RA wows ’em at Q&A: More Details to Come!


The ladies were too enthralled to really tweet during the session and who can blame them? They do say it was a “magnificent” event and Meri reports that RA remembered them from this morning.

Well, shoot, you fondled the man’s beard, Meri, of course he remembers you! 😉

Meri and Lady Oakenshield scored front row seats for the Q&A, too. I think this WAS their lucky day! Before the Q&A, the audience were treated to an exclusive behind-the-scenes video, tweeted RichKitsch.

RichKitsch also tweeted a goodly number of people left after the Q&A. Miss another opportunity to see Thorin in the big screen? Just silly, if you ask me.  Make it an entire evening of RA/ThorinLove.  *sigh* Can’t wait to hear all the details! Thanks to all who have already shared photos and bits and bobs with us.

Courtesy of RACentral

Courtesy of RACentral

Courtesy of Bechep

Courtesy of Bechep

Here are a few photos which have been posted. Looking good, Mr. A. Freakin’ good, in fact, Mr. Armitage.

courtesy of Miss Gigglepants via tumblr

courtesy of Miss Gigglepants via tumblr


Courtesy of Miss Gigglepants via Tumblr

courtesy of RACentral

courtesy of RACentral

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      • This is a day that will go down in personal history for these lucky ladies! Would I have had the cheekiness to touch his beard? Possibly not, but he looks so relaxed and approachable maybe I would have got over my natural shyness. He seems to bring out the best in those around him.

        • This is also the second time Meri has met him (spoke to him at NZ Hobbit premiere) so that may have given her extra courage. She knew he wouldn’t bite. 😉

          • Even more envious now! What a lucky lady, although I’m sure she wouldn’t mind a little nibble! Not a beardperson usually but am really coming round to it! Fingers twitching with curiosity here!

              • So true! My daughter used to have a fear of men with beards, to the point we had to leave places if a bearded man came in! But even she, at the tender age of 10, appreciates the beard of beauty!

  1. Angie, are you online now? I’ve just come home from the Q&A (unlike some others I did stay for the movie!). Tho there was a ban on digital recording of the session, no one said anything about transcribing it all in old-fashioned shorthand … which I did. So I have an almost complete transcript that I am about to type up for anyone who is interested. However, I don’t have my own blog, so would you like to host it?

    • I am indeed online and would be THRILLED to host it! If you feel like going ahead and typing it up, I will send you my email info so you can send it to me. 😀

      • Excellent, I shall start typing. It is 1.30am in Sydney, but I am too wired to sleep. I have witnessed Richard Armitage in the flesh. He is no less remarkable for being real …O God, I may never sleep again.

        • I am so happy for you and of course the teensy of bits envious! At least when sleep finally comes your dreams are going to be extremely pleasant!

        • Wow, that is true devotion–I didn’t know anyone even did old fashioned shorthand anymore. Thanks in advance from yours truly–can’t wait to see it!

          • My mum was a shorthand typist… I remember being very impressed by her skills whenever she showed me some abbreviations and stuff. I was in awe!

              • My mom also spent most of her working life as a secretary–she could type something insane like 95 words per minute and her shorthand was off the charts–some completely unheard of number of wpm–I was always in awe.

              • Yeah!! Here’s to the great typist mums!! My mum’s typing always reminded me of machine gun fire! She was SO fast.

              • I am not that fast but I’ve sped up a lot compared to when I first started at the paper. I took typing in high school but I was never very speedy. Practice doesn’t necessarily make perfect, but it does improve you. 😉

              • I learned on a regular typewriter and was always fairly fast–my problem now is that it’s so much easier to type on a computer keyboard that my fingers get ahead of my brain sometimes and I come up with all kinds of strange stuff. Which I then have to go back and correct.

        • That would be fabulous! I was there, but I’m finding it impossible to remember even half of what was said, I was in such a giddy state. That and trying to take photos *sigh* Big mistake, it was too distracting, for me anyway. Others managed thank goodness!! 🙂

            • Hey Judit!!! Lovely to see you back on board! I had a fabulous time, catching up with fellow Aussie Afficionados. A group of us stayed together for a couple of nights near Cremorne which made it even more special, as we could share our excitement in the big build-up, and of course, afterwards. 🙂

          • Hi Mezz, what a pity we didn’t meet at the Orpheum. I would have loved to have met a few of my fellow hard-core fans. Let us hope RA will return to Australia soon and that we have many more opportunities to commune in his presence! We should all make firm arrangements next time, and try to have lunch, dinner, whatever too.
            By the way, my mother was an awesome court reporter who had flawless Pitman’s shorthand and wrote about 230 words a minute. I do about 170 wpm. I had to learn shorthand as part of my newspaper cadetship, and I am so glad I did! Especially on May 1!

            • Hi Groover! I’m sorry we didn’t meet. There were many of us at the front of the queue in the cinema foyer! Are you on RACentral? It was a means of communicating with others who were attending, but it’s not the only one of course. I didn’t hear him say it, but apparently Richard commented positively about returning to Australia, something about a convention in Melbourne IIRC. Supernova perhaps? It was on in April. The Q&A seemed to happen so quickly and there was a flurry of activity to get organised, so we’ll be better prepared next time!!!! 😀

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