Daily Archives: May 11, 2013

Assorted & Sundry Things I Ponder (and Smile Over) This Saturday Morning


Woke up and Even Worse Knee was being totally stroppy. Rain and thunderstorms are due later. Went and got an ice pack and somewhere on the way back with my meal replacement shake I lost the ice pack.

Don’t ask. Blame it on fibro fog.


Spouse brought me another ice pack before heading to town (I just LOVE that man, I really do!) and after icing, EWK is cussing at me with considerably less enthusiasm. This is good. Now if I can just manage not to trip or fall or do something else to aggravate it. We have the dance recital to shoot this afternoon and I will be playing production assistant and sales consultant.


More good news–we’ve already sold eight DVDS! Benny and Harry made it to part of the dress rehearsal last night after work and several parents hit them up. Here’s one of the photos Benny took last night.


Love the costumes and sets and really looking forward to see the kids perform. But this photo is the one that really made me smile.


Speaking of images that make me smile, a photo I took of my mother at her favorite restaurant, Cracker Barrel, on Mother’s Day. I think she was 80, or thereabouts. Mmmmmwhaaa, Mama, I love you!


This makes me smile, too, of course, and go “awwwww” and “sweeeet” and all that. Richard, darn it, could you be a little less ADORABLE?!






Hope you all have a great day!

Hope you all have a great day!