Guyday Friday! So Not Dead (and loving it).


Still awake. Listening to the crashing waves courtesy of the sound machine. It’s the most realistic of the assorted sounds available, and it is soothing.  Almost time for hubs to get up. Might as well wait now and see him off before I try to attempt sleep. Knee still being a (literal) pain, along with the old pleurisy adhesions.

Meanwhile–it’s Guyday Friday! Whoo-hoo! I definitely need you this week, my tall dark and toothsome knight. Not that I don’t every week, every day.

Your intensity, your dogged determination, your passion, the sweet, tender side you rarely show, that vulnerability that still surfaces, that chivalric nature we see regarding your beloved–and yes, that gobsmacking beauty.  I will never get over you. But then again, I don’t have to. You ARE So Not Dead.



And I totally agree with both sentiments, Sir Guy.







I will catch up with comments later, I hope you all have a great Guyday Friday wherever you are!

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  1. Happy Guyday to you as well, Angie–hope you can get some rest. Am rather looking forward to a day of solitude myself–my housemate has had to go to a seminar (which turned out to be an almost all day thing) and we’re supposed to get some serious rain today, so think I’m going to rest and do some serious kicking back.

  2. Hope you feel better! Thanks for the great post. Normally I read WordPress blogs on my iPad, so i don’t see each person’s blogsite. Today I just happen to be reading your blog on my PC and I just noticed your new background! Ooooh, I love it! He is so utterly hypnotic in that new RA photo of RA (just realized the photographer and subject have the same initials – huh!). I may have to just stay on your blogsite for the rest of the day – for the great posts and sexy background!

    • I am about to take a nap once I tear myself away from the computer. I really missed being online yesterday but I am about to topple over from exhaustion and it’s cold and rainy here and perfect for snoozing! LOL I think everyone loves the new background, I am glad I chose it. I think RA and RA were made to go together, frankly. 😉

    • FYI andarielraine you probably viewing WordPress in mobile format. Safari is quite capable to show the full browser experience with Angie’s glorious background. Poke around in the settings or just log in at

      • Thanks so much for the tip, I’ll check it out 🙂 But it may also mean I will be so mesmerized by that background that I will just stare, wordlessly wondering how this man can single-handedly ruin my life! (and glad for it!)

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