RA needs a camping partner: New interview on CNet Aus.



Here’s a link to a new longer video interview with CNET Australia. Richard talks about green screen acting, his dwarf gear, sustainable energy and trying to get his fellow dwarves to go camping with him.
I think I know of some humans who would have been GLAD to rough it a bit with Mr. Armitage under the New Zealand stars . . . *thud*


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  1. Lots of lovely head shot screen time in this one *drool* ,but why, oh why did they think the background music was a good idea? 😦

    • I thought exactly the same thing! WHY? He has such a beautiful, melted chocolate, knee-weakening, tingle-producing voice that really needs no accompaniment. Looking at him while listening was all that was required for perfection. *sigh*

      I was still glued to the screen though! He is *such* a treat to listen to and always gives such intelligent and interesting answers to questions put to him. Of course that mischievous side of him coming out now and then just added to the pleasure. 😉

  2. A sweet interview, thought the interviewer seemed a little uneasy at time, possibly too much phwoar in the room! Or perhaps she could hear the flipping music too! Loved being able to see the twinkle coming into Richard’s eyes, very mischievous I bet! I’d go camping with him anytime! Especially on a cold night!

    • Finally got to see this interview–the background music was definitely an ill conceived distraction and what was up with the interviewer? Of course, Richard was his usual charming, adoRAble self, but she looked like she’d rather be almost anywhere else. Maybe a newbie without a lot of experience?

        • I was very surprised–she simply couldn’t seem to relate to him and she stumbled around over her words so much. I guess it could have been the presence of his Majesty–Lord knows, he overwhelms almost everyone else I know.

  3. Can’t look at the video right now as I am at work but I’m volunteering for the camping. I seem to recall he has a bit of a history with girls in tents. 😉

    • Yes, I’d volunteer for camping, too. Richard is probably the only person on the planet for whom I would do so. Hard work, no running water, no fuel that you don’t fetch and prepare yourself, no hot water that you don’t heat for yourself over said fuel, insects and other hazards, and why is the pointy hard rock always in the middle of my back?

      Yes, Richard has been quoted about an incident in a tent when he was seventeen…

        • Richard’s “first time” was in a tent on some sort of school trip. And the girl went and blabbed to everyone the next day, which was rather mortifying for poor Richard, it seems. He admitted he didn’t have deep feelings for her–when she invited him it was rather more of “let’s do this and get the pesky virginity thing out of the way” for him–but still, for her to share it with everyone wasn’t very nice. 😦

          • I do remember reading about this and his reference to the fact that “he figured he must not have been very good”, and then she went and told everyone about it on top of that–I think I’d have wanted to pull her hair out.

            • I agree!! I have always hated guys who kissed and told–or did “whatever” and told–and I feel the same way about females who do it. :-/ Richard’s such a true gentleman. I bet that experience is one more thing that has led him to be very private about his private life, the dear man.

              • I have thought that many times myself after reading about that early experience and feeling dreadful for him–it still makes me cringe.

              • Me, too. It makes me want to give young, sensitive Richard a comforting hug.

                I find myself wondering what that particular unfeeling blabbermouth thinks now that RA is where he is now?

              • I agree with you–except I don’t think kicking is bad enough.

              • Hmmmm, maybe if it was THORIN doing it with those steel-capped big ol’ boots of his?? What do you reckon? 😉

              • Now THAT might work–Summer just sent me a pin of Richard as Thorin holding a fraggle beside several small photos of Richard holding my hero, Kermit. I may burst into tears.

              • AWWWWWW. **hugs** I love Kermie, too. Was such a fan of the Muppet Show. Two years ago for Putting on the Ritz they did a tribute to the Muppets including Elton John singing Crocodile Rock and my darling Michael, my former co-worker who is the band’s keyboardist, singing “The Rainbow Connection.” I have also thought of something else–Ros and Thorin team up. SHE pulls the woman’s hair and taunts her with that acid tongue while Thorin puts his steel-capped boots to good use. 😀 MUHAHAHAHAHAH

              • Now, THAT might really do the trick–there’d be nothing of that horrid creature by the time those two were done with her! I think that team gets my vote.

                Okay, now I’m really going to date myself–I don’t know how much Muppet history you know, but the Hensons originated them here right in DC on a show at 1 AM called “Sam and Friends”. I still remember the first Kermit–he was made out of Henson’s mother’s old green winter coat with two tennis balls for eyes. It was hysterical then, long before they ever graduated to the more sophisticated stuff. And I did finally get to see the interview where Richard was holding Kermit instead of just the photo (sighhhhhhhhhhhhh!)

              • I don’t actually remember those days–although I do remember reading a bit about it in an article on Henson (sure hated we lost him so young, too!).

              • I think you’re a bit younger than me, and honestly, most people don’t know about the humble origins of the Muppets–I do because I was born and raised here and actually remember seeing some of those old shows. That first show didn’t last long,mainly because the local station had no idea what to do with it (well, what did they expect? They had it on 1 AM!)

              • Forgot–when I was singing professionally, my partner and I did “The Rainbow Connection”. It’s still one of my favorite Muppet songs, and I loved The Muppet Show, too. As a matter of fact, my favorite version of “A Christmas Carol” is the Muppet one. I watch it at least 20 times every year.

              • It’s a wonderful song. I quoted from it in one of my posts a while back, I was surprised at how many people weren’t familiar with it. My dad used to enjoy watching “The Muppet Show.” Fozzie Bear was his favorite character. 🙂

              • My housemate and I went to see the most recent Muppet movie when it came out, and they did a segment where they perform “Rainbow Connection”. I was sitting there with tears streaming down my face–thought she was going to crawl under the chair.

              • In my younger days I was always called Red from Fraggle Rock, it’s the hair! Wish I’d been Red that day! So cute!

          • Poor sausage! Not what a young, caring and sensitive soul needed to be subjected to. At least she’s sitting somewhere looking at this gorgeous, sensitive and talented man thinking it should have been so different.

            • Revenge is a dish best served cold. 😉 And the best revenge is living well. Not that RA would seek revenge, but things do have a way of coming back to haunt a person. So I will add–Karma’s a bitch.

              • Hee hee! And he has enough fans feeling mortified on his behalf! Just makes us love him all the more, if that’s at all possible!

              • In her case, I certainly hope so–I still like your idea of Ros and Thorin with his boots.

  4. Just finishing watching the video. Was so focused on him, didn’t hear the music…I grew up camping, I can do it! Did you notice after she said “thank you,” when he said “thank you” he made it sound like he wondered why anyone would want to interview him? He’s so…so…oh you know what I mean. More than endearing.

  5. The few times I’ve ever been have usually resulted in some kind of minor disaster (most memorable was almost falling down a mountain, believe it or not), but for Richard, I’d risk it in a heartbeat–no one else I can think of, but for him, definitely.

  6. I LOVE camping. Used to go all the time in college. OK a long time ago now. 😀 Still I would love to go camping again… with Richard, of course. It’s so romantic. ;D

  7. About the Muppets–Am I crazy or does anyone remember the muppets JH did for Saturday Night Live? It was a King who was a rock, a queen and a Knave who was always hanging out with the Queen.. They were hilarious. It was (dating myself) back in the late 70s. I watched Sesame Street with my young nephew and then Fraggle Rock with my Husband! He loved the Doozers, I loved Boober.

  8. I would go camping with RA. I have giving it up the last few years as the ground and my back don’t get along. My husband is a great campfire chef and does all the cooking. We still will cook over a campfire in our backyard and the boys will put up the army 2 man tent and stay out there for the night. I am sure there will be at least one trip camping. I am sure the boys would not mind taking RA camping either.

    • I think Richard would be a fun guy to go camping with for your boys, Katie. Can you imagine that voice telling ghost stories around the old campfire??

          • I bet the boys could give RA a couple good stories too. There also is nothing like the sounds of the night to scare a person too. Also funny dad and son 2 who thought it fun to sneak up on son 1 and his two friends in a thunder storm.

              • I know if it got to scary I would need the consolation part. I am sure my little not so angels would bring up snakes in there story and just to say the word I react. Crawling out right now.

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