It’s my freakin’ RA friends on Aussie TV! AWESOME!


Meri (blonde) and Bechep (brunette) are seen towards the end of this interview with Richard Armitage done with Channel Nine Mornings in Sydney. They are the lucky ladies from the photos in the reblog I did from Servetus’s blog.  Richard looks and sounds wonderful here–so youthful and rested and HAPPY–and again, what lucky, lucky ladies to get to meet him and get their photos taken with him.

And TONIGHT (or 4 a.m. my time tomorrow) they will be part of the sold-out audience for RA’s Q&A before the screening of TH. My understanding is no live streaming of this event, but it will be recorded to share at a later date. Hoping for some photos of the event and Tweets as the Q&A progresses. I am pretty sure I will be up anyway. 😉  Lots of RA excitement in the last couple of days.

(On a less happy note, I injured my left little toe today on a sprint through the house without my shoes. Blood pooled up beneath the nail and it’s mighty tender.  Due to the awkwardness of  Lefty trying to treat it, I waited until Benny was home to receive any first aid. Still managed to walk out to the mail box and back and down to the little house and back to check on Seabee, but I never forget the darned toe. :-/ So the RA stuff came at a really good time to cheer me up!)

BTW, the ladies describe RA as nice and sweet and gorgeous. Was there any doubt??



Bold Meri gets to stroke a certain beauteous bloke’s beard. She liked it!

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  1. I love his hair slightly tousled, his unfixed shirt style and something careless. And no doubt I would touch his beard if I had himso closely!! 🙂

  2. Oh my! These girls must be in seventh heaven!! Not only seeing him, meeting him, being photographed with him but touching the beard. Come on, ladies! Spill the beans and give us a full account of every last minute detail. How they stayed as composed as they did is beyond me. Kudos to them both for being fantastic Ambassadors for the AAA!! 😉

    • I am sure when they get back we will get a full report. In fact, Bechep has promised one at her blog. Right now there are depending on their cell phones and have to keep charging them up. 😉

    • I agree! And what is all this BS from her about being “an unattractive girl who isn’t photogenic”???? Somebody’s been fibbing. I mean–really!! She’s very cute and I love her outfit. 😀

        • Rebecca just kept putting herself down on Twitter, you would have thought she was freakin’ Azog’s sister or something! Yes, they both looked great. Meri’s wearing one of my fave colors, actually.

          • Does Meri have a different RA hande that I’m not remembering…btw, I’m sure Azog’s sister is very handsome for an Orc :). It’s too bad so many of us are trained to discount ourselves isn’t it….combo of modesty and not wanting to come off as self obsessed divas I suppose. Enjoy the tweets Angie…I love you Richard, but I’m not getting up at stupid o’clock unless you’re ringing the doorbell ;).

            • Well, of course, Manu Bennett, who plays Azog, is very handsome, so he might have a looker for a sister, who knows? 😉 Meri is @merilynn066 at Twitter . . . not sure what else she may use.

              • That’s the one…she was all giant brown eyes and tiny white furry coat. Totally sucker for big burly guys with tots 😉

              • I read that ..I haven’t watched much of it either – bit bloody…more than a bit, but it’s got a great cast. So sad about the original lead Andy Whitfield.

              • Yeah, even for this American who grew up seeing all kinds of westerns and cop shows with violence, it’s a bit too much of a bloodbath for me. Lots of good actors, you are right. Yes, you know Michael who plays Dexter had same type of cancer but seems to have recovered well. Andy wasn’t so fortunate. 😦

              • I didn’t know that… I loved him in Six Feet Under and Dexter…I’m at least a full season behind on Dexter though…and here I don’t mind the blood. Spartacus bugged me initial because it perpetuates misinformation about gladiatorial combats which were rarely battles to the death…gladiators were much to expensive to be squandered like that, especially in that period of Rome. Blah, blah, blah…I dislike Gladiator and Troy too…and 300? Too close to the info to let the artistic license slide 🙂

              • I am partially behind on Dexter myself–I have this problem with too many of my fave shows airing at same time. I think it’s all the slo-mo stylized stuff with the blood flying in Spartacus (which was inspired by 300, was it not??) that gets to me. I mean, GoT is bloody, too, but it’s not really, I don’t know, dragged out? Also it’s a fantasy world and somehow fantasy violence doesn’t bother me as much?? I can certainly see as a historian why the lack of authenticity would bug you.

              • Yeah, that animation of a graphic novel (300) is part of the Spartacus issue for me…it as. a weird cartoonish look that I dont prefer I guess. I’ve only just started with GOT (all hail Hulu, Vudu, Amazon…I’d be bereft if I had to watch the first run of anything), but it strikes me rather like ROME which is also very violent, it’s brutal but quick. (with some notable exceptions…my male students always go bananas over the arena scene in s1 which is about 8 minutes of carnage..the women mostly cringe their way through)

                I think it must be period specific. The Tudors was wildly anachronistic, but I bellied up to the bar and gobbled it up anyway…all I have to say in my defense is: Henry Cavill…. 🙂

              • Loved the costumes and locations in The TUDORS and Henry Cavill is certainly nice eye candy. Never cared for JRM as the king, though. And they didn’t fatten him up!! LOL

            • It is beautiful to look at if you don’t think about it a lot. I wasn’t real keen on the JRM Henry either…he should have been a physical wreck for 2/3 of the series, but he can do wild eyed crazy quite well 🙂

              • There’s always been something slightly disturbing to me about JRM, anyway. I think it’s because the first thing I saw him in was Velvet Goldmine, and he wasn’t a very likeable character in that. 😉 I told someone I think of The Tudors as historical fiction with a lack of emphasis on the historical part 😉

  3. They are both fantastic AA Ambassadors. And Meri touching the beard *thud*. And Bechep beeing so so cute !!!!!! This wonderful meeting made my day !!!!

  4. Wooow, that’s great, I’m very happy for Meri and Bechep. 🙂

    Sorry if my question is stupid (I didn’t follow the all story very much due lack of time), but how have Meri and Bechep had the chance to participate on this tv show ? Is it open for the public ?

      • Lucky girls… and I agree : Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 🙂

        I wish that I will also have one day the chance to meet Richard when I will be in London. Unfortunately, Sydney is a little too far for Switzerland, lol.

              • I live on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Google a place called Hacksneck 23358. Population 52. You might not get it, so closest to me would be Harborton, 23389. I am about 30 miles south of the Maryland border on the Delmarva peninsula. I live right on the Chesapeake bay.

              • Well, I’ve already told Angie–if he ever hits NYC again, I have friends who live in New Jersey about 30-40 minutes from downtown NY. As it is, you’re a little bit far from me, but not that bad–I live right off of an exit just across the Wilson Bridge on the Maryland side.

              • We can only hope–maybe when Smaug is released. I really hope he does more personal appearances in the States when it comes out.

  5. Christ, she did really touch the beard??????????????????????? OMG. I really admire those ladies. In fact all of the fans who have had the courage to make themselves known as such. AND still being respectful and nice. But hey, no surprise – that’s the kind of fandom RA inspires.
    Thanks for blogging all this Angie. I was like Obscura (hello twin 😉 ) – no way was I going to sit through the night on Twitter, following this live. Stupid o’clock is right! Even for RA. So I am extremely generous to find all the happenings of the last 24 hours compiled here and elsewhere. Cheers!

  6. Well i’m just mightily relieved Bechep managed to contain herself and i didn’t need to go down to the cop shop and post bail!

    I did think i was about to witness RA being molested at one point last night but i don’t think she was one of ours.

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