isn’t essentially a very good-natured fellow.

  3. If he really wants us to believe he’s moody and bad tempered, he’s going to have to be more convincing than this–fabulous video, loved every minute of it!

  4. Wonderful job. You know, I do believe him when he says he is moody and bad-tempered. Leos tend to be the kind of people who are very controlled and polite in public. Like Richard says: ‘You have to be civilized or nobody would like you.’ However, it seems to me that – like most actors – once he gets home his insecurities and doubts about himself take over – that’s where the moody part comes in. There is a quote where he said that sometimes he would get the script and throw it across the room in frustration, but I can’t remember which role he was playing at the time. He has also expressed that he has a love/hate relationship with control. He wants to be in control, but he feels exhilarated when he lets go skiing down a mountain and faces that danger – a situation in which many a factor could make him lose control and even cost him his life. He says he is a careful skier but still, he loves the risk. I perceive (and obviously I have no evidence of this, since I am not his personal friend) that he is the type of person who holds the things that bother him inside for too long and then, something trivial could finally set him off into yelling and being very upset and throwing things around and giving a lecture to whoever is with him about how things should be and how angry he is about whatever. Most likely, that is not the thing that has made him angry. He probably lets things get so tight inside his chest that he blows up and it really has to do with that originally bothered him. I say this because I love a few people who have that personality, including my brother. As he got older, he would walk out of the room and leave the house until he calmed down. Then he’d be all repentant and would feel awful because he truly is a sentimental, sweet, caring, funny man. Richard is very careful about his public image and this is not the first time he says that about himself. Why would he keep bringing it up unless it’s something that he wishes he could control? I think too much, don’t I?

    • No, you think very well, and I appreciate your long analysis. As you know, this man’s personality is endlessly fascinating, even more so than his looks, if that were possible. I could get over his looks in whatever incarnation, but it is the aspects of his personality, displayed in his body language, unrehearsed, in this precious video, that keep me continually amazed and addicted. He may indeed be moody; that can come from feeling very deeply. I have a hard time believing that he is bad tempered, except as you described, and in short spurts.

      Thanks, Angie, for posting this video, so full of the sunshine of his smile. Hope your knee gets better.

    • I also think he may still be trying to “fit” into his new life, which has undergone a major shift since “The Hobbit”. Seems to me it would be one of those things that no matter how prepared you think you are–well, you just aren’t. He’s a very shy, private man and this has to have been a huge adjustment for him. I think he’s done a masterful job with the intrusive aspects of his stardom–and hey, if he wants to go home and throw things, more power to him.

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