TAE Word for the Day: Oh, yeah, RA fillips me, baby!


Fillip: (noun)  (1) A stimulus. (2) a snap made by pressing a fingertip against the thumb and suddenly releasing it.

(verb) (1) to stimulate or incite to action. (2) to make a snap by a fingertip against the thumb.

You know I couldn’t pass this one up. *grin*

Does he incite us to peruse his pictures, to watch his performances again and again, to listen longingly to that dark chocolate voice, to smile and laugh and swoon and drool and sigh and thud . . . clearly he DOES. Richard Armitage fillips us big time, sisters and brothers. And I hope I will have him as a fillip for a long time to come!

(Oh, and I wouldn’t mind seeing those beautiful hands of his doing some fillips, too!)




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  1. Oh yeah he fillips me alright! As usual loving the photos and their captions! Can you really read our minds or are we all working on a similar track! Loving the vid too!

    • I would like to take credit and say I am omniscient, but the truth is I think we are all in the same boat and paddling together. 😉 Glad you enjoyed and hope you found it positively filliping!

      • Very much so! I think this boat we’re in is getting bigger daily! The good taste gene is alive and kicking! Must say I’m certainly enjoying this paddle – thankyou for being our guide!

        • The both of you may be in a boat with a paddle, but I am in a boat without a paddle and I can’t swim. But don’t worry about me I am quite happy.

          • That’s funny! Maybe we’re in a platoon of boats and we’re towing you along! I wonder which chaRActer we’ll be lucky enough to have in our boats?

              • Would trust him anyhow with anything, anywhere, anytime. Richard so makes the role come alive.

              • I am starting to see that! I got my copy of Strike Back today, I have watched 3 of the 4 already! Been very impressed! I find I’m staring into those ever changing eyes!

              • Yes, have you noticed how his beautiful blue eyes literally change color? I mean, mine do to a certain extent, but never as much as his. In Strike Back, we get a gorgeous crystalline green in some scenes and even a topazy color in others. Those desert locales suited him beautifully. Along with the military unis, the scarves, the bracelets, the sunglasses, etc.

              • Very changeable,almost all the shades of the sea! I particularly enjoy the green hue,being a green eyed girl myself! He certainly wears that scarf well, I wonder if my hubby would be open to some clothing suggestions! Thanks so much for the SB recommendation, Mr A does indeed look and sound gorgeous as Porter but as you said the storyline is brilliant too. I’m enthralled, even if I am watching some of it between my fingers!

              • My eyes turn green from blue at times, but not as strikingly as his. *sigh* Porter is definitely one of my favorite characters. Richard gives the role so much depth–you believe in him as the loving dad and , kindly, trusted rescuer just as you do the tough-as-nails soldier. A good man sent by God, indeed!

              • Indeed! Know too many English army boys who are exactly still just that, boys, but he’s ALL man! Not sure when I’m going to get to see the last episode, probably not for days but I’m all anticipation! Don’t worry I’m not bothering with season 2. Porter is SND!

              • One of the things I like best about SB (other than staring at his lovely eyes) is the way it allows him to explore so many facets of a really complex character in a totally different scenario for him. While I realize that had a great deal to do with the way Porter was written, I think Richard did an unbelievable job of giving us every side of Porter’s range of emotions–and it was quite a sight to behold.

              • Definitely. It has really held my interest! I think it will become a very well watched DVD! I’ve already rewound a couple of times just to watch how he reacts to things. Such an intense role and acted superbly, I am so pleased I got to see this.

              • Richard’s portrayal of John Porter makes the series so much better than the book, IMO.

              • I also read the book before seeing the series–again, one of those cases where the film version turned out to be superior to the source material, which doesn’t always happen for me. But I am equally certain that it was mostly due to Richard’s performance as Porter; the character in the book was far more one-dimensional than Richard played him. Yet another instance of his digging far below the surface to find every aspect of the role he is inhabiting and making it stellar.

              • Something else, too, that improved the series over the book is the fact Porter’s transformation back to SAS soldier extraordinaire didn’t take place after a much longer period of time, during which Porter had become a homeless alcoholic derelict.
                Ryan’s story stretched plausibility quite a bit (although I am sure RA would have made a great drunken vagrant ;)) Some improvements in the story helped, certainly–but ultimately it was all the shadings RA brought to the character that made Porter so compelling and believable as a hero and human.

              • Funny, I’d never really pictured him as an action hero before seeing Strike Back–not sure why, but I was both surprised and impressed at the way he pulled it all together to make Porter such a virtuoso chaRActer. Of course, now I know better–like Porter, I am firmly convinced that Richard can do anything.

              • When all the naysayers were whinging about him playing Thorin–too young, too good-looking, etc. etc.–all I could think was, “Just you wait. And you will BELIEVE.” And now, quite smugly, I say, “TOLD YOU SO.” I , too, believe Richard can do pretty much anything he sets his lovely mind to doing.

              • Maybe it’s my long and ever growing admiration for both the man and his genius, but I never once had doubts about his playing Thorin–not once. Oh, I might have raised an eyebrow wondering how in the world they were going to shrink a 6’2″+ hunk of gorgeousness into a dwarf–but, of course, that had nothing whatever to do with Richard and his ability. Plus, after I read that he’d auditioned injured (from just the day before), with major back pain and zoned out on painkillers, all I could feel was terribly sorry for him–not to worry, of course, he pulled it off anyway.

              • I don’t think many Richard fans had any doubts–I think it was a lot of the Tolkien fanboyz who were criticizing PJ’s choice without being familiar with Richard’s work. They just saw that handsome youthful guy looking dazzling in a tux and dismissed him. Little did they know!

              • It really is The Dwarf King isn’t it! I saw somewhere The Hobbit described as the story of Thorin told through Bilbo’ s eyes. À King we can believe in indeed! It’s going to make the inevitable end so much harder to take.

              • How right you are–how little they knew. Although, I have to say–for anyone to dismiss Richard out of hand considering what he’s accomplished since his star began to rise–what a bunch of chumps!

              • Apparently, some of the fanboyz thought all dwarves had to be short, dumpy, unattractive fellows. Probably because that’s what they looked like. 😉 No taking into account talent and versatility. Very short-sighted of them, frankly.

              • Well, Richard is even gorgeous as a dwarf–and all the others are, at the very least, cute. Obviously PJ and all the FX folks saved all their ugly magic for the monster types.

              • I was quite shocked how easily I accepted him as John Porter, he pulls the hero stuff off with relish! Strangely I knew he could do Thorin without the JP knowledge, I think it’s that majesty he just carries with him.

              • If I where to have any character it would also have to be Porter. After all he is this Katie’s hero too. I also have the blue eyes that turn green when I wear green. My boyfriend at the time (now husband) was the first to tell me this when I was wearing a green sweater.

  2. So lovely to see him laughing, just makes me feel good all over–as always, wonderful photos, Angie, and as they say, great minds think alike. Those of us who have known for years how very special he is were given an early gift that others are just now coming to–and we can continue on admiring and adoring his wonderfulness, hopefully forever.

    • I forgot to say I found that GIF on twitter, and downloaded it from a friend. It is lovely to see him just vibrating with laughter like that, isn’t it?? It is genuinely fun to see all these new people discovering RA now and eager to explore everything he’s done just as I wanted to a few years ago—and as more will want to do in the years to come. He is SO worth the time and effort.

      • The one thing I wish–I wish more of his work was available in Region 1 versions so that fans in the US didn’t have so much trouble getting it. Of course, these days, it’s a fairly simple thing to get a multi-region player–but I shudder to think how many people have purchased the so-called 1st season of “Strike Back” without realizing that the “real” version is still only available in Region 2. Plus so many other things he did early on that are still only available in the UK versions. Still–perhaps as his popularity keeps growing, fan’s demands will grow as well and the PTB will actually begin to see that there is a demand.

        • I agree and that’s my hope, too, that we will see more of his work more easily accessed by folks here. I know a lot of things have been uploaded onto YT, but that’s not my ideal way of watching anything with my slow connection, and I would really rather have the DVD (and pretty much DO–even stuff like “This Year’s Love” (worth watching for more than RA) and “Cleopatra” (NOT worth it LOL but I found it really cheap).

          • I don’t mind watching things on YT (especially all the wonderful fanvids), but I would so rather have things at my fingertips to watch when I choose (and have always been that way, even before the advent of the life-altering Richard Armitage). Of course, it’s worse now–but if I really need a Richard fix (which is often), I can just walk to my dvd shelves and pull out whatever I want. And believe me, I keep a very watchful eye on my Richard dvds.

            • I’ll bet you do! 😉 And that’s it, I want to have easy access to things when I want to watch them. I have to allow everything to buffer out here, so if I find a fanvid I like (along with all the various RA interviews, etc.) I use RealPlayer to download to the HD so I can watch whenever I wish.

              • Wow, I just have to figure out a way to get my own computer–given how much time my housemate is on the one that we have, I don’t use it all that much, but, I’m thinking more and more that I’m just going to have to get my own.

  3. You can get Strike Back to play on a non region 2 player in the US, but it is on Blu-ray and not cheap. It is called Chris Ryan’s Strike Back and it was think $59.00. I got it at Amazon by using the link on RichardArmitageNet, so that part of the money get donated to Richards Just Giving charities. I know that Blu-ray players are getting cheaper these days and that if the DVD is not Blu-ray it upgrades the viewing quality. I am very happy with the SB DVD, to me it was worth the money I payed, RA in HD on the big screen is a plus.

    • We just got a Blu-ray for less than $40.00 on Ebay with free shipping just because it had a scratch on the top of the machine; doesn’t hurt the playing in any way and it was already set up to receive Netflix and all that other stuff. If you don’t mind doing a little shopping around on Ebay, you really can get some good deals.

      • That’s true. Benny has scored some really good deals there on various things. And many electronics are getting cheaper. He has a PS which has a built-in blu-ray, but I wouldn’t mind getting a second blu-ray player so we wouldn’t have to move the thing back and forth (when I want to watch a film he doesn’t 😉 )

        • This was very recent, Angie, within the last month or so. You might want to check it out and see if they’re still selling them–I think the whole thing was $37.00.

          • E-Bay is my husbands place to shop and so I let him go to it. If I need something I just tell him and he will go look, he also sells there too. I will stick to Amazon, the same go for me I do the looking there. The things that my husband has gotten on E-Bay such as that WWII jeep I was telling you about a couple weeks ago, Angie. The jeep trailer came today, and talk about a kid in a toy shop or a kid in a Army toy shop.

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