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One last post: This pic is too freakin’ beardalicious.



And there’s a podcast interview, too, here:http://www.graffitiwithpunctuation.net/2013/05/01/pod-save-our-screen-14-praise-thorin-an-interview-with-richard-armitage/  Warning, there is some profanity from the pod hosts (is that a word? Or something off Star Trek??)

Richie has been a busy, busy boy over the last couple of days.  And looking and sounding so good amidst all his business, too. *thud*

OK, peeps, going to try to get some sleep before the big event in the morning (here) re the Q&A.  Love ya!

It’s my freakin’ RA friends on Aussie TV! AWESOME!



Meri (blonde) and Bechep (brunette) are seen towards the end of this interview with Richard Armitage done with Channel Nine Mornings in Sydney. They are the lucky ladies from the photos in the reblog I did from Servetus’s blog.  Richard looks and sounds wonderful here–so youthful and rested and HAPPY–and again, what lucky, lucky ladies to get to meet him and get their photos taken with him.

And TONIGHT (or 4 a.m. my time tomorrow) they will be part of the sold-out audience for RA’s Q&A before the screening of TH. My understanding is no live streaming of this event, but it will be recorded to share at a later date. Hoping for some photos of the event and Tweets as the Q&A progresses. I am pretty sure I will be up anyway. 😉  Lots of RA excitement in the last couple of days.

(On a less happy note, I injured my left little toe today on a sprint through the house without my shoes. Blood pooled up beneath the nail and it’s mighty tender.  Due to the awkwardness of  Lefty trying to treat it, I waited until Benny was home to receive any first aid. Still managed to walk out to the mail box and back and down to the little house and back to check on Seabee, but I never forget the darned toe. :-/ So the RA stuff came at a really good time to cheer me up!)

BTW, the ladies describe RA as nice and sweet and gorgeous. Was there any doubt??



Bold Meri gets to stroke a certain beauteous bloke’s beard. She liked it!

Richard ‘Freakin” Armitage, ladies & gentlemen. A funny radio interview


Richard did a phone interview with Scott and Nige on a radio station in Canberra this morning. I listened to part of it live, but buffering issues made me miss chunks of it. Thankfully, the ladies at RAC captured the whole thing and here’s the link:


There are some rather hilarious and rather–er, surprising responses to some of their questions in the “10 Questions” portion of the interview.  RA seems once again to be relaxed and enjoying himself, and quite took to his new middle name as given him by the DJ: “Freakin.'”

OK, I liked these DJs a lot more than the ones earlier–they were jovial but didn’t sound as if they were on methamphetamines–and it didn’t hurt at all that they mentioned me and my Tweet on air. Yes, and those of a number of my RA friends, too! In fact, there were so many freakin’ RA fans from all over the freakin’ world, that #RichardArmitage was soon trending on twitter across Australia!  The DJs said they’d never seen such an enthusiastic response to any celebrity they interviewed.

Well, that, ladies and gents, is the power of the awesomely lovely and talented Mr. Armitage.


 Richard Freakin’ Armitage: Simply Awesome 

Richard Armitage knows his IKEA furniture & other things I learned this morning.



Truly annoying 2dayFM DJ Dan (he of the Weed Whacker-styled hair), cute little Hobbit-sized DJ Maz, and the handsome hottie I was up at an ungodly hour to hear between them.   Hear the interview below courtesy of link by RANet:


The best thing about this radio interview was listening to Richard laugh. My gosh, that does my soul good.  And learning during the IKEA/LOTR character names quiz how knowledgeable RA is about IKEA furniture. Which leads to happy little DIY fantasies . . .  otherwise, had to endure way too much inane happy talk and way too many commercials on the way there and in-between the (all-too-brief) interview’s two parts.

Found myself wishing the DJ would talk less and allow RA to talk MORE. That is why we were tuning in, right? An interview. You ask questions and then you let the other person talk and actually give them the opportunity to complete a sentence or express a thought before jumping back in.

Not meaning to just pick on Aussies here, either. We’ve seen American media types do the same thing all too often, and those from other countries.  Richard, you continue to impress me with your good humor, patience, gentlemanly nature and aplomb in handling these situations on an international scale. Bless you!

‘I want to stretch myself’: RA’s new interview with Alice Tynan


The following is an excerpt from Alice Tynan’s interview with Richard Armitage for TheVine.


Photo montage from Facebook

Now you’re going from battling flying dragons to twisters in Black Sky, so what can we see you in next?

After Black Sky? Oh I wish I could tell you. Every script that I’ve read has got a book attached, and I think I’ve read five books.

So I just need to steal your Kindle, is what you’re saying?

[Laughs] You just need to steal my Kindle. There are some big scale projects, and then one incredibly charming book that I love so much. But I don’t have anything confirmed, so I’m going to keep my fingers crossed.

That’s interesting, how do you go about selecting roles? Is it different after The Hobbit?

It’s not as easy as people think. My job at the moment is to convince people that I’m not 5 foot 2 and hairy. [Laughs] But I suppose the priority for me at the moment is to try not to repeat myself, and also to really focus on how I want to stretch myself, and what kind of directors I’d like to work with. So that’s been the focus.

So Thorin has opened doors then?

A little bit, yeah, but I’m now swimming in a much bigger pond, you know. I’m going up for roles that are going to big actors, big actors! And I’m in my forties and those big actors have got big CVs. But hopefully I’ll win one of those roles that I love so much.

Read the interview in its entirety here:


Oh, he has me intrigued now! I wish I could get my hands on that Kindle. Have to say I am wondering if A Discovery of Witches is one of those novels–as most of you know, there is a group Armitage for Clairmont which has been very vocal about their wanting to see RA cast . . . oh, lots of possibilities.  And what is this” incredibly charming book” this incredibly charming man is so drawn to? I want to know!?

I italicized the one quote above because it is quite close to what I believed to be his thoughts on his career; that desire not to be typecast and end up play the same sort of character over and over again. The desire not to play it too safe with his career, either. To keep challenging himself.

And to keep amazing us.