TAE Word for the Day: My man ain’t no fanfaron!


Nothing wrong with being a fan or aficionado. But you really don’t want to be a fanfaron. Or be a fan of a fanfaron.

FANFARON: a boaster or a braggart. From the French fanfaron, from the Spanish fanfarron, perhaps from Arabic farfar (talkative), of expressive origin. The words fanfaronade and fanfare have the same origin. Earliest use in English language traced back to 1622.

Fortunately, Richard is many things, but one thing he isn’t is a fanfaron.   Put it down to typical English self-effacement, to a very proper upbringing by John and Margaret, to something innate–Rich is not a lad to go around tooting his own horn. Instead, there is a sort of quiet confidence in his stillness. He’s the thoughtful, grown-up fellow who doesn’t feel the need to try to impress us.

And there’s that rather adorable–if occasionally maddening–tendency to downplay his talents and abilities.   I wouldn’t take a hundred boastful egocentric Kanye West types for one man who’s the real thing. Richard Armitage: my man ain’t no fanfaron! And I love him all the more for it.





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  1. I thought I knew a lot of words, but that is definitely a new one on me. And it certainly is the direct opposite to everything we know Richard to be–thank the Lord. Your choice of comparison with Kanye West is a very apt one–don’t like the man or his so-called music anyway, but side by side with someone like Richard who personifies talent, integrity, and the personification of a gentleman, not to mention an incomparable beauty of person and soul–well, there is no comparison. Long may he brighten our lives every day with his sheer majesty.

  2. Have to agree with you, someone with his self effacing modesty is far more attractive and alluring than some overgrown spoilt brat who feels the need to rub it into our faces how brilliant they are, or at least they think they are!

  3. Absolutely agree with you Fedoralady, nothing nastier than a blowhard, that only is a test of his insecurity.
    On the other hand Richard with his shy character and some joker, he shows confidence in himself, and threre´s nothing more adorable than a man shy and discreet. 😉

  4. hear, hear! Your post reminds me of a clip I watched today. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3C7WZOcok-8 Capt America premiere with a rather annoying interviewer – and it struck me how he complimented Chris Evans and hardly referred to himself at all. I hope his reluctance to talk of himself is not just shyness and self-doubt but also polite modesty and confidence.

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