More of the same. Super Sexy Saturday, that is! Fanart & Vids


It’s a glorious day in the neighborhood–Lower Alabama, that is. The gray skies and rain and damp have gone, replaced by cerulean blue and blessedly lower humidity. Enjoyed a little jaunt out with the dogs, who are enjoying the warmth of the sunshine. Jack in particular is in a jolly mood today.

A nap will be in order a little later–stayed up too late reading the Bronte book and trying to pry my cats from my side and legs. I am too restless a sleeper for furry attachments.;) In the meantime, enjoy a second installment of SSS–Super Sexy Saturday.  Sssssssmokin’!


One word. Erotic.


Mmmmmmmm. Porter as diamond smuggler John Dean.  Love everything here–the look of intense concentration, the elfin ear, the beautiful hand, the wristwatch.  The way the lighting accentuates those beautiful lips. Heap sexy man.


Half-mad, dirty, disheveled, wild-eyed, wounded animal . . . speaks volumes to my inner caveman. Sexxxxxxy.


Sexy nineteenth century mill owner style. Cravats have never looked better on (or off) anyone else.


Ricky Deeming. Enigmatic. Defiant. Rebellious. And dead sexy. The black leather doesn’t hurt, either.


How about Lucas as a dark angel in his black singlet?  Beautiful and so sexy.  *sigh*


Sir Guy isn’t the only one who can smoulder oh, so beautifully. The proud warrior–the majestic and deliciously sexy Thorin Oakenshield. Thinking of you, Bechep.

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  1. Rowrr. I think that even if I didn’t have a (very) naughty side, the chaRActers would make me grow one. Who could resist? (And don’t say Marian; we know she really would be stirred if she weren’t deluded.)

  2. Don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone who can look so delicious in any guise he appears in–be still my heart!

  3. There’s so much gorgeousness, even in some of the less likely candidates. Man just exudes it. *sigh* And people say he is even MORE attractive in person. Not sure I could take it. But willing to try!! 😉

    • Wow, that’s a little scary–you look at the photos and you have to wonder how he could possibly look any better in person. On the other hand–I’d love the opportunity to prove myself wrong on that one.

      • I know, but several people who have seen in the last couple of years have said his photos just don’t do him justice. Judi grant at Twitter, who has a huge crush on David Tennant and likes Richard and has seen both men in person, said DT is awfully cute but Richard just gobsmacks you with his gorgeousness. It’s like I am itching to find out for myself, you know?!

        • I have no trouble whatever believing that and, yes, I would love to find out for myself–except for the possible fainting thing, of course. Or being struck totally dumb in the presence of his magnificence and making a complete idiot of myself. I can easily see either one happening–maybe I shouldn’t hope to meet him.

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