Smirking, smouldering, smug, SEXXXXXY: Naturally, It’s Guyday Friday!



And I totally agree. *thud*


NOT that I need to tell you all that.


Nobody does it better–wouldn’t you agree?

photomania_15261582I love a wet Guy. Love, love, love . . .

rh108_118 (2)

And when he’s sweaty and disheveled and DIRT-TY.

rh208_142Life’s unfathomable mysteries. This and why the Kardashians exist.

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  1. 2 in the AM and THIS bounces in….YOU are so-o-o-o FUNNY!!!! HE is just…one…, TALL!!….YUM!!!!!! and thank-you for another GuyDay…P.S. Loved words on MoM…beautiful!! THX!!

  2. Oh my! Lovely, yummy, delicious, tall, broad, brooding, smouldering……… Was I going somewhere with that comment? How an earth does one man power up so much oomph! I guess because its the man it is! As an aside, I have always wondered did Lucy have to stand on a box for that kissing scene? We know he’s quite big, no, no, tall is a safer word! Poor poor Blobbin!

    • I think there were steps there, if memory serves me correctly, and that gave Lucy a boost in inches (she and I are the same height, 5’6″). They sometimes have to pull little tricks with RA and his leading ladies–seat them (RA and DDA in the train station), that sort of thing, or you get RA having to bend his neck in that awkward if endearing way. Poor guy, I wonder if he gets a crick in it after such scenes (think of Vicar of Dibley).

      • Yes I suspect he had quite a neck ache after those Vicar of Dibley scenes, I’m guessing that’s why they had their long smooch with him on the arm of the sofa! My goodness I feel so short now, just over 5 ft 3! I think I’d need lots of steps, and strong arms to hold me so I don’t fall back off! Lucky lucky Lucy and all those other co stars.

        • Of course, that also added to the humor of it, this tall man swooping down to kiss a woman more than a foot shorter than he was. πŸ˜‰ DDA is only 5’4″ I think, so having them seated worked a lot better in the train station scene. Lucy is actually one of his taller female co-stars to date, come to think of it.

    • *smirking, arms folded across his broad, manly chest* Are you saying you’d like to do a little scrub-a-dub-dubbing on me, too, dear Lady 0? *tilts head, smirk broadening* I can get awfully dirty as well.

        • *a dark, delicious chuckle* I will wager you can do just that. By the way, Lady O, I quite admired your black leather worn when you met the CReAtor. Reminded me of—ME . . .

            • *gives a manly sniff, lips twitching in an amused but clearly interested way* Well, Lady 0, I do like the sound of that. *raises one dark brow* Verrrrrry much so.

      • One or two of the Pre-Raphaelite gentleman we saw yesterday put me very much in mind of Sir Guy–and I thought of you when I was gazing at them.

  3. The words, “Nobody does it better” comes to mind when I look at these images. πŸ˜‰ Like all the wonderful, diverse chaRActers Richard has played, each and every one is unique, one of a kind and no-one, I say no-one, could ever have “become” them as he did, does and no doubt will do in the future. Words fail me to describe just what a huge talent this amazing man is and I can’t wait to see what comes next for him.

    Happy Guyday Friday everyone! πŸ˜€

    • Kind of off the subject–just why do the Kardashians exist (at least in the public consciousness)? Can anyone explain this to me?

      • Ah the joy of living the uk! We don’t have the Kardashians to quite the level you do, especially as I don’t have sky! Unfortunately we do still have a flood of nonsense!

      • Well, Kim K used to be part of Paris Hilton’s posse, and then KK made a raunchy sex tape with Brandi’s brother Ray J, and this was “leaked” and before you know it, they’ve got TV shows and clothing lines and perfumes and a lot of people who apparently CARE. They don’t act or sing or dance or write or do anything but promote themselves and make lots of money, from what I can see. My rather blunt term to describe them is fame wh*res. Why people want to waste time watching their shows or spend their money on their merchandise is beyond me.

        • I’ve been wondering about this for the longest time, especially since I can hardly go into my Yahoo! account without seeing reports of their daily exploits, and I keep asking myself WHY???? I think yesterday was the final blow when I saw a photo of Kim K. at what is apparently a very exclusive dinner looking like a floral couch on feet. Guy of Sofaborne has way more class, believe me.

          • I know, you don’t have to look very hard to see images of them, they pop up at bing, Yahoo, Google, everywhere. And that was Kim’s dress for the Met Gala, which was a very high-toned affair. Why that awful floral? Yes, she’s pregnant and a curvy woman to begin with, she’s not going to look like a stick. But her choices make her look either frumpy/dowdy or downright trashy! I am sure Guy of Sofaborne is considerably classier.

            • Well, he certainly wouldn’t have to try very hard, would he? I’d be perfectly happy if I never had to look at any of them again–they are a bunch of tasteless, talentless schmucks. I would far rather look at/listen to/read about/write about/you name it our dear Mr. Armitage any moment of any day!

              • Well, he is actually deserving of our interest/ardor/attention/admiration. Talent galore, ethics, charisma, personality, good looks—and modest about it all.

              • Which is why we have the astonishing good taste to love and adore him so much!

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