Can I get a witness? This man is so fine. Another Ascroft.


BKMPtgsCEAILykTThe ladies of Richard Armitage Bulgaria’s FB page have unearthed another John Ascroft photo (oh, I love the continued discovery of more delightful images of our man!). Isn’t he lovely? Want. to. touch.

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  1. I should have left my laptop ages ago, but I can’t seem to tear my eyes away from him. He’s stunning. *sigh* As usual.

  2. One more gReAt photo from Ascroft. What is not to love blue eyes, stubble, and the white t-shirt. A very good looking man!

  3. Phwooaar…

    That link should have had a health warning posted beside it. I clicked on it without really thinking and got a life sized image of Richard’s head on my desktop! I nearly fell off my stool.

    Is is really really dangerous to lick a computer screen?

  4. Oh My, How can I thinking go to bed now after this? I ´ll need some time to slow down my pressure.Eyes, stubble, neck and his skin is soooo smooth!GoRgeous mAn!

  5. Oh man. Really. I just can’t… 🙂 No, I can. And this is delicious torture. Waking up to find new images sets me up for the whole day, especially when they are more RARA goodness. Today I feel slightly disturbed, however. I *never* dream about RA, except for last night. That in itself is already irritating, but to see one of the scenes from my dream (me telling RA to dress in a white t-shirt only, to cross his hands in front of a chest, and angle himself to the camera so that I can take a picture of him) suddenly reproduced in RL has totally floored me. I really need to dial this down a notch.

      • It is an uncomfortable thought, I must say. Dreaming in character must be weird – especially if you are aware of dreaming in character *in your dream*. Like some kind of schizophrenia. With no disrespect, but I do actually think that (some/most?) actors have a bit of a head-thing going on… So far RA seems to be quite alright in the head department, though *laughs*.

  6. If I was his mother this is the photo I would want on my bedside table. He just looks so guileless and so damn sweet. Not a ‘phwoar’ , but an ‘awww’. Truly lovely.

    • hehe, yes, when it comes to his facial expression. But the rest of it? If I were his mother, I’d probably go “oh Richard, could you not shave for a nice photo?? Always that stubble! Looks as if you have just got out of bed, boy. – And why did you have to stand in front of an unsightly wall with peeling paint? Really, Richard, how can I put *this* into a frame??”

    • I want to press him up against that wall!!! My heart is fluttering!! This picture actually gave me chest pains he is so beautiful. Now having said that, I have to go play golf all day with a bunch of ladies who have probably never heard of him. I’ll be humming either “Totally Devoted to You” or “Song of the Lonely Mountain” all day. So much for golf. I best go check to make sure my heart medicine is in my purse and I put on my med alert bracelet. My husband just asked if I ever felt that way with him. I said “every day, sweetie, every day.”

      • Oooooooooh, “Totally Devoted” is one that hadn’t even hit my radar yet (which surprises me). Not that I’m a golfer–but my hat is off to you if you can play golf and think about Richard at the same time. THUD!!!!

  7. His eyes are so innocent and sweet here, it’s just so lovely. They almost look grey here against the background, eh? And the set of his mouth makes one think he’s moments away from a smile, but at the present he’s just listening intently and tenderly to what you have to say…
    PS I apologize for not being on recently, Internet issues for a long time now! I check everything I can on phone. Love you all!

    • It’s a gorgeous shot. I had missed you, so thank you for letting me know–understand all about internet troubles, I’ve been known to have some of my own. Love you, too!

      • I had missed being here. I’d get an email on my cell and want to check the post and comment, but I couldn’t! It was so disheartening. But I think of you often! And, of course, Richard. Probably more often than I should, but… 😉

        • I don’t mind gnawing on them bones one at a time. Too much of a good thing, well great thing, and we get spoiled. So, does anyone know how to hack into the Bulgaria FB site? “just joking.” Oh, Stephanie, etal, I actually played fairly good golf today. I kept thinking the longer I stayed out there the less time I had to be here at the site. I won my match, tossed down some buffalo wings and fruit, interviewed the new chef at the club (I’m the House Chairman on the Board of Directors), drove home, peeked at RA on my way past my computer, jumped in the shower, went to dinner with the family (didn’t eat), and rushed home to you all and RA. and now….thud.

          • Sounds like you had a good day (congrats on winning your match)–and, of course, the Glorious One is still here with the rest of us drooling over him.

  8. Not complaining or anything, but am I the only one who thinks it is odd that these Ashcroft pics keep popping up one by one? Why is that happening? It just seems so bizarre to me. Again, definitely not complaining. And this one is the sweetest yet (til the next one shows up).

    • And it’s generally our friends at the Russian RA site that seem to find them first (picked up by Richard Armitage Bulgaria’s Facebook page). I look on it as throwing us lovely bones we can enjoy . . .;)

      • I went over to the site. There are a lot of pictures I haven’t seen. Some that of course are photoshopped. (They admit it.) Some they actually thank TORn for. They have some time lines that are okay, sort of interesting, but nothing even close to what you could put together. (hint hint hint….)

        • LOL! Oh, Lord, I have so much on my plate. Just took a quick lesson in operating a “nused” video camera I’ll be using on Thursday afternoon to assist in shooting an honors program. Tomorrow I meet with the lady I am collaborating with on a children’s book on adoption. Did some research in relation to my novel this afternoon. And the usual household stuff, dishes and laundry. And now I am so tired. Fibro fog setting in. No nap today.

          • I don’t normally do this, but because I have MS and you have the dreaded Fibro, I’m going to go out on a limb here. Do you have access to my email? I would like to “talk” privately with you.

              • I’m always more than happy to share survival secrets with fellow sufferers–since I don’t have health insurance and in many cases, it doesn’t help fibro victims anyway, I’ve spent a great deal of time winding my way through the holistic paths over the years.

              • You know I am in the same boat re health insurance. It’s good to talk to people who have actually been through/are going through what you have and can share what helps and what didn’t.

              • I was very lucky when I lived in TN that I did have insurance for awhile and was going to a doctor who not only believed that fibro existed, but had done research on it–he was able to steer me in the right directions, even though little was known about it then, and holistic treatments were almost the only thing available at that time. I functioned pretty well until I hit the big 6-0; also deluded myself for years that I’d be okay and at least it wasn’t getting any worse at that point. Guess I should have known it was just lying in wait around the corner of “oops, I’m getting a bit older, damn it!”

    • It does seem odd but OTOH i quite like it! Normally we get a whole set of photo’s to gorge on and then nothing for months. This drip feeding is nicer as there always seems to be something new to look at and talk about. It has also cemented Robert Ashcroft’s name in my brain – normally i forget the name of the photographer fairly quickly.

  9. (¯`·.·´¯) (¯`·.·´¯)
    `·.¸(¯`·.·´¯)¸ .·
    ×°× ` ·.¸.·´ ×°× 212 days until the Desolation of Smaug premieres on Friday, December 13, 2013.

      • Yes! They are working on it again! Todd Garner tweeted a pic and you can see Richard in what one of his movie sons calls “the beginning of the biggest scene of the film” on the monitor. Positive news–although I don’t know when the release will be yet. At least progress is being made!

  10. You expressed my sentiments exactly on this photo. First Reaction: “Mm-Mm-Mm. So fine.” Thanks for this and other Ascroft edits. It’s added a bright spot in an otherwise, well, frankly, crappy week of dealing with chronic health issues. Nothing like some sublime RA to give us something to enjoy “in the moment.” So fine!

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