Did someone say “Bring Thorin?” Don’t mind if I do.



A little gem I found on Facebook. Actually, I think Thorin would make a kick-ass Avenger, too. Just sayin’ . . .

Check out this link to IGN’s latest video with Richard, an interview conducted last week during his stint in Sydney. He looks and sounds sublime. And yes, even if some of the questions are the same ol’ same ol’ he gives his responses a fresh spin. Bless his heart!



There he is, looking fierce and fine, dauntless and determined . .  . where is Bechep? Or has Lady Oakenshield already been polishing his sword? It does look terribly shiny . . .


Ah yes, the braids, the beard, the mane, the pelt, the majesty, the smoulder . . .  Thorin.


There is just a tad of inter-character rivalry going on here . . . but I think they both are consummate hair actors!!


And a long line is now forming . . .  no pushing and shoving, ladies. Those lips have–stamina.


Haven’t we all engaged in this little fantasy? Or a version thereof? *thud*

Happy Thorin Thursday to all!!

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  1. That Avengers bit is awesome! I’ll have to listen to that when I get situated – thanks fork inking it…I would miss so much good stuff if left to my own devices 🙂

    • I laughed so hard when I saw that–showed it to Benny and he loved it, too. I was up quite early and saw the link on Twitter from RANet. Then it took forever to buffer here *sigh be happy you have internet at all Ang*

  2. Oh I polished his sword reeeeal good. It needs a polish every day you know, just to keep it in tip top condition. I also like to polish his buckle every now and then – just to shake things up a bit *cough*

    Those lips…. well I know you want us to form an orderly queue Angie but: GET OUT OF MY WAY IM COMING THROUGH!!!!!

    As for the top picture – AWESOME!

    And I do apologise to all your readers, I’m feeling rather naughty tonight! 🙂

    • I’m in a similar mood bechep! Probably not helped by the fact that I’ve just finished reading 2 of Angie’s fanfics! Phew hot stuff! Both about Guy but I think after today’s posting I’m going to search out some Thorin!

      • Dee, as Leigh said in a comment she left at DF, I am working on turning “The Lady and the Panther: into a full-fledged you can buy and read it NOVEL, so I went back and started re-writing last year and I’ve have had a few times where I’ve hit a brick wall or two. The story is basically completed in my head but there are some niggling details and I am shifting the time period to later 18th century and expanding on Guy’s life between his tryst with Antoinette and taking up a life of crime. Trying to get it as good as I can. But I am really glad you enjoyed it!

        What other Guy fic did you read (if you’ve left comments, for some reason I am not getting notifications until Leigh’s today) may I ask? Just being a nosy author.

        I would say there is an ever-growing amt. of Thorin fanfic out there, too–of all kinds!! 😉

        • That is so brilliant Angie! I’ve said it before and I’ll see it again you really are a very talented lady! I’ll be buying that novel! The other fanfic I’ve just finished reading and not commented on yet, it was Dangerous To Know. Loved it! Very steamy and tongue firmly in the cheek at the same time. Certainly some good times to be had by almost all! I am rewatching series two of RH, certainly puts a different outlook on things after reading your fiction!

        • I’m so excited to hear that about Lady and the Panther…I started that a while back and then got sidetracked…can’t wait to read the whole thing.

      • I have links to some rather er…hot Thorin fanfics – let me know if you want them!
        (and Angies fanfics are great – I wonder if she would write one about Thorin. Hint Hint Angie!)

        • That would be great, I’m more opened minded than I realised it seems! Oh and definitely hint hint on Thorin Angie!

          • I found out I am a WHOLE lot more open-minded than I realized. I never even knew what slash meant in terms of fan fiction until joining the fandom LOL

            I mean, I knew I was never one to march blindly along with everybody else. RA, however, led me to unearth and flex new creative writing muscles I had never experienced through my newspaper writing (to say the least!!). I have wanted to do something with Thorin, too (writing-wise, you sillies!!) but my mind’s been going in umpteen directions–and there’s the new business we are trying to get underway. And the novel. And the desire to start another blog with more local content. And . . . *sigh* Sometimes I think my imagination is TOO fertile.

            • I think I’m learning what the term slash means! I wish you every luck with all your future projects but from a very selfish point of view I really hope you keep this blog running, I love the community, your wit and the opportunity to have a good fan girl squee when needed! I guess through your writing you could do anything you wanted to with Thorin! Three cheers for a fertile imagination, wish I could do something productive with mine!

              • Thank you, 😀 and I have no intention of shutting this down. If I start another blog, it will simply be another creative outlet. Some of my local friends who were readers when I worked for the newspaper have been clamoring a bit to hear more from me, and I’d pretty much need to start another blog to do that.

                I used to write a weekly column as well as all my lifestyle stuff and regular news stories. My former employer doesn’t really offer that sort of content anymore. People apparently miss it and me. Oh, well–one more victim of the rotten economy, that’s me. 😉 Hey, don’t be too surprised if you find your creativity beginning to bubble up the more you “hang around” Mr. A and the community. Back in 2006, I would have never guessed I would have all this fanfic, fanart and fanvids completed. NEVER.

              • You are indeed a lucky girl! My hubby has seen strike back and the vicar of dibley. He actually watched 4 episodes of Strike back, back to back! And he giggled all the way through vicar of dibley! No idea how to even tackle putting a fan vid together although that does sound fun!

              • Yes me too! I never would have dreamed of writing blogs, fan fics and spending (too much) time on Twitter! He really is great for getting your creative er juices flowing (as it were) *ahem*

              • I prefer to think of myself as a cheerleader who could never do a cartwheel or split to save her life. I had spirit, yes I DID! But yeah, I guess I am a sort of enabler. My mother taught me the importance of good grooming. *ahem* Poor Thorin really needs some tender, loving care. And he IS royalty.

              • There is a decided lack of TLC in Middle Earth isn’t there? (if I posted this already, sorry – there’s some wonky lag going on here)

            • I’m afraid I have none of your talent, or such an understanding hubbie! He laughs at my “crush” and changes the screen saver on my phone! Although he does now suggest that we watch something with RA in, he used to tease me about RAs acting skills, now he’s seen said acting skills he’s gone quiet!

              • He is amazingly understanding. He actually helped me get started with the fanvids, hooking me up with software and he’s given me some song suggestions. He thinks I’ve come a long way with my photoshopping skills (still got a long way to go). Yes, he teases me, too, but he’s really good about it all. He’s seen RA in CA, Strike Back and TH now and he knows he’s more than just a pretty face. 😉

    • Well, it is certainly shining very brightly. 😉 EVERYONE, WATCH OUT FOR BECHEP!! SHE’S COMIN’ THROUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

      We like naughty Bechep. We really do!!!

    • Just tonight? You say it as if it is an isolated occurrence. Bad girl.

      Apropos of nothing, have just discovered in my genealogy-ing that one branch of my family has a connection with a tiny hamlet called Bag Enderby which may possibly be Tolkien’s inspiration for Bilbo’s house (his aunt’s house was also called Bag End, so who knows).

      • That’s awesome!
        And as for being an isolated occurrence, alas it seems I am quite wicked a lot of the time. A certain dreamy dwarf has encouraged me no end. It seems he likes his Lady Oakenshield this way 😉

  3. I loved it when I saw that Avengers pic in the comment section of the ING interview! Thorin would kick all of those “Superheros” butts!!! Did you read the comments where all of the little boys have Thorin’s poster on the wall? Hmmm, what do we have in common with a bunch of youngsters… Thorin adoration!!! Seriously, I think he’s thrilled about that! Go Thorin!!!

    • Thorin is a true superhero, no special powers or fancy suits needed. I think it’s wonderful RA is getting new fans and an ever-broadening fan base. He SO deserves it, and how cool is it to play this character in a book you loved as a child and now have children become YOUR fans??

  4. He is looking and sounding incredibly fine in this interview, so many smiles too. Love the fact he still seems to include himself as one of the fans! Any one any idea why my eyes kept getting drawn to his jeans?
    Love the first picture of Thorin, all dirtied up! Grrr! I hate to say it but I think Thorin wins on the hair acting, but he does have a length advantage – ahem…. And those lips! Looking even more kissable than usual!

    • Guy *snorts, tosses his hair petulantly* “If I’D had that extra half-foot of HAIR there would be NO question.” *turns on his booted heel and strides out to kitchen to grab a piece of choccie cake* I admit I dirtied Thorin up just a little more in editing. I like some dirty Thorin, I do!!

      He’s definitely a fan and enjoys being an audience member as well as part of the cast. Love that gee-whiz part of him. 😀 Those lips—oh so soft-looking and I love the way they are shaped. *sigh*

      • Whoops I’ve upset Guy! But he still has the definite advantage in the stroppy smoulder department …oh and tight leather trousers!
        Good job on the dirtying up of Thorin! what a shame we couldn’t have all been on hand to help!

        • Sadly, I had to dirty him up digitally rather than hands-on–shoot!! (Guy is now smirking between forkfuls of cake. Oh, and he’s got that milk mustache again. SOOOO tempting . . . er, where was I??)

          • Amazing how quickly we can get distracted by RA and his rather fabulous chaRActers isn’t it. On Facebook is saw a rather fab one of a shirtless Porter captioned Keep Calm and……what was I saying?

              • *squeal* ohhh yes. *Waves hand frantically in the air while jumping up and down* Thats my job, I will do it, *growls* everyone else can BACK OFF! (sorry, Im rather territorial 😉 )

              • Conditioning treatment also, don’t forget. I’ve got about as much hair as our favorite dwarf these days and extra tresses require extra attention. LOTS of TLC. 😉

              • I would certainly be up for that–I love running my fingers through thick, gorgeous tresses.

              • That’s okay–the only reason that I do (occasionally, anyway) is that crafters are notoriously good at multi-tasking because we never have less than 20 projects going at one time.

              • See, I haven’t had the heart to count lately–I got so far behind with things during that horrendous bout of the flu I had, I don’t even KNOW how many I have going at the moment.

              • well let me see, there is Thorin in Bag End, Thorin in his mountain, Thorin and I riding off into the sunset because he is SND, Thorin and I riding a pony… you get the idea

              • I have my Thorin needlepoint, my Thorin doll/statue, several other gift needlepoints for friends with upcoming birthdays, etc., not to mention the ones (in various stages of completion) that didn’t get finished while I was sick, plus the (at least) five or six different fanfics with certain incaRnAtions of a tall gorgeous hero (who could that be, I wonder?)–it just never stops. And then there’s my fevered brain working overtime while I’m working on all this other stuff; and RL does intend to intrude, no matter how hard I try to keep it at bay.

              • So far, only for my own eyes, haven’t had the nerve to post any anywhere yet. But I will certainly let you know if I get my courage up far enough to try.

              • And I keep coming up with more ideas, even though I haven’t finished ones I’m already working on. I’ve had to start keeping another design notebook, this one strictly for Richard-inspired projects.

              • That’s one problem I have, I keep coming up with more ideas, and I need to finish some of the things I have started first.

              • Yes, finally, thanks–but it hung on forever, it seemed. I spent so much time on the sofa. I named it–and this went on for almost two months.

              • Me, too! I make one very cranky patient–not to mention it’s tough to feel that rotten for such a long time when you know you have things you need to be doing.

              • LOL! And look at how this little Thorin post has blown up with more than 100 comments. A lot of people must be feeling pretty good thanks to the handsome hirsute dwarf.

              • Just goes to show you can feel like absolute dirt and still have naughty thoughts if so inclined–or inspired.

              • Speaking of which–had a tough night last night ..I’m reading “Weathering the Storm”, which began life as a fanfic (I believe) and has graduated to a real live book. Based (sort of) on the chaRActer of John Standring in “Sparkhouse”.and is one of the better ones I’ve read.

              • I think that might be Khandy’s . . . started out as “In the Bleak Midwinter.” Can’t remember what name she publishes under, though. *sigh*

              • Think you’re right, but at the moment I can’t recall her publishing name either.

              • I was looking around the house as I was reading the “crafty post.” I have in order, steampunk jewelry in progress, (waiting for some keys), 2 baby sweaters (my 1st grandchild in Oct) need some more yarn, miniature houses, waiting for the paint to dry, some golf things to mail out, (too early) some golf stroke counters to make for a tournament… maybe I should just watch the Impressionists. (I just got it in the mail yesterday.) Any suggestions where I should start?

              • I’d start with The Impressionists and then you’ll be so inspired you may finish all the projects in record time. 😉

              • and up…I have to go wash hands out with soap for being naughty. I did just make a convert of my Country Club’s new chef though. She drooled all over my keyboard.

  5. Don’t have time to check out the new interview right now–getting ready to go meet lynneloubelat at the National Gallery to take in some gorgeous Pre-Raphealite artists.Thorin looks wonderful (as always) and the photos are tremendous–those eyes, those lips! Oh, even with all the gorgeous stuff floating around last week, it’s going to be hard to wait until December!

    • Oh I envy you getting out to meet like minded people, would love to have the opportunity! And I totally agree its going to be a VERY long wait until December!

      • This is the first chance I’ve had to meet another Richard worshipper and I’m so looking forward to it–plus seeing the Pre-Raphealites!

    • Ooh, how lovely. I went to the Pre-Raphaelite exhibition at the Tate in Jan; my jaw dragged on the ground all the way around. Enjoy.

      • We had a wonderful time. We did the Pre-Raphealites first (it was a pretty large exhibitit i–only very surprising, no Waterhouse!), then had some lunch at the very nice cafeteria in the Gallery. Got into a fairly long get-acquainted chat after finishing lunch, walked around a bit and checked out two more exhibits before they closed the Gallery on us! All in all, a very nice day, and we hope to do it again sometime in the near future once my housemate’s new work schedule gets sorted out, which will hopefully be tomorrow or Monday at the latest. It was wonderful meeting another RA fan for the first time!

        • Oh, that does sound a wonderful day, Stephanie. This Sunday I’m going to see the Claude Monet exhibition that has just opened at the National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne). But will I be giving proper, reverent attention to waterlilies and haystacks, or will I be thinking rapturously of someone who once played the young Monet in a television series …?

  6. I think I’m up to 227 different Thorin screen saver pictures now!!! That does not include RA himself, Guy, or any other characters…. I just got an email that says my 11″ plush Thorin doll is in the mail! What a wonder Thorin Thud day!

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