And I just can’t help this feeling . . . that I have to keep on editing!!



Richard’s Q&A Down Under is set for Wednesday at 7 p.m. which is–if I have calculated correctly–Wednesday at 4 a.m. CST in my part of the world.  I will be following several folks on Twitter including Lady0akenshield aka Bechep of “Such is Life,” who has been counting down the days at her blog, as they share this exciting experience. Having seen how delectable RA looked in the new Sydney photographs, Bechep and her fellow Aussies all seem to be more eager than ever! And really, can we blame them?? Safe traveling and best wishes for a wonderful, wonderful time of it sent to all the ladies (and any gents I may not know of.)






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  1. (Please insert Australian accent) Strewth Mate! These pictures are a corker! Stone the crows but I’m feeling a little bit like a flaming galah when I see the spunk that is Richard Armitage!

      • Me too!! 😀

        I don’t Tweet so would love if someone would share little tidbits of some of the important stuff that’s going on in Sydney. Pleeeeeeease?

        • Jas has done a great job in the past keeping people updated and I will do what I can, too, as I get info. My connection is slow and don’t know if there will be any sort of live streaming or anything like that. I know people are allowed to take photos but no flash or videos so I suspect we might get some cellphone pics tweeted. Looks like he is also doing interviews earlier in the day and sure to get feedback from those.

  2. Had barely opened my eyes before opening my emails, then was convinced I was still asleep! Richard himself asking to be my fantasy! And for requests! Alas neither a dream or reality but another brilliant post from yourself! Loving the first photo, still not loving that brown jacket though….

    • I just thought I’d want a visual that matched our thoughts. 😉 It’s interesting, the response to the brown jacket is definitely mixed. Some ppl at FB said it was their favorite photo of the lot! I love the composition of the photo and his facial expression, and I have also done some editing–cropping out a lot of that jacket and focusing on his face 😉

  3. He is all of my fantasies rolled into one beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, talented man–certainly makes this chill, dreary day in DC easier to take. I’m so jealous if the girls down under.

    • Ditto to you, Stephanie. It was a chill, dreary day in DC yesterday. I live in the MD suburbs, am a retired teacher who is also done with hot flashes 25 years ago, and would love to meet another real, live AAA. Perhaps sometime at the entrance to the East Wing of the National Gallery? Lunch would be on me!

      • I would LOVE that–I live in Temple Hills, MD and there are connections to DC fairly nearby with the subway. I, too, would love to meet another LIVE RA Luvr, especially one in the immediate neighborhood–let’s work it out! Also luv the National Gallery.

        • This is GREAT! May 4, 7, and 9 are good for me, also the week of the 13th. How is 11:00 a.m. at the entrance of the East Wing. You choose the date. I’ll be wearing my red hat!

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