Richard Armitage knows his IKEA furniture & other things I learned this morning.



Truly annoying 2dayFM DJ Dan (he of the Weed Whacker-styled hair), cute little Hobbit-sized DJ Maz, and the handsome hottie I was up at an ungodly hour to hear between them.   Hear the interview below courtesy of link by RANet:

The best thing about this radio interview was listening to Richard laugh. My gosh, that does my soul good.  And learning during the IKEA/LOTR character names quiz how knowledgeable RA is about IKEA furniture. Which leads to happy little DIY fantasies . . .  otherwise, had to endure way too much inane happy talk and way too many commercials on the way there and in-between the (all-too-brief) interview’s two parts.

Found myself wishing the DJ would talk less and allow RA to talk MORE. That is why we were tuning in, right? An interview. You ask questions and then you let the other person talk and actually give them the opportunity to complete a sentence or express a thought before jumping back in.

Not meaning to just pick on Aussies here, either. We’ve seen American media types do the same thing all too often, and those from other countries.  Richard, you continue to impress me with your good humor, patience, gentlemanly nature and aplomb in handling these situations on an international scale. Bless you!

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  1. Richard could give Job lessons in patience!! He is amazing how he handles himself with all these so-called interviews. Just one more reason *gunh, sigh*…

  2. From the little I heard of this interview it sounded like it was on a sub-standard par with that other one during The Hobbit publicity blitz where the Australian interviewer asked for Richard’s autograph, even as he stated he knew it wasn’t allowed *sigh*

  3. The man is such an angel–I honestly do have to wonder how he puts up with some of the CR** he’s subjected to from the sorts that are too full of themselves and don’t seem to get that Richard’s fans are tuning in to hear HIM–we can hear idiots anytime, thank you very much!

  4. I don’t dislike the wacky interviews I reckon its the closest I would get to be a fly on the wall at a party when Richard is relaxed and playful, he gets involved asking the guy about his age when he was being a geek about LOTR like a benevolent uncle. His sweetness shines thro’

    • I may have to give it a listen just to hear Richard laugh–it just seems like so many of these interviewers concentrate on the old news and goofy stuff as opposed to asking Richard questions that might be interesting to his legions of fans.

      • It’s listening to the wacky interviews so early in the morning after you haven’t had any sleep that’s off-putting for me, I suppose. Yes, RA did laugh and seem relaxed and took it all in stride, but I just don’t enjoy that type of chattery talk radio very much anymore (maybe I never did?!) and the one DJ’s accent was quite grating to my ears. It is worth a listen for Richard’s laughter and cheekiness, definitely!!

    • Oh, Richard is a sweetheart and darling through it all, Sapphire, I agree. I’m just not a fan of the interviews where the DJs or hosts (also thinking of Hoda and Kathy Lee on NBC Today) can’t shut up long enough to let person interviewed get a word in. I know it’s supposed to be light-hearted and all that, but I feel as if they are trying to hard to be *fun* “personalities” in those moments. The fact that RA really manages to shine anyway is a testament to his charisma!! 😀

  5. Good to hear that it’s not only me who found it annoying to listen to this radio hosts, as they hardly left any time in between their jabbering for Richard to answer. Even for me as a German the accent of that hysteric guy, combined with his shrill and loud voice was an actual pain in my neck. Why on earth do they have to bawl all the time. At least I’m not deaf yet. (who knows – their listeners are by now!) I’ve never ever been a fan of this over-excited, screamy radio shows where those presenters always sound as being on speed….My instant thought: What a dreadful job this promotion tours can be!!. Good part: How magnificent is it to hear our man being so unagitated and patiently cheerful. Never being dull and as a candy for us, dropping the deepest „low“ I’ve ever heard. „Be still my heart!…..“

  6. Most radio DJ’s are annoyingly rude and won’t let their guest answer the questions. With that being said DJ Dan looks like Hugh Laurie after a three day frat house party.

  7. People mostly likely listen to that show because they like Dan and Maz style and enjoy listening to they chatter. Not to get any new information about Richard Armitage. If it reaches their brain that the Hobbit DVD is available now and they consider buying it, job done.

    • Oh, I know, we have the same type of radio shows here, I just make a point of avoiding them. This experience reminded me of WHY I make a point of avoiding them. I am sure they have their loyal fans, I just wouldn’t ever be one of them. 😉 Especially not at 4 a.m. my time LOL

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