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Yet another RA of RA. (Robert Ascroft portrait of Richard Armitage)


Well, look at what showed up this morning. Yep, another one of Robert Ascroft‘s photos of Mr. A.


Ali at Richard Armitage Net pointed out to me this looks like same T-shirt RA was wearing in that street shot of him walking toward the camera in his Burberry coat. Now here he is looking casual–and curiously American to me–sans coat and with those cool Converses. It’s Gary the Oklahoma school teacher,  ready to do some weekend DIY or mix it up on the court with his basketball buddies.

I think Christmas came again over the last couple of days. *sigh*

RA wows ’em at Q&A: More Details to Come!


The ladies were too enthralled to really tweet during the session and who can blame them? They do say it was a “magnificent” event and Meri reports that RA remembered them from this morning.

Well, shoot, you fondled the man’s beard, Meri, of course he remembers you! 😉

Meri and Lady Oakenshield scored front row seats for the Q&A, too. I think this WAS their lucky day! Before the Q&A, the audience were treated to an exclusive behind-the-scenes video, tweeted RichKitsch.

RichKitsch also tweeted a goodly number of people left after the Q&A. Miss another opportunity to see Thorin in the big screen? Just silly, if you ask me.  Make it an entire evening of RA/ThorinLove.  *sigh* Can’t wait to hear all the details! Thanks to all who have already shared photos and bits and bobs with us.

Courtesy of RACentral

Courtesy of RACentral

Courtesy of Bechep

Courtesy of Bechep

Here are a few photos which have been posted. Looking good, Mr. A. Freakin’ good, in fact, Mr. Armitage.

courtesy of Miss Gigglepants via tumblr

courtesy of Miss Gigglepants via tumblr


Courtesy of Miss Gigglepants via Tumblr

courtesy of RACentral

courtesy of RACentral

The (1.6) Million-Dollar Face: article with link to . . .The Armitage Effect!



This article at www.news.com.au focuses on what lengths were gone to in changing “a beautiful man” (the writer’s words, not mine) into the warrior dwarf we all know and love, Thorin Oakenshield.

It’s a good read, but what I found absolutely irresistible was the discovery (and it took Nadia to point this out to me) that it includes some links.

And one of those three links (referencing RA-related Tumblr pages, websites and blogs) is—to The Armitage Effect!

Yes, my post “The Winner: Richard–By a Nose” was linked in a portion of the article discussing that distinctive proboscis we all know and dearly love.

Now, I know there must be a fair number of RA blogs out there, with the number seemingly growing every day. And a fair number of them likely have posts relating to RA’s regal “hooter.” So I am pleased as punch mine was chosen to represent for blogs (the other links were to the venerable RANet and at Tumblr, “My Fickle and Varied Obsession.”)

So read and enjoy and click on the “blog” link within the story and see that post from last June.

I should be asleep but having too much fun!

Thorin Oakenshield

Thorin Oakenshield (Photo credit: Maelstromarts)