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He Smiled Right At Me!


Truly a charming post from Bechep re a portion of her encounrter with the Lovely One. 😀

Such is Life

Tonight on Twitter a dear friend of mine (bless you Miss E) tweeted this screen grab from the interview that Meri and I were lucky enough to sit in on. I just wanted to share it with you. (I may start to cry so if you hear a loud elephant type noise it’s me blowing my nose, no need to be alarmed) I don’t know how I managed to remain upright in my chair Dear Readers when he looked over at us and smiled. He looks genuinely pleased that we are there – I know he’s an actor and all but to me, this looks like he means it. Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! This smile was for me!


Shortly after this and after the photos were taken he also said my name. Oh I think I might swoon right here and now just thinking about…

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TORn shares Popcorn Taxi’s Q&A with RA: Complete Transcript


I haven’t even read through the entire thing yet, but I wanted to get this up and share it with you all. Thanks, Nadia, for sharing the link.



The artwork behind Richard is a wallpaper originally created by Bccmee, featuring a quote from Lords of the North.

Get it while it’s hot: A Taste of Popcorn (Taxi Q &A vid)


This is a snippet by Endorwitch from the Q&A with Richard in Sydney. You may have already seen it. Not sure if it will be up long. But until an official video arrives, you might want to take a gander if you haven’t already. Damn, that man looks fine. And sounds just swell. And . . . *sigh* *thud* *melts into puddle*