Richard Armitage: That Sweet, Sexy, Silly Gentleman I Adore



I’ve just been mulling over how much I like Mr. Armitage. His delightful sense of humor with that merry heart “that doeth good like medicine,” his kindness and generosity, his dedication to his craft, good manners and gentlemanly nature, that amazing charisma and distinctive masculine beauty, all the qualities that mark him as such a special human being. Add in all that talent and versatility . . .









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  1. Oh, Lord, he is so cute in these photos (gorgeous as well, but just plain adoRAble in the others). Must thank you again, Angie, for brightening my day with the never-could-be-too-much-of Richard–I can’t imagine ever getting tired of looking at him or reading lovely things about him. Now, if he could only be convinced of his monumental appeal–

  2. Love love love the photos! Well of course Richard was created for sexiness! There’s a song out there with the line ‘nobody does it better’ and this seems to apply to our man in all areas. A gentleman in the truest sense of the word. My daughter has dyspraxia and one of the effects is that she always ends up slightly disheveled so I really adore the photo with the askew tie and shirt gaps peeping open (so tempting…) the loveable human shines through the superstar once again.

    • I think he looks just as wonderful whether he is “bandbox” beautiful or looking a little bit scruffy–I’ve gotten more used to his new fashionable looks, but still miss the old days of the slightly crooked bowties on the red carpet and the hair not always quite perfect. However, he would be gorgeous in a garbage bag, so who cares?

  3. Richard is such a gentleman and a gentle man, whose humour is never hurtful. I look at these and then I think of the creature I encountered on the train today — dangerously aggressive and rude, probably on meth, definitely deranged — why, oh, why can’t more humans be like Richard?

    • I don’t know but world would be a better place ,Leigh…he is so beautiful.. in every sense..I’m just glad that I’m able to notice it.

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