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  1. Whoa! My stomach actually did a flip when I saw that photo! He is the only other man than my hubby to get such an instant reaction from me! A very manly stance indeed! Yummy yum yum!

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    • LOL I could only think of you, Guylty, when I was discovering these. One showed up on Twitter and then I found the other on Facebook. It’s like Christmas!!!

      • Seriously, I gasped aloud when I saw the blue image. I can’t get enough of this. Repost forever, please. I want to be ascrofted out. (That sentence looks alright in writing but sounds veeeeeeeery strange when said aloud, btw…) I want more RARA. Thanks for posting.

        • Ascroft now, Ascroft forever! I have to take some time off to sleep at some point. But it’s like I just don’t know what might turn up while I am sleeping LOL RARA–Rah-Rah-Rah!

          • 🙂 I have always felt that the RA acronym is particularly fitting for Richard Armitage. It’s onomatopoetic in the best possible way. I inwardly roar when I catch a glimpse of him… *blushesprofusely*

              • LOL I love that Goldfrapp song “Oh-La-La” I’ve used it in two videos. I mean “Oh child of Venus you’re just made for love” is a line I cannot resist when it comes to Richard Armitage!

              • Thanks, Angie–I have been wondering and wondering where that particular line came from. I should do a needlepoint of that with room for a photo of Richard.

              • Oh, the Goldfrapp song? Yes, and it’s one of my favorite ones to use with Richard for some of my photo edits and fanart. Love your needlepoint idea!

              • The thing is–I recently got an unreal deal on a large amount of blank canvas that I haven’t yet done anything with and this line is short enough that it would be pretty easy to configure what with leaving room to attach a photo–so it’s highly likely I will give it a shot. Will let you know if I think it will work out.

  3. This photo is so gorgeously glorious that I can tear myself away from it only with great difficulty to type these wholly inadequate words. What’s all this about a tummy? Putting on weight? I don’t think so. It was the pose. He’s too disciplined for that. He has to film soon.

    Incidentally, yesterday the Washington Post reported on a study on the effect of three types of men’s beards on different groups of people (men, women, children). The three types were: stubble, short but of about a month, and longer. It seems that the middle category, the beard RA is sporting right now, inspired the most favorable response and the most confidence. Personally, I agree. I’d rather not have his awesome face covered up at all, but his present beard I find quite striking.

    Thanks, Angie, for bringing us all these goodies. Hope you are rested and feeling better.

    • TUmmy? What tummy? He’s very slender! I LOVE his posture. He is.. -well they say there is no such thing in life but- he is perfect! OK, I’ll rephrase, I find him perfect! 😀

  4. Merely looking at this charming, old-fashioned gentleman ups my estrogen level, bringing out my inner sex kitten. Meow!

    • My inner teenager seems to emerge, it seems mad to be my age and so taken with this delicious man! Oh well all the fun with none of the spots!

      • In all the crushes I’ve had over the years (and there have been a few), I don’t think I have ever been this besotted with anyone. On the other hand, this is Richard Armitage–there really isn’t anything more to say, is there? He is lovely, charming, talented, gorgeous–here we go again, I’m going to have to find some new superlatives.

        • There just doesn’t seem to be enough for him does there! I have to admit that this is a fairly full on fascination with him. It’s been a real joy to find a community of like minded people!

          • Absolutely agree on that one–it’s been great fun to be able to converse with other fans and find out that I’m not so crazy after all–except about Richard, of course.

            • Of course. It seems a problem shared is a problem halved but an RA admiration shared is a whole new world opened!

              • And it has been–when our computer went down a few weeks back, I was heartbroken because I wasn’t going to be able to come out and play with all of the Richard admirers I’ve met here. Thank God for friends with extra computers to loan!

              • Or in my case android phones! Means I have immediate access but little pics! Quality is fab though! Ahh the loveliness of Richard….. the sun is shining, there are glorious pics emerging… all is good! Soppy smiles galore!

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