Mulligan for Monday: You’re a bad’un, Mr. M


But you look danged tempting every step of the way, I gotta say.






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  1. I actually got to watch this for the first time today. It was absolutely amazing! Such great acting, of course! I sat mesmerised, that face! But oh that voice!
    On an aside do you,as an ardent RA fan think I should watch strike back? Love the bits I’ve seen from your vids but not my usual sort of thing,but he looks fab and it looks like there might actually be a story too!

    • You DEFINITELY should watch Richard as John Porter in Strike Back. I can’t recommend the rebooted version made for US TV at ALL–it really is just ” macho boys with their toys” stuff with lots of gratuitous violence and sex–but the original version with RA offers a fantastic, tough, tender, multi-layered hero in John Porter, solid supporting cast , and yes, there IS a story arc to follow and invest yourself in. Some violence, which is to be expected (it is about an SAS officer who goes to work for MI6) but I have seen far worse on episodic TV here. Fantastic location shoots and good production values, too. Have I convinced you yet? 😉

      • I’m convinced! Onto Amazon tomorrow it is! Being UK based not had so much hard core boys and their toys, thank goodness!

      • I can certainly add my vote to that one–“Strike Back” is not my sort of thing at all in the normal scheme of things that I watch, but I was mesmerized the entire time, and Richard is absolutely amazing as John Porter. Don’t know how they even dared to continue the series without him, the chumps!

        • Thanks. Getting more convinced by the minute! My Hobbit, robin hood and north and south dvds are getting thoroughly worn out!

          • Let me add my voice to the vote for John Porter. My only complaint about Strikeback is that we don’t see enough of this compelling chaRActer.

              • Dee, you can find some good ones on Dreamer Fiction, notably Fedoralady’s “Truce” but also “Gods of Fortune”, “Absolution”, and a new one “Recovery” that is still in the early chapters. This probably won’t land in the right spot, but I think you can figure it out.

              • Thanks so much Leigh! I will have a good search for those. Looking and listening to Richard it is no surprise that so many people have been inspired to write their own adventures for him!

              • Dee, you know that on DF, there are Fiction by Character Lists (in the Information section)? Most of Richard’s major roles have their own lists, and you’ll see one for John Porter. When a chaRActer has ten stories, he gets his own list. Thorin is getting close.

              • I’ve never been onto the site so it’s going to be a new experience! Good news on the Thorin front, I think he’s going to have a HUGE following! I expect I’ll search the obvious character first …. Gorgeous Sir Guy!

              • Dreamer Fiction is a private, non-commercial, members-only site. You will need a member’s recommendation to join, or at least some evidence that you are over 18, and a valid e-mail address. Then, being a co-admin on the site, I can process your membership and get back to you confirming your username and giving you a password.

              • Thankyou Leigh! I am indeed over 18, in fact I’m nearly 40! Do I have to fill in something on the site then? Thanks so much for all the help!

              • No forms to fillout. Just send me an e-mail at admin(at)dreamerfiction(dot)com, tell me your preferred username and some event that happened the year you turned 18, and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

              • Hi, Leigh, emailed you a few moments ago with info needed to join Dreamer Fiction–will be nice to read someone’s fanfic besides my own!

          • I should have mentioned–I know next to nothing about the following series of SB, other than that Richard is only in the first episode and comes to an end that I doubt I could watch, so I probably never will. You do have Vicar of Dibley “Wholly, Holy, Happy Ending”, don’t you? If not, you should definitely also get that one and be prepared to laugh yourself sick.

            • Managed to see vicar of dibley on YouTube, but that’s another one I’m getting! So lovely to see him laughing, he obviously had tremendous fun!

            • AVOID at all costs the “new” Strike Back. 😦 Trust me, you don’t want to go there. Wish I hadn’t. Yes, Vicar of Dibley is absolutely delightful. And another production that brings us Richard sharing his joie de vivre is as Claude Monet in “The Impressionists.” He IS the passionate artist obsessed with color and light and we get lots of smiles and lovely laughs.

              • Oh, I absolutely believe you, Angie–just the stills I’ve seen from his episode of SB #2 are enough to make me steer clear (heartbreaking) and I have never been one to watch the “boys n guns n violence” things for their own sake. I’d rewatch one of his others first–which I do all the time anyway!

              • Goodness my shopping list is getting long! I’m 40 in a couple of months so I guess I might be treating myself,or dropping some very broad hints, then!

              • Oh, and there are more, believe me. Don’t miss “Sparkhouse”, even though Richard’s role in it is somewhat small–he is wonderful as John Standring and it is a very different chaRActer for him. He also appeared in several other British series, though not necessarily in the whole series. Another amazing one is the first series of “George Gently”–Richard is only in one episode, but he’s astonishing. Okay, so when isn’t he, right?

              • I’ve seen the George Gently one, very impressed! He really does draw you into everything he does,doesn’t he! It seems the more I watch him the more I need to watch him! Definitely no cure for me!

              • Just to let you know my Strike Back DVD and Vicar of Dibley DVD are due to arrive today! I’m sitting on the edge of the sofa waiting for the postman, I feel like a teenager again! Thanks to everyone for all the excellent advice on what to watch, it’s been very much appreciated. I would also like to say a special thanks to you Angie for this lovely page, it is so nice to be able to share my opinions and feelings with like minded people.

                As a total aside what is all this about RA’s teeth? I know the subject matter is a few years old now but i’m finding out mixed info, veneers, complete pull out and new ones in! It’s such a small query but for some reason it’s driving me nuts!

              • OH, Happy Watching! Two very contrasting characters and both wonderful! Glad you are enjoying yourself, Dee.:D Re Richard’s teeth, I don’t know it for a fact but believe it’s cosmetic dentistry–veneers. most likely, that were done somewhere in between playing Monet and taking on the role of Guy in RH. I wasn’t aware anyone thought he’d had all his tooth pulled?! I know the teeth on bottom were overcrowded but unless there were other dental issues going on, don’t see reason why he’d have needed to have them all yanked out.

              • Thanks for taking the time to answer! Still waiting on the edge of sofa for post man but using the time effectively by rewatching North and South! Love rewatching stuff, get to pay more attention to the little nuances, it’s like rereading a good book! On the teeth front veneers makes much sense! It seems to be the way most people serious about their acting career seem to go, certainly less painful too than what some people had been suggesting was done! As always best wishes to you for the week ahead and I look forward to your future posts, they really lift my spirits!

  2. Here we go again–rather cool and cloudy up here today, yet I’m feeling rather warm at the moment–and it’s not because my BJ is snuggled up against my arm!

  3. Oh, John Mulligan, the big bad wolf among chaRActers. I find him the most frightening of all the chaRActers I have seen to date, because he could tempt you to your doom and feel nothing, no scrap of remorse or regret.

    • Ha ha. Read your comment and then looked to the immediate right, straight at the Ascroft photo which lines up perfectly. That look is just so *suggestive* you can imagine him saying, “… you have no idea what I can do with a fork…”

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