A Sunday SmoRgAsbord in More Ways Than One



The last couple of days–wet, chilly and quite FMS-unfriendly–have not strictly been the most productive for me. However, I did get some rest including actual restorative sleep (a rarity for me) involving several really nice dreams. I got up this morning in a happy mood, moving fairly well. Benny and I enjoyed a good cuddle on the sole day each week he doesn’t have to get up and head to the salt mines.  Amongst his many fine qualities, he’s an extremely cuddly kind of dude. 😉

I’ve been visiting Facebook and snaffling some images and words of wisdom and inspiration I enjoyed, as well as playing with some images of Mr. A. Thought I would share them with you all as I hope you are having a restful, fun, inspiring kind of Sunday (or good Monday, as the case may be).





And some in all ways: looks, personality, character. *sigh*


courtesy of Joane Severin at Facebook




Courtesy of Ms. Gigglepants via Twitter and Tumblr


Courtesy of My Life-My Rules-My Attitude at Facebook



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  1. I’m really glad you had a good nights sleep. Makes everything much more pleasant. Loving the comment about not fitting in, I’m always telling my girls to be shepherds not sheep! Really love the gifs of Richard talking, I’d come and stroke that beard if he’s getting bored doing it himself!

      • I always felt the outsider and it took years to realise that’s where I want to be! I wonder if he needs a hair wrangler for that beard…..

          • Luckily my girls are quite independent and happy to be different! My eldest is often regaled with examples from RA as I don’t feel he’s a member of the herd either, definitely someone for her to emulate.

          • I think I always felt like an oddball–had nothing in common with anyone else in my family, wasn’t in the popular crowd at school, was just barely on the fringes of the intellectual types–luckily, I finally found friends who were just as different as I was and am. What a relief!

  2. Definitely my Superman, also–and so happy you finally got some rest. Not an easy thing to do with fibro.

    • So was I. It’s increasingly such a rare thing for me. And I didn’t have a headache at all this AM (although that is starting to creep back) which is also rare. Had to rejoice while I could!

      • Didn’t get much myself last night thanks to a certain herd of furry creatures that obviously decided I didn’t need any rest–so today, feel like I’ve been hit by a truck and everything has been a huge effort. Where are those housework pixies when you need them?

  3. SO glad to hear about your night’s sleep!! I finally got a proper sleep last night as well, I think, although seem to have done it with my shoulders up around my ears the whole night. lol Still!! Spring/Fall are always my hardest Fibro seasons… hope yours will ease up on you soon. Loved this post, too. So many fun thoughts. :} Thanks for them. xoxox

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