‘I want to stretch myself’: RA’s new interview with Alice Tynan


The following is an excerpt from Alice Tynan’s interview with Richard Armitage for TheVine.


Photo montage from Facebook

Now you’re going from battling flying dragons to twisters in Black Sky, so what can we see you in next?

After Black Sky? Oh I wish I could tell you. Every script that I’ve read has got a book attached, and I think I’ve read five books.

So I just need to steal your Kindle, is what you’re saying?

[Laughs] You just need to steal my Kindle. There are some big scale projects, and then one incredibly charming book that I love so much. But I don’t have anything confirmed, so I’m going to keep my fingers crossed.

That’s interesting, how do you go about selecting roles? Is it different after The Hobbit?

It’s not as easy as people think. My job at the moment is to convince people that I’m not 5 foot 2 and hairy. [Laughs] But I suppose the priority for me at the moment is to try not to repeat myself, and also to really focus on how I want to stretch myself, and what kind of directors I’d like to work with. So that’s been the focus.

So Thorin has opened doors then?

A little bit, yeah, but I’m now swimming in a much bigger pond, you know. I’m going up for roles that are going to big actors, big actors! And I’m in my forties and those big actors have got big CVs. But hopefully I’ll win one of those roles that I love so much.

Read the interview in its entirety here:


Oh, he has me intrigued now! I wish I could get my hands on that Kindle. Have to say I am wondering if A Discovery of Witches is one of those novels–as most of you know, there is a group Armitage for Clairmont which has been very vocal about their wanting to see RA cast . . . oh, lots of possibilities.  And what is this” incredibly charming book” this incredibly charming man is so drawn to? I want to know!?

I italicized the one quote above because it is quite close to what I believed to be his thoughts on his career; that desire not to be typecast and end up play the same sort of character over and over again. The desire not to play it too safe with his career, either. To keep challenging himself.

And to keep amazing us.

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    • To me it sound as if he may be seriously considered for some role, but it is up to them to decide if they cast, not up to him what to choose. He confirmed that competition is fierce and he is up against actors that are better known and have a more impressive CV and maybe are younger. That is what stands out for me from this interview – that it is not easy to convince anyone to cast him.

      • Regardless of the star power of an actor, it is still the actor’s prerogative to refuse a role, whether it’s because it’s not a good contract or there’s a potential conflict or some other reason. Some roles can kill a career in one shot, and an actor would be right to turn one down.

        • And I think he’s going to be prudent and not just take whatever turns up first. If that was the case, he might have already committed to some quicky project he could have fitted in between TH obligations. I feel optimistic about his future, taking age and CV and everything into account. Leigh, are you feeling any better? I know you’ve been fighting a cold. I went from being out of the loop with RA stuff last week to feeling as if I am in the thick of things this week!!

          • Sorry to report that even though I am a little better, not coughing so often or so violently, I am still dizzy, feeling faint and nauseous. I feel better when I look at these pictures of Richard, but I so want to be well. Lucky sometimes stays with me, sometimes goes to check the rest of the house.

          • I’m finding it hard to believe, given his body of work, that casting directors are reluctant to cast him just because he might not be as well known as Clooney or DiCaprio or some of the others–I have already ordered copies of two of the above mentioned books (Guernsey and Witches) to begin reading, and I really don’t think his age will be that much of a factor. In the first place, most of the time, I don’t think he looks his age at all–and secondly, I still firmly believe that once these casting guys start getting a better idea of Richard’s ever growing fan base–well, let’s face it, they see dollar signs. I think as his popularity grows, the money guys will begin taking his star power much more seriously. There’s also the fact that guys like Tom Hanks (much as I love him) and Tom Cruise (not a fan) are starting to age out of many of the roles Richard could be considered for.

  1. Hi there,
    As a Sydneysider, can I just say I’m so pleased we have good print journalists like Alice Tynan who seem to know their stuff, and hope that that in some way balances out the dross I just listened to in the radio interview. Quel horreur! The things actors have to endure to promote their films- and done with such good grace and humour. I hope Richard and his worldwide fan base don’t judge Australians too harshly based on that cringeworthy experience!
    I’m a first time commenter here, but have been reading and enjoying your blog for a while- I think the prospect of seeing Richard live tomorrow night has emboldened me to de-lurk a little bit.

    • Thanks and welcome, Katherine! Oh, we have plenty of annoying, inane, sometimes downright obnoxious media types right here in the good old USA. 😉 I am sure Australia’s got a goodly share of folks like Alice, too. As I said at Twitter, “Oh, Richard, the things you have to put up with, you darling man, you.” He does it all with, as you say, good grace and humor, patience and skill. Bless him!

      Feel free to de-lurk more whenever you feel like it–want to hear what you all see and experience at this special event!! 😀

  2. This was a fabulous interview. I love it when Richard is allowed to fully answer the questions. First I’ve heard of Alice Tynan, since I’m not a Sydneysider, and I was most impressed. It’s got me wondering who the interviewer will be at the Q&A, I hope like heck they do a decent job.

  3. Thank you Angie 🙂
    I’m jumping in my chair with excitement like Sheriff of Notthingham! ;)(He is won a role for”big actors”! YAY!

  4. What a great interview ! I think the ” incredibly charming book” could be ” The Guernsey Literary and Potatoe Peel Pie Society”. I heard that he was sent the book some time ago and allegedly liked it very much! And he would be fabulous in the role of Dawsey Adams- a character who shares some traits with John Standring. Fingers are crossed!

    As for the large scale projects- my guess would also be ” Discovery of witches”.

  5. What a great interview–considering the puffery we’ve been getting from these dopes who seem to want to show off how clever they are instead of what a gem Richard is, this was incredibly refreshing and informative. Would love to know what these books are he’s considering, though, so I can start reading and get a little ahead of the game. I wish they would make one of Daniel Silva’s books into a film–I think Richard would be amazing as Gabriel Allon!

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  7. He has definitely been sent copies of both A Discovery of Witches, and Shadow of NIght. He also has definitely been intrigued by both books (and personally acknowledged the fans who sent them!!). His comments in this interview are intriguing, to say the least. And I can’t wait to see what role he accepts next.

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