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TAE Word for the Day: Oh, yeah, RA fillips me, baby!


Fillip: (noun)  (1) A stimulus. (2) a snap made by pressing a fingertip against the thumb and suddenly releasing it.

(verb) (1) to stimulate or incite to action. (2) to make a snap by a fingertip against the thumb.

You know I couldn’t pass this one up. *grin*

Does he incite us to peruse his pictures, to watch his performances again and again, to listen longingly to that dark chocolate voice, to smile and laugh and swoon and drool and sigh and thud . . . clearly he DOES. Richard Armitage fillips us big time, sisters and brothers. And I hope I will have him as a fillip for a long time to come!

(Oh, and I wouldn’t mind seeing those beautiful hands of his doing some fillips, too!)




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Dancing Armitage: ‘All Arms & Legs,’ Yet Poetry in Motion


Crystal Chandlyre put together this special video highlighting Richard dancing in rehearsals for “Cats” back in 1994-95.  You get to see the same dance sequence from two different vantage points and both in and out of costume with Crystal giving some cues as to when and where to look for RA.

Of course, as she says, once you’ve spotted him, you somehow don’t miss him again (even with the less-than-perfect quality of old video footage).

I love watching him dance. That tall, lean, muscular frame, the former gangly teen transformed into a graceful swan–a big man who never somehow takes up too much space. I know he grew dissatisfied with his career as a dancer and choreographer in musical theatre for various reasons, but as I have said before, it wasn’t from any lack of talent, surely.

And musical theatre’s loss was definitely our gain as admirers of a versatile, expressive, nuanced actor.

His dance training and experience shine through in so many of his acting performances, from Lucas’s cat-like stealth to Porter’s balletic grace with a weapon to Thorin’s amazing spins in combat–Armitage the dancer still captures our attention and commands our admiration and respect.

What a bundle of talent that man is. Bravo!!  And thank you, Crystal, for putting this together.

It’s gonna be alright, Jack. Really, it is.


Happiness is a warm, boisterous puppy. But what is it when you take the puppy’s mama away in a big carrier before dawn breaks and leave him behind?


Seabee, due to travel to Montgomery to be spayed today.  went into the borrowed Pet Porter without a hitch–such a sweet, trusting dog that one is!

But, oh–little Jack. His wiggly puppy body grew very still as he looked up at the carrier in the back of the Jeep, and then at me. Was it just my imagination in overdrive, or was there something accusatory in those beautiful, soft brown puppy eyes?

He didn’t whimper or bark or make any noise. He didn’t try to chew on my pajama legs.  Quietly, tail drooping in a most uncharacteristic way, Seabee’s son padded back onto the deck with his uncle Rascal, who soon made himself scarce. Rascal wasn’t taking any chances, it seems.

I brought out food. Jack ate as I sat there and talked to him and tried to explain it all once again. I know. He’s a dog, and just a puppy at that. Still, I feel compelled to try.

To ease my own heart as much as his.

It’s gonna be OK, Jack. Really it is. Just a few hours and you’ll see your mom again.



It’s Tuesday: Take a ‘Gander’ at Mr. A



Gander: (noun) (1) slang; take a look.  Take a gander at Mr. Armitage! (2) the male of a goose.

Well, Richard Armitage is definitely male, if not a male goose. 😉 And don’t we love looking at him? So, ladies, take a gander at Mr. A!

As for me, I’ve been busy and I desperately need a nap, so I am going to seek the arms of Morpheus (who looks just like Richard in my fantasies, imagine that!).

I’ll be shooting stills at the dress rehearsal tonight. Tomorrow Benny takes the day off to deliver and pick up Seabee for her transport to Montgomery for spaying and he’ll be editing and making POTR DVDs to sell, amongst other things. He’s got a busy week, too! May we both retain our sanity and not get on each other’s nerves too much. 😉








TAE Word for the Day: My man ain’t no fanfaron!


Nothing wrong with being a fan or aficionado. But you really don’t want to be a fanfaron. Or be a fan of a fanfaron.

FANFARON: a boaster or a braggart. From the French fanfaron, from the Spanish fanfarron, perhaps from Arabic farfar (talkative), of expressive origin. The words fanfaronade and fanfare have the same origin. Earliest use in English language traced back to 1622.

Fortunately, Richard is many things, but one thing he isn’t is a fanfaron.   Put it down to typical English self-effacement, to a very proper upbringing by John and Margaret, to something innate–Rich is not a lad to go around tooting his own horn. Instead, there is a sort of quiet confidence in his stillness. He’s the thoughtful, grown-up fellow who doesn’t feel the need to try to impress us.

And there’s that rather adorable–if occasionally maddening–tendency to downplay his talents and abilities.   I wouldn’t take a hundred boastful egocentric Kanye West types for one man who’s the real thing. Richard Armitage: my man ain’t no fanfaron! And I love him all the more for it.





Lucas & I spy a busy week ahead for Fedoralady



Oh, I wish I had your speed, grace and stamina, dearest Lucas. It would come in handy next week.

It’s been a very busy Sunday for me. I gave Benny a haircut and got my own hair colored–it’s a bit darker now, and that pesky grey/white seems to have been covered well (took two boxes of color). I built a Facebook page for Pecan Ridge Productions (you are cordially invited to go and “like” it at and there’s a Twitter Account now, too. Now I’ve got to find someone who can build a website for us.  Any takers?

I managed to sneak in some time playing with the pups, enjoying the lovely spring weather and doing a bit of reading. I finished “proofing” the Relay video for sound and Benny and I discussed plans for the Arts Council intro and other aspects of covering that production this week.

Between recording the performances Monday and Tuesday nights, editing the footage and rendering the finished vid, assisting with the specialty videos we’ve made to be shown during the production, and selling the POTR DVDs to audience and cast members Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, it’s gonna be a busy week.  Keep me and Benny in your prayers that we will hold up OK. This is really important to our business, and that business is really important to our income and to adding some things we need to build this production company.  You know, it takes money to make money, right?

So, some more Luscious Lucas to share with you along with the acknowledgement that you may not see as much of me in the next week.  But I will be thinking of all of you!  May we all be blessed with a happy, healthy and productive week.








More of the same. Super Sexy Saturday, that is! Fanart & Vids


It’s a glorious day in the neighborhood–Lower Alabama, that is. The gray skies and rain and damp have gone, replaced by cerulean blue and blessedly lower humidity. Enjoyed a little jaunt out with the dogs, who are enjoying the warmth of the sunshine. Jack in particular is in a jolly mood today.

A nap will be in order a little later–stayed up too late reading the Bronte book and trying to pry my cats from my side and legs. I am too restless a sleeper for furry attachments.;) In the meantime, enjoy a second installment of SSS–Super Sexy Saturday.  Sssssssmokin’!


One word. Erotic.


Mmmmmmmm. Porter as diamond smuggler John Dean.  Love everything here–the look of intense concentration, the elfin ear, the beautiful hand, the wristwatch.  The way the lighting accentuates those beautiful lips. Heap sexy man.


Half-mad, dirty, disheveled, wild-eyed, wounded animal . . . speaks volumes to my inner caveman. Sexxxxxxy.


Sexy nineteenth century mill owner style. Cravats have never looked better on (or off) anyone else.


Ricky Deeming. Enigmatic. Defiant. Rebellious. And dead sexy. The black leather doesn’t hurt, either.


How about Lucas as a dark angel in his black singlet?  Beautiful and so sexy.  *sigh*


Sir Guy isn’t the only one who can smoulder oh, so beautifully. The proud warrior–the majestic and deliciously sexy Thorin Oakenshield. Thinking of you, Bechep.

More Guyday Friday: it’s gettin’ hot in here . . .






Guyday Friday! So Not Dead (and loving it).


Still awake. Listening to the crashing waves courtesy of the sound machine. It’s the most realistic of the assorted sounds available, and it is soothing.  Almost time for hubs to get up. Might as well wait now and see him off before I try to attempt sleep. Knee still being a (literal) pain, along with the old pleurisy adhesions.

Meanwhile–it’s Guyday Friday! Whoo-hoo! I definitely need you this week, my tall dark and toothsome knight. Not that I don’t every week, every day.

Your intensity, your dogged determination, your passion, the sweet, tender side you rarely show, that vulnerability that still surfaces, that chivalric nature we see regarding your beloved–and yes, that gobsmacking beauty.  I will never get over you. But then again, I don’t have to. You ARE So Not Dead.



And I totally agree with both sentiments, Sir Guy.







I will catch up with comments later, I hope you all have a great Guyday Friday wherever you are!

A favorite Armitage image. When you can’t sleep, Richard.


Minor crisis involving a dog, this time Seabee, who apparently got herself stuck somehow in the crawl space beneath the house. I heard what sounded like distress barks from dog and puppy and some sort of metallic thumping around 2:45 a.m.  I went in search of a flashlight and a T-shirt and roused spouse just in case the bogeyman was out there, too.

Whilst I tried to calm the other dogs, Benny finally flushed out Seabee. He checked her over for injuries and found none. But the poor dog must have exerted herself mightily, as she was hassling heavily and drinking water as if she’d discovered an oasis in the scorching desert. We’d stayed with them until everyone seemed on an even keel.

It’s not hot, but it is very humid. I can feel the rain in the air and in my knee and now I’m fully awake again. *sigh*

Time for a little Richarding.

This screencapped image of Richard taken, I believe, from a video promoting The Hobbit prior to its theatrical release, has been on my mind.

There are a lot of things that appeal to me here. There’s that thoughtful downward look we all seem to like, combined with the beard (not universally liked, but looking very sharp to my eyes here) and the close-cropped hair showing off that nicely shaped noggin of his. I’m thinking his hair here is very close to its natural color, which appears to be brown with a reddish tint to it.

Love the thick fringe of fairish lashes and the glimpse of rosy pink lower lip, and the faint furrowing of the brow as if he’s musing over some pleasant subject. And, minus airbrushing, I can see the old chicken pox(?) scar on his forehead. For some reason I find that comforting. Perfect in his imperfections.


And now, I am going to return to my massive Bronte bio and then try to get some sleep. If only all will remain quiet on the (Southern) front . . .

Good grief, what a day! Ricky, I need you.


Thursday has sort of been my Monday. Internet and phone went down, very likely due to a certain set of dogs, in particular a puppy fond of chewing on wires. *ahem*

Couldn’t get the DVD of the Relay Pageant to play on my laptop so I could listen to entire soundtrack and point out any issues for Benny. Well, tried repeatedly playing it in the DVD player and couldn’t get it to work there, either.  I hadn’t had much sleep last night so I finally gave in and did what this dude appears to be doing.


After a lot of tossing and turning and grumbling about Even Worse Knee, I DID discover I could hear the whole pageant DVD through the Surround Sound hooked up to the player. So I sat here tonight listening while I re-read some of my writing.

I read through what little of the revised version of The Lady & The Panther is actually on this laptop (got to find my WriteWay software!) along with a chapter or two of JP fic Truce and part of The Hazards of Love, an erotic vampire pirate tale I co-wrote with Applebeing at LJ several years ago.

Have decided I am not such a lousy writer after all. Just too many doubt fairies and certain RL issues bugging me, such as my unemployment compensation having run out. I love blogging, but it doesn’t pay all that well. 😉

Hubby late getting home having attended another POTR rehearsal.  He managed to finally get the internet back up by running phone lines out the window and directly into the utility box out there. We have signal!!


Childhood memories of watching Eddie Albert as Oliver forced to make calls directly from the telephone POLE on Green Acres.  Things haven’t gotten quite that bad.

Now, of course, we have no regular phone service. And I need to pay the house payment, which I normally do by phone. Don’t like paying using the cell phone.
“Ah, but we have a set-up that allows you to use your cell phone through the regular cordless system,” Benny reminded me.  He also had to remind me exactly how it works, as I have reached the point in my life where something I don’t do very regularly can easily confound me.

OK. so now I think I know how to do it. Mortgage to be paid tomorrow. Won’t have to use those annoyingly teeny buttons on the cell phone. *phew* Internet working for now.  Cooler tomorrow (Yes!) with showers and thunderstorms on their way (No!). Weather Knee already kicking up a fuss.

Going to watch George Gently on my laptop now and enjoy the sexy complexity that is Ricky Deeming as portrayed by the fabulous Richard Armitage.


Tomorrow is Friday, and I suspect Guy will be making an appearance. Assuming my puppy can’t climb poles . . . *sigh*

Richard Armitage, bad-tempered and moody (but not really). Delightful vid!


It’s Thorin Thursday and this compilation of clips from Richard’s various red carpet appearances and interviews for The Hobbit should fit right in. It tends to disprove Richard’s claims of being such a moody, mean, dour fellow. Lots of great moments here guaranteed to make you chuckle, giggle and grin a lot! Enjoy.

Thorin Thursday arrives early!: oh, those inappropriate dwarfy thoughts . . .




Last night I watched “Snow White and the Huntsman.” What can I say, I liked the villain of the piece best of all–Charlize Theron as the mad evil Queen lusting after the heart of her stepdaughter to provide her with the immortal beauty and youth she craves. Snow White was OK, but I certainly am glad Bilbo beat her out for Best Hero. She just didn’t–inspire me.  I wasn’t particularly rooting for her.

As for Snow’s dwarves, well, they were a rather crotchety, crafty bunch, played by a cast of familiar Brit character actors given human dwarf bodies through the magic of CGI. Good performances, but they just weren’t Bilbo’s dwarves.  And not a Thorin amongst them to put inappropriate thoughts in a girl’s head.  They didn’t have his romantic mane of hair, his noble profile, his soulful, beautiful eyes, his deafening roar, his majesty. *sigh*


So, as more and more folks get their TH DVDs, the continued thudding, squeeing, drooling and sighing over  a certain vertically-challenged hottie takes place around the world. Wonder how many DVDs/Blu-rays have almost been paused and rewound and slo-moed to death already?

Did we ever think we’d feel this way about a sweaty, hairy, almost 200-year-old dwarf?  No, we didn’t. But we DO.

I found a few GIFs on Twitter I thought I would also share with you.  Oh, the joys of Thorin smiling!!



Someone suggested RA was doing his John the Baptist imitation here with his attire. Whoa–a bit wobbly, are we?? From PJ’s sneak peek of the second film.


Bilbo, that’s just what so many of us want to do–leap into Thorin’s strong arms! 😉