Sunday SmorgRgAsbord: Secret Agent Men











Wanted to bring you more photo edits of our spies for MI6, MI5 and Hydra, but WP is not being kind to me today. And I REALLY need a nap (asleep after 2, awake by 4:30 a.m.) so enjoy what’s here, including the Johnny Rivers’ classic, “Secret Agent Man.” 😉  All the shows are done now, we are pleased with results of DVD sales and also response of those watching themselves larger than life last night on the wall of the theatre, the sound pretty awesome coming through the theatre’s system.  😀

It’ll take me a couple of days to get up to speed, so bear with me. I have some chores to do related to Pecan Ridge Productions, amongst other things. Hope all are well.

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  1. Oh I love me a man of mystery! Especially when portrayed by Mr A! I am loving Strike Back! Thanks so much for the recommendation! I have a mad few days ahead so really don’t know when I’m going to get my next Richard fix! I am taking my youngest 180 miles from our house to London for an audition tomorrow! Fingers and everything else crossed!

      • Thanks angie. Getting ready to go here. Watched two double episodes of strike back last night, even my hubby enjoyed it and then woke up after the most magnificent dream, I am now ready to tackle what will be a very long day!

        • My husband is also a fan of Strike Back. He found RH silly and isn’t really into period dramas like N&S. He also liked Captain America and enjoyed his performance as Thorin (even if he thought the film too long LOL) He does recognize RA is a good actor and not just a handsome face. 😉 Have a wonderful journey and may all go well!

    • I got four hours or so of sleep this afternoon. Simply collapsed. It’s very damp out having rained earlier. Not pleasant for arthritis or FMS. Walked down to put Seabee BACK into the little house. She’s been breaking out–this is third time now.

      A very intrepid and resourceful canine. However, she went back in willingly. A good girl, too. Now lying here with ice pack on Even Worse Knee, Thumper propped just below it on my leg and licking said ice pack LOL She is an Effing Weird Cat as Benny says, but we just adore her. 😉

  2. Great idea, Angie–Porter/Lucas are both my heroes, and the photos are terrific. Borrowed laptop seems to have bounced back for now–I think maybe we haven’t been babying it enough, given its age, so hopefully we just need to be extra careful and nurse it along until we can come up with a better solution, but for now, I’m back online (AGAIN!) Glad to hear that the weekend went well, sounds like it was very successful. Hope you can get some much-needed sleep.

  3. Do you take video requests? I’ve been wanting to se someone do a Lucas vid to “Nobody Does It Better” from The Spy Who Loved Me!

    • Actually–I believe I already have! Can’t remember if it’s just Lucas or other characters, too, though. I am super-tired at moment (didn’t sleep last night) so brain is a little foggy right now. 😉 Always been a big Carly Simon fan.

      • I think it’s been pretty recent, too–within the last few weeks or so. Now that I think about it, might have even been Sir Guy. Sort of fits most of the major chaRActers, though, doesn’t it?

    • I thought there already was one using that song–or was that Porter? I’d like one with “I’ve Got to Have You” by Carly Simon–one of her very lesser known (undeservedly so) songs from the “Anticipation” album, but totally one of the sexiest songs I’ve ever heard in my life. And so very Richard.

        • Not surprised you aren’t familiar with that one, hardly anyone is–I used to think I was the only person on the planet that ever bothered to listen to it. But very sensual, atmospheric, very simple arrangement showcasing her voice and the lyrics–did it just get really hot in here?

          • The thing is we had the Anticipation album and I am sure I must have listened to it as I did a bunch of her stuff–it’s just not clicking right now. Must look at iTunes.

            • It can also be found on the “Reflections” album, which is a compilation album of a lot of her hits–I was very surprised to find it on there since it was never released as a single (as far as I know) and is not very well known even by her fans. It’s just one of those really great songs that never got any real attention, which is sad.

        • Try to get some sleep, Angie–I think you’ve had a full week and weekend and not nearly enuf rest! May your dreams be of Richard.

          • I put sheets in to wash (after spilling coffee on them and me) and need to check on Seabee and get the mail, and then I think I am going to try to get some sleep. I am seeing floaters in my eyes.

            • Nice to know I’m not the only one–I dumped a big mug of tea all over my bed and myself the other day–what a mess! I was NOT a happy camper.

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