Super Sexy Saturday! A Hottie in & out of ChaRActer







Lee lala

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  1. That smilin soldier is the best! Thanks, Angie. It’ a beautiful day in DC. I hope LA has calmed down also and that your knee is better.

    • One of my favs of Porter. That “very good boy” who is oh so sexy.
      After that cold, damp, rainy day yesterday it’s beautiful today here as well. Sunshine and humidity below 50 percent. This really helps! I was outside earlier playing with the dogs a bit. Jack is one happy-go-lucky pup. 😉 The knee is still twinging but definitely better, thank you.

      • I’m so glad you felt good enough to go out in the sunshine and play with the doggies. May the humidity stay low and steady, and may the EWK give you a lot less grief.

        The hormonal hot flashes generally produce sweating and extreme discomfort, rather than desire. The sexiness of Richard, on the other hand, ignites a deep burning desire…

  2. I’d be hard pressed to choose a favorite among these, they’re all fabulous–and it’s way too hot in here for so early on a Saturday morning. And here I thought I was through with hot flashes 25 years ago!

      • I’d definitely have to vote for the third option on that one, Angie–I don’t think it’s either of the other two keeping me up all hours of the night! Besides, it’s a bit cool up here this weekend; glad to hear you are having some better weather finally.

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