Roaring, Raging, Smouldering, Stroppy: RA ChaRActers Get Their Fierce On




“As a person I’m quite calm and placid, so it’s nice to give vent to a little anger.”  Richard Armitage


For such a sweet, laid-back soul, RA certainly knows how to smoulder and simmer, to be sulky and stroppy,  to rant and rage and roar magnificently. Richard Armitage knows how to get his fierce on.







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  1. Just the tonic I needed! Having had a stressful day followed by a stressful evening yesterday I woke up unrested and still cross. One look at the wonderful Richard roaring and raging has begun to melt the tension, how an earth does all that magnificence fit? I know it’s a good size, ahem, package…. For it all to fit in but wow! Love the one of Guy, would just love to move the hair where it’s tucked in his collar! But my favourite by far has to be Porter! Thanks so much for encouraging to watch this series! Phwoar and wow! Can I ask a wee favour? Can you post the link to the viral John Porter YouTube again?

  2. Now Angie you know how I feel about Thorin roaring, and you know it makes me all trembly and goosebumpy. But to also put the screencap of him and his tounge? are you trying to get me to have a serious episode?

  3. God, what a way to start the day–is there any part of this man that isn’t just unbearable sexy (I don’t THINK so!)

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