New Pic of RA Showing Beardy Goodness. You’re Welcome.

Richard Armitage with Alice Tynan in a photo she tweeted a short time ago.

Richard Armitage with Alice Tynan in a photo she tweeted a short time ago.

Oh, those poor AAAs who are attending the encore Hobbit screening and preceding Q&A session with Richard in NSW this week. This is what they will have to look at, the vision above and of course, the awesomeness of Thorin Oakenshield. Don’t you pity them? 😉 Yeah, riiiiiight . . .


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    • But she’s not ARGHHHHING for same reason you are, Judi. She LIKES the beard. She can’t keep her mind off fact she will soon SEE the Beard and its owner in person. 😀 She is overwhelmed by Beardy Goodness . . . sadly, this is not the care for you, I fear?

    • It’s taken me awhile–but definitely appreciating the beard now. Oh, who am I kidding?–I don’t care. I just adore him, period.

        • Doesn’t say much for my fashion sense, but I thought that was kind of cute. Of course, I used to love it when his bow ties were always crooked on the red carpet and he’d invariably have a cowlick.

          • Why shouldn’t he be comfy FGS? It is vaguely off putting when people are too perfectly coiffed isn’t it…cyborg much? He’s more carefully styled now, but there’s enough rumple too :).

              • S’okay–I knew what you meant. At this time of night, just gazing at his gorgeousness puts me in a trance.

              • I’ve been peering like a blind woman at the small type on three sheets of kindergartners’ names to address envelopes for an upcoming video project. So there’s no telling what may come out of me now. I am tired and headachy and Even Worse Knee will NOT stop hurting. But suffice it to say I am loving RA with his beard growth and that olive green T (reminds me of Portah) and the smile and the shiny hair (which I know has that endearing cowlick) and who can blame Alice for wearing a “cat who’s swallowed the cream” expression LOL I bet I would, too (if I hadn’t fainted, that is).

              • Wow, someone besides me who thinks they might faint in his magnificent presence! I would hope that I wouldn’t–but I sure couldn’t guarantee it.

              • Not to mention how long it would take me to recuperate, even if I didn’t faint!

  1. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but to me — her expression says, “I can’t believe I’m here with Richard Armitage — and he’s even got his arm around me!”

    • Not just *your* imagination phylly3!! I think that’s because we’d all feel exactly the same if he had his arm around us! 😉 What a swoonworthy thought!! *slides off chair*

      • I’d definitely be looking like the cat that got the cream, but that would be after I stopped trembling and recovered enough sense to know which way was up! An arm around the shoulder too…..? That I think would take rather longer to recover from! Lucky lucky girl!

            • I figure I’d be okay meeting him (except for being totally tongue tied and making a complete idiot out of myself)–but if he put his arm around me, I think I’d faint–and make a complete idiot out of myself for sure.

              • It does seem to be a pretty common picture position for RA…better carry smelling salts! On the plus side, that’s a strong arm to collapse in a heap under 🙂

              • This is true–and I’ve actually only fainted twice in my life. Once I had the mumps and didn’t know it, the other time I had blood clots and didn’t know it. At least if I fainted with Richard, I’d know why when it happened!

              • Funny. I’ve always said I’d turn into a giggling bubble head! I’m actually quite intelligent but I think I’d forget!

              • I also read this morning that Alice said Richard also gave her a good-by kiss on the cheek! WOAH!! He’d definitely have to hold me up if he did that to me. 😉 *fans self*

              • Yeah, kiss on the cheek?–I’d never be able to wash that side of my face again. AND I’d still probably faint!

    • Hi Bolly and Angie. Only just seen this post as Windows Live Mail wasn’t letting me see yesterday’s and today’s emails earlier on! Are you joining us for lunch on Wednesday, Bolly?

        • Oh, they are indeed, Angie…and we all get to see them thanks mainly to your good self.

          I’m sure we’ll have a lovely time. I’m so looking forward to meeting the others (I have already met Sandra and Caroline coz they live in Canberra, too).

          It has been so wonderful for me over the past 2 or 3 years to see how many other people appreciate this darling man’s talent – long may King Thorin and his Creator reign! 😉

      • No, sadly I have to work all day. In fact I have to be on call until 6pm as the colleague who was going to cover has had to go away unexpectedly. I would have loved to have made a day of it but it wasn’t to be.

        Are you going to be with Mezz? I’m going to text her when I finally get there so hopefully we will all be able to meet up.

        Must try and buy a yellow Rose tomorrow.

        • What a shame you have to work! I think we will all be together from around lunchtime and stay together from then on, but not 100% sure myself. I’ll go check my emails again in the morning – if Windows Live Mail will let me access the earlier ones from most of the group! See you Wed night.

  2. Sorry…did I miss something…again? Darn this stupid fibromyalgia – plays havoc with my memory and concentration! Yellow rose, Bolly? If it’s easier to tweet me, I’m @livinlovindoll

    • I’m not on twitter so no tweeting…I hope your email is cooperating.

      The yellow Rose is to identify myself as being in the AA. It’s one of the suggestions on the forums if we don’t have meet t-shirts or other identifying clobber.

      So I will have to look ‘Ard today to find yellow roses in Sydney.

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