RA & other things making me smile this Monday norning.



If you haven’t seen this delicious teaser for the Popcorn Taxi video of RA’s Q&A, get thee to their Facebook page and watch:

“What happens in the calendar, stays in the calendar.” Oh RA, you tease, you! We are promised more will follow soon. *sigh* Can’t wait!


Maisie Williams, Arya Stark on one of my favorite shows, Game of Thrones, tweeted this photo of her showing off her very own Arya figurine. I told her Mini-Arya was almost as cute as the real thing.  A great actress and just too darned adorable to boot! Oh, those big brown eyes . . .


And speaking of big brown eyes, the latest portrait of our puppy Jack. I am a little biased, but I think he’s absolutely gorgeous.


And here’s his mama, Seabee, free at last from quarantine after her surgery, hale and hearty and so happy to be reunited with her boy and “Uncle” Rascal. 😉


More smiling RA courtesy of Ms. Gigglepants


I am so happy I found other people who are my kind of crazy. It’s great hanging out with all of you.  ((hugs))

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  1. Lovely to hang out with you, too, my dear. Somehow, I feel the world would be a better place if more people were our kind of crazy. Great pictures, as always.

    We may never get to see that calendar, but I’m sure that our minds go where angels fear to tread. 😉

    • 😀 I tend to think the world would be a better place, too, but I might be a little biased. LOL I I know you’ve already seen the pics of the doggies on FB but I had to share with everyone. I felt really sad last night after getting the news about Anna’s passing, and felt we all might need a good pick me up for Monday. Yes, re the calendar, what fun it is to do all that speculating!! And I love Richard’s playful wagging of the finger at the host. Cheeky boy!!

  2. Lovely photos, Angie. so nice for a dreary Monday (looks like we’re going to get a deluge any time now–oh, well, I’ve got projects to work on). The puppies look gorgeous, and of course, that goes without saying for our one and only Richard. And I love the quote–it reminds me very much of one of my favorite songs (quite early Barry Manilow) called “All the Time” which begins “All the time I thought it’s only me, crazy in a way that no one else could be”. I have to be most grateful for the day I discovered the community of people who were as crazy as I am and how much I’m enjoying hanging out with everyone here. It’s much nicer (and much more fun!) than going it alone.

    Now about that calendar…

  3. Right backatcha, Angie. Nice to know that others will understand a *thud*, *squee*, *giggle* or two. That little snippet of the Popcorn Taxi vid was a delightful thing to open my browser to this morning. As for the wagging finger … mho, I think he might have been waving it to the audience as well as the host, as the host prefaced the question with “a fan question …” The look on his face seems to say, “Naughty, naughty, naughty …” 😉 To whomever he was directing the wagging, it was certainly adoRAble! 😉

  4. I remember when the English ladies did the calendar to help their church and it went international. Wanna bet this calendar comes out sometime between movie 2 and 3? I also have a feeling the Dwarves are going to do a full song of Misty Mountain. Not the Neil Finn one, the real poem written by JRRT. You know the one I have on my desk superimposed over Thorin’s picture. Oh you haven’t seen it yet? How do I post it for everyone to get a copy?

  5. I’m happy I’ve found people who are my kind of crazy too! I’m currently laying in bed in a London hotel with Richard reading to me….heaven! So ok I’m sharing the room with my youngest daughter and Richard is a recorded audio book but a girl can dream can’t she!

    • I was about to say you can’t possible by with Richard, I’m with him at a lonely inn in a snow storm, and we’ve left Phoebe out with the horses. Oh poo, I’m at home with the family about to make waffles and sausages and Richard is on pause. “Hold on my darling, I’ll be back soonest.”

      • Wait a minute, I’m curled up with Richard on a chaise lounge in a sitting room in front of the fireplace with Christmas decorations and snow outside watching “The Muppet Christmas Carol”. What a lovely, luscious scenario–I can dream, can’t I?

        • We all have such wonderfully delightful dreams, don’t we? (I love the Muppet Christmas Carol, by the by. I bet I watch it at least 10 times from Thanksgiving to New Years…) I think what make them nice to ponder is that he’s a such a gentle-gentleman, he looks people in the eye, he’s soft. He’s beautiful, there’s no getting around that, but it’s deeper than that. Think of some of the other actors now days with their “posses,” their “holier than thou” attitudes, the “you are not allowed to look me in the eye”. What? I pay your wages you twit. I can look any where I want and I don’t want to look at your face on the screen anymore. So there. If we only have more Richards in the world. As the wicked witch of the west once said, “what a world, what a world.”

          • I love many of the versions of “A Christmas Carol”, but the Muppets are definitely my favorite–I probably watch it 20 times every year. That said–part of the dream is simply to give him back some of what he’s given us over the years. I feel like he definitely needs someone to comfort and care for him in the same way he seems to care for so many other people. I truly hope that he finds that person in the not-too-distant future; until then, I will continue to dream.

            • I suspect we are the same kind of crazy, Stephanie. I’m taking Thursday the 9th off to do one of my favorite things: go downtown and feast myself on the work of some of those other crazies in the National Gallery. Me and my red hat will be on the front steps of the East Wing at 11:00. I hope you can work it out.

              • I’ve worked it out, Lynne, and would love to. My housemate and I have been trying to get down there to see the Pre-Raphealite exhibit before it leaves, and we had planned to go on Sunday, but this works out fine. I hope you don’t mind if she joins us–she is also a Richard fan (although not quite as rabid as I am). We will meet you there at 11 AM–I am quite tall and will be wearing a denim vest and skirt with a red turtleneck and bright red sandals. If you have a cell phone, please send me your number. Mine is 703-505-3238 and I will be sure to have it with me. SO looking forward to it!

              • By the way–I’d say it’s a pretty sure bet we are definitely the same kind of crazy!

              • This is great! It will be so much fun to meet you and your friend. I would like to suggest a small change of meeting place. Since the Pre-Raphaelite exhibit is in the West Building of the National Gallery, it would be more direct to meet on the steps of the main building, the West Building, at the entrance facing the mall. That way we would be already there to see that exhibit first. We could have lunch afterward in the gallery cafeteria between the two buildings.

                I hesitate to put my cell phone number on the internet. I have yours and will call if traffic or the Metro hold me up. If you post nothing to the contrary here, I’ll be on the steps of the West Building, facing the mall at 11:00 am tomorrow, rain or shine, wearing my red hat!

              • So looking forward to it! I’ve been looking forward to seeing the Pre-Raphealites for weeks now (it’s possibly my very favorite art period), and to think we can meet up as well is the icing on the cake. We will see you there–have changed plans and will be driving instead of subwaying in, but this should be fun!

              • It’s easy enough to ask Fedoralady to edit the post and remove the phone number. Just sayin’

              • Thanks, Angie, we’ll be fine. It’s not raining and the sun is peeking out at my place in Colesville, MD. Gotta get movin so I’ll be there on time. This will be a blast! Why should the young gals have all the fun?

  6. I think we all needed some cheering up today – we’ve lost a member of our crazy gang and that is terribly sad. But it also makes me so thankful to HAVE this crazy community to escape to. Because if i didn’t i wouldn’t know you lovely people and we wouldn’t have known Anna.

    I can’t think of a nicer way to cheer ourselves up than some pictures of the yummy Richard and those gorgeous dogs of yours, Angie. They are such a good news story – what a lucky day it was for them when they arrived at your door.

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