Richard ‘Freakin” Armitage, ladies & gentlemen. A funny radio interview


Richard did a phone interview with Scott and Nige on a radio station in Canberra this morning. I listened to part of it live, but buffering issues made me miss chunks of it. Thankfully, the ladies at RAC captured the whole thing and here’s the link:

There are some rather hilarious and rather–er, surprising responses to some of their questions in the “10 Questions” portion of the interview.  RA seems once again to be relaxed and enjoying himself, and quite took to his new middle name as given him by the DJ: “Freakin.'”

OK, I liked these DJs a lot more than the ones earlier–they were jovial but didn’t sound as if they were on methamphetamines–and it didn’t hurt at all that they mentioned me and my Tweet on air. Yes, and those of a number of my RA friends, too! In fact, there were so many freakin’ RA fans from all over the freakin’ world, that #RichardArmitage was soon trending on twitter across Australia!  The DJs said they’d never seen such an enthusiastic response to any celebrity they interviewed.

Well, that, ladies and gents, is the power of the awesomely lovely and talented Mr. Armitage.


 Richard Freakin’ Armitage: Simply Awesome 

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  1. I thought it was hilarious that I knew who practically everyone they shouted out to was or “knew” them from online conversations. LOL.

  2. Thanks for the link Angie! That was freakin’ amazing!! I’ve already listened to it twice. 😉 When it ended all I could think to say was, “He’s *such* a doll”!!! Not sure if that’s a common expression on this side of the pond but it basically means he’s adorable! Wasn’t he a good sport to join in that Q&A bit, especially when the questions were so crazy? They certainly brought out his naughty side! Obviously they’re not N&S fans as they didn’t get the John and Margaret bit! Even if they got “Leicester” wrong (and who could blame them) they at least pronounced his name properly! 🙂

  3. Okay, I couldn’t stand it, had to put on the phones and listen to it–luv, luv, luvved this interview and just the idea of Richard flying down a mountain on skis dressed as Thorin is too much! It was wonderful to hear him laugh and also to hear an interview where he seemed to be having such a great time–also really liked these interviewers! Brava, Angie, for the mention.

    • Yeah, it was kind of cool to hear my name and then so many other people I knew get a shout-out! 😀 He really seems to be having a good time in Sydney–judging from various photos, he looks well and rested and seems relaxed and very happy. Hooray!!

            • He’s really such a dear fellow. As I said at Jas’s blog, he takes his work very seriously, obviously, but himself–not so much. He is so modest and self-deprecating and his humor is never mean-spirited. He doesn’t put others down for a cheap laugh. A thoroughly decent bloke. I noticed another DJ (male) referring to him as a “lovely guy.” Again, can’t really imagine that here in the US!

              • Wish they’d do some of these here in the states (the Q & A things)–although I seriously doubt they’d ever do anything in DC. For all the publicity we get, this really doesn’t seem to be a big movie town; unless, of course, it’s a movie featuring DC in some way. I think we’re a little too far from Middle Earth.

              • Yeah, I wish the same. I guess it’d most likely happen in LA or NYC if it happened? Maybe—Chicago? I wonder where the greatest concentration of LOTR/Hobbit fans are located here in terms of a major metropolitan area . . .

              • Well, if they ever did one in NYC, I have friends in New Jersey about a half hour from downtown New York–that I could probably manage, even if I had to crawl on my hands and knees. And for Richard, I might do that, fibromyalgia and all!

  4. What a funny interview. He sounds relaxed and happy. Definitely some surprising answers but we always knew there was a wicked streak! Lovely to hear the fun in his voice, no wonder he has those adorable crinkles around his eyes! Love the photo, no wonder he’s smirking! Well done on the shout out!

  5. *raises hand* I vote for Chicago (no self interest at all, nope 😉 ). That would be an interesting demographic study for someone, but I think it might be a case of “if you build it…they will come.” So again, Chicago…split the difference right?

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  7. Only just found this, hilarious! Only an irreverent Aussie could pull that off. Nice to know he had a good time on at least 1 interview. Must get old

    • He really did “go with the flow” during this interview. I know those promotional juggernauts when he’s doing interview after interview (and often being asked the same ol’ questions) must indeed get tiring. But he seems to manage it all with such aplomb. Ever the professional but with that keen sense of humor. 😉 Gotta love him! 😀

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