RA’s bad boys always catching my eye . . . how ’bout yours?


I had a very lazy day today. It rained pretty much all day long . . .  and I could never get motivated to do a great deal except rest the sore, aching knee, play with the cats and snooze a bit. Dreamed about banquets with hot dogs and ham and vast amounts of candles on the tables, and oversleeping and missing a 7 a.m. arrival time at an event, which put me in a panic. Happily it was just a dream.

Meanwhile, in RL, it looks as if we will be shooting a dance recital next weekend in two parts, a ballet of “Cinderella” and then a tap/jazz portion. It’s not a huge school so the event won’t drag out for hours and hours as these things can (having been to my niece’s recitals at her large Birmingham school).  And the letters were posted today to the high school seniors’ parents re the graduation package we will be offering,  Yes, May is looking pretty busy. And, one hopes, lucrative. 😉 Have a wonderful weekend!



courtesy of RA Frenzy

courtesy of RA Frenzy




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  1. Was Ricky really a bad boy? I never got that somehow–only that he was very enigmatic and conflicted and a bit off the straight and narrow. I guess a motorcycle guy would’ve been considered a bad boy back in the ’60’s time frame. Great photos, though–and good, bad or naughty, he’s still my #1 dreamboat.

    • We’ve discussed this before on earlier posts–I think it’s society perceptions and misconceptions that put Ricky into the “bad boy” group–not me personally. 😉 Yeah, I think by more straight-laced mid-60s standards, a rebellious, free-thinking biker in head-to-toe black leather who might or might not be a “poof” would be regarded with suspicion.

      Heck, I don’t really think Guy is bad–very, very misunderstood. But I am a tad biased in his case. Now, Heinz and Mulligan on the other hand—;)

      • Actually, I never really thought of Guy as bad, either–or maybe I was just too busy drooling. I felt so devastated for him because of all he’d lost and how hard he was working to find his place back in the world again–not to mention the Sheriff treating him like dirt and putting him down every thirty seconds, and Marian leading him on time and time again so she could help Robin. Poor Guy–we still love you, beautiful dark knight.

        • No arguments from me, dear! Richard did such a beautiful job revealing Guy’s vulnerabilities and insecurities, the self-doubt and loathing that ate away at him, his yearning to love and be loved. . . he didn’t have an easy life by any means. But now he is So Not Dead and loving all the attention paid him by his adoring fans. 😀

  2. Quite apart from being knocked breathless by the perusal of so much beauty, I am in awe of your editing skills. Were you taught by experts, or did you teach yourself?

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