I knew I woke up before dawn for a reason. Read. this. now. *squee*


PT: It’s remarkable. And the female response to your character and obviously yourself, which I find fundamentally puzzling. I mean, you’re a nice looking bloke, I’m sure you can act a bit.

RA: I can string a sentence together and walk and talk without bumping into the furniture. But that’s about it.

PT: Why?

RA: You know what? You need to point the microphone into the audience. Actually, don’t do that. I don’t know. I’ve been really lucky. I’ve got a really loyal little fan base of very well-educated, well-read ladies. Well I don’t think they’re all ladies. God, you know. But they’re incredibly supportive. I often do a lot of research. I didn’t know I was doing a Q & A screening until I read it on one of the websites and they were booking tickets. I was like, ‘Oh, that’ll be nice. I better brush my hair then’. No, they’re great. They’re really supportive. I try to look after them.

A fantastic  pre Q&A interview by Popcorn Taxi with Richard Armitage has appeared at their site! This one is really a goodie IMHO. Lots of info about the process of getting into his characters mentally and physically, which I always find fascinating.

RA’s relaxed, thoughtful, witty, silly and thoroughly delightful and the interviewer does manage to ask new questions! And not a word about that bloody circus! WIN. Click on the link to read it all:



Have a happy Monday, everyone!



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  1. A good interview, so much to digest but the remark ‘there must be something wrong with it if they’re offering it to me’ upset me a bit. I suppose he must have been passed over many times, the details of which we will never know. His frank comments overwhelm me.

    • Yes, I plan to go back and re-read a couple of times later. I know–those comments break my heart a little, because I know it means he must have been rejected for roles far too many times (thus leading to that critical moment when he sat down with his agent and discussed whether to keep at it). Those things stick with you. Even with all his current success, it must still niggle at him a bit. But I do so appreciate his honesty and candidness–even when it DOES break my heart a little. Because it makes me love him and respect him all the more, you know??

      • He must be truly strong. I’d really like to think that rejection doesn’t bother him, but the truth is probably more so than we will ever really know. I know how rejection affects me, and I am not an actor. He puts it out there and there is risk ever time. It shames me when I think about it in regards to myself. It doesn’t take much for me to get truly discouraged. It’s why writing is so hard. I think any actor starting out there would likely learn much in deluge if they watched him and glean as much as we do.

        • Richard is a hero and a role model for me because of who HE is, not who the characters with their larger-than-life personas may be. I adore them and the way RA infuses them with complexity and humanity, but it’s RA with his resilience, his determination, his dedicated professionalism, his can-do attitude no matter how daunting the challenge, all the while admitting his imperfections, his doubts and fears, that just blows me away.

          I fear I am the same, Crystal–too easily discouraged, to easy to think “Oh, it’s impossible.” And then I look at Richard and say to myself, “Don’t give up. He didn’t.”

          He thinks of himself as “fairly boring” but he is so far from being that. *sigh* Such a genuinely lovely man, inside and out.

          • Whether it be out of laziness or fear, or a combination of both, there’s a lot that I don’t accomplish because of it. However, I’m finding more as time goes on that, like you Angie, I look at Richard and he inspires me; to give something a go, to not give up so easily and to work harder.
            I can easily forgive him the occasional “slip-ups” (that some seem inclined to focus on) because of the “who he is” that you describe so beautifully. That’s what counts. That’s a big part of why I love him so much.

            • Ultimately, WHO he is is everything–however he arrived at the place to become the man that he is makes him just that much more precious. Slip-ups? I don’t see them. Probably wouldn’t care if I did. It would never diminish him in my eyes.

              • Contradictions, “what the?” statements – he wouldn’t be human if he hadn’t made them a few times over the years. I used the word “forgive” in the sense that ultimately I couldn’t care less; he is certainly not diminished in my eyes either. 🙂

              • Exactly, Mezz, we all make those kind of statements at one time or another. We get tired, we get confused. We forget details of something that happened years ago–duh, it happens!

                I have never put him on a pedestal (although he is definitely god-like in certain aspects) 😉 as some sort of precious plaster saint who can’t be fallible and therefore disappoints me when he shows he is a human being. A few fans have done that along the way and that’s not how I roll. He’s perfect in his imperfections for me; I couldn’t care less, either! And sometimes I think he just likes to keep us on our toes. He teases us a bit–and I love that mischievous side to him, too.

                Heck, I just love him. And I know you all do, too. 😀 That’s why you are here!!

              • Totally agree with you–strange that I have never thought of him as being on a pedestal, but I think it is mostly to do with the man he is. All those beautiful, wonderful, amazing qualities rolled into one lovely being with a funny, cheeky side, too–what more could anyone ask? And why would you?

              • Of course not–especially with the constant rounds of interviews he’s been doing for so long now. There will always be those “oops!” moments (which I find rather endearing) that do show that he’s human in with all that perfection and I agree that some of it is just Richard, maybe seeing if we’re paying attention–he shouldn’t be faulted for a minor goof here and there. He’s certainly allowed a memory lapse once in a while–I’d never be one to fault anyone else for THAT, I do it all the time.

              • There was a confession on Tumblr recently that began with the words: “Everybody knows Richard is perfect except Richard.” No, we don’t! *sigh*

              • I think, being the incredibly modest fellow that he is, that he simply doesn’t see himself that way. More’s the pity–I feel like he’s as close as anyone comes, with just enough imperfections to reveal his humanity.

  2. I squeeeeeed aloud several times, but especially at the bit that you quoted, Angie. The reference to the “very well-educated ladies – actually, they are not all ladies” has me puzzled now, though. Was he referring to the possibility that he may also have some *male* fans? I totally took it to mean that not all of us ladies are “lady-like”. Whatever may he *mean* by that?????? And more importantly – how does he *know*?????
    And then in the same context “I do a lot of research” – ehm, on what? His fans? *eeeeeeek*
    Loved the interview, though – another glimpse of Armitage at ease, of being confident and professional, and of always being in control, even when the dreaded reference to “the Army” comes.
    What a great start to the week!?

    • I assumed he just meant all his fans aren’t female–and they aren’t. We know he has male fans (both straight and guy). Although I WOULD agree all the females aren’t necessarily ladies, either! LOL Maybe he’s seen some of that RPF. 😉 Apparently some people at Tumblr actually took offense to what he said, though. Saw it as an insult?! To which I say, “Lighten up, Francis!” Geez.

      He totally keeps us guessing, doesn’t he? I love it when he’s relaxed, confident, candid. *thud* After a short night of sleep and waking up freezing 😦 this was totally a bright spot for my Monday!! 😀

      • Insult? No, I actually saw it more like validation. Acknowledgment that we are a diverse group of people (except all very well-educated and well-read *haha*). And how could anyone feel insulted when he says he tries to look after his fans. That is a lovely sentiment. But yes, I think he likes to throw a few bones (in a nice way), giving his fans something to chew over, keeping us guessing. Fair enough – it passes the time 😉

        • I love how inclusive (and flattering! he thinks we are smart!) he is re the fandom. And talking about looking after us–awwww, there really is a nurturing aspect to his personality that just makes me get wibbly. His fandom IS getting more diverse—wider range in ages, male, female, many new fans through Thorin–and I think that’s wonderful!! And that cheeky boy side of him peeks out, too–which I dearly love.

        • Guylty and fedoralady, I suspect he does just enjoy lightening the atmosphere by (Not all ladies) sort of remarks. Just a cheeky sense of humour. With the corollary of “Guess all you like just what I meant by that – it won’t get you any further. You will see what you want to see, anyway. 😀 ” . Exit one Armitage, giggling affectionately and with his due gratitude to growing admirer contingents…..

          (Thank you for your roles, sir, and for the mature [most of the time 😀 ] interview remarks, and for recognition of the place of admirers in your career.)

          • Regards the ‘ladies’ comment..it would have all been obvious if we could have seen his facial expression as he said it. However, as we didn’t we can only put our own spin on it and it’s a shame some elements on Tumblr have chosen to take offence. IMO it’s sections of the fandom taking him out of context that has discouraged him from self disclosure in the past and I think what we have seen in Sydney is more of the cheeky, funny guy we saw before about 2006. His growing confidence and ease with the media has allowed him to drop some of the defences and allow us to glimpse more of the RA that his friends and family would know. If the whinging on Tumblr affects that we will all be the losers.

            Personally, I thought he was joking about how naughty we can be too. Not sure about the RPF but I sense he would enjoy some of the risque humour we indulge in. So I think he meant it kindly- it was one of my favourite bits. But it might have been a reference to having male fans in which case It made me squee to hear him putting his foot in it somewhat. Most of us have moments when we think “did I really just say that.” and it’s good to know he does too.

    • I thought he was referring to his male fans. I never for a moment thought he was calling any of us “unladylike”! He has to be aware that his fandom is much bigger now than the “middle-aged, BBC listener” of the North and South days, although I would hazard a guess that they are still very much at the core.

      I loved the interview, his candidness turns me inside out, although those comments about his lack of self-confidence break my heart a bit too. Popcorn Taxi certainly know how to get their subject talking, or maybe it’s just that Richard was relaxed and comfortable after being in Australia for a few days! I agree with Guylty, he is so much more at ease and in control, the consummate professional. I’d say our dear man has definitely arrived!

      • He has totally arrived, whether he thinks so or not. 😉 I can really see how he has grown and matured since I first started following him six years ago in terms of confidence and savvy in dealing with the media and being increasingly comfortable in his own (beautiful) skin.

      • Yes, I think you are all right about the “not all ladies” interpretation. It must have been my own guilty (Guylty) conscience speaking (consuming too much lusty fanfic as we speak…). It is cool how the fandom has diversified.
        The comments on his own insecurities were heart-breaking. Having said that – from an artist’s perspective, I do think that a soupcon of insecurity is good. It’s a driving force. And it comes with a certain amount of openness in terms of trying *anything* instead of staying on safe and already-covered ground. Plus, I am sure that he has learnt to live with the feeling of inferiority (however undeserved it is) and he can function and even impress nonetheless. Comes with the experience – and age (sorry, Richard 😉 )

    • I think that comment was a nuanced as he always is in interviews. Professional. Some talk of just that on Tumblr. Those were some very lovely things to say, about “us”. Clearly he reads up a bit.

  3. Fantastic interview- as soon as I read it earlier I thought this one’s sure to generate lots of blog posts! I love the way the Popcorn Taxi guy tried to impress on RA that he had done something very special with the role of Thorin, as if he sensed that RA didn’t quite understand what a great job he’d done.
    I also loved the emphatic way Richard said that acting was better than anything else in life and he’d never change. He certainly deserves to have a lifelong career- wow, the amount of preparation and thought he puts into character development is quite astounding. All that fuel needed in the tank- I was exhausted just reading about it!

    • I got all percolated just reading it in the early morning hours here. 😉 This was quite a remarkable interview in several ways and one I will be re-reading, I am certain. I think the man was born to do this–and everything that has come before for him has helped prepare him for this role and for, dare I say, even bigger and better things down the road. He does work so very hard and it shows–it shows onscreen, the way he inhabits a role and takes us on that journey of discovery with the character. With his versatility–consummate, detailed actor who can sing, dance, ride, fight, one who blessed with a beautiful instrument of a speaking voice–I don’t think he should ever be without work.

  4. Thanks, Angie, for posting this. It was a wonderful interview, much to think about. Great comments so far, lots to say, but I gotta run–RL intrudes. I love you both, and the whole Army!

  5. I am only just seeing this now. Thank you for posting the link. Yes, **squee**, and you know me; even with extreme provocation, I seldom *squee* or *thud*. If I weren’t already terminally besotted…

    • I know, and how lovely to see you here and know you’ve got meds for your nasties now! Hope you feel better soon. Richard just keeps giving us more and more reason to adore, admire and be thoroughly besotted.

  6. What little I’ve been to read of it so far is lovely–unfortunately, I can’t seem to get through to the Popcorn site to read the rest of the interview (sob!) I’ll wait a little while and try again to see if I can get it to come up.

      • Bless you, bless you, bless you, Angie–the second link went through without a hitch and I was finally able to read the whole interview (I was starting to get a little squirrelly, there). I love reading about Richard’s process, especially with Thorin since there’s so much background there–but it again makes me get teary to read about his sense of not being good enough because he feels maybe he’s not always the top choice for the roles he’s offered. While that may have been true in the past, I think it won’t be for much longer. Bravo, Mr.Armitage–you have made so many lives better, whether or not it has filtered through your own consciousness yet. And I don’t just mean through your acting roles–your sterling character and colossal heart shine brighter than any role could.

        • Well, I knew it was frustrating a lot of people on Twitter, too, and I wasn’t able to get back in–were RA’s fans overloading the site, I wonder??–so when I saw Ali had that up at her site I thought I should share it. 😉 He really is a blessing and a sort of angel in our lives, although he would only blush and look at his beautiful feet with one of those shy faces if you told him so. I truly hope all those years of constant self-doubt and struggle are over. I know he doesn’t want to be complacent, just–be more at ease.

          • Sometimes I wonder if he has a little more in common with John Standring than I originally thought or if it’s just that I’ve been reading Khandi’s book (which I really enjoyed on many levels, by the way) and now I read this interview where he speaks about not feeling good enough. That’s a tough thing to over come in any venue–not that I would want him to become complacent (fat chance of that happening, I think). For me, it’s more that I wish he had a better understanding of how valuable he is to us all.

            • Yes, I want to have some notion of just how much he means to us, not just in terms of fangurl squeeing, but as a source of artistic/creative inspiration, encouragement, as a role model.

              • That would be wonderful, if that ever happened–I’m sure that he sort of enjoys all the fangurl stuff (to an extent), but I also think it would mean a great deal to him if he truly understood that for many of us, it does go deeper than that. He seems like that kind of person.

  7. One thing, though, now that I’ve at least had time to read the comments–how could anyone take offense because he said he tries to look after us? I think that’s perfectly lovely and just what I would expect of him–it makes ME mad that anyone would take offense at that! He’s a very considerate, appreciative gentleman (as we already knew) and that he’s concerned about his fan base just makes him that much more special. There are too many swelled heads out there who think their fans aren’t worthy of their attention–I can’t imagine Richard ever being like that.

  8. This interview is another example of what a wonderful man he is. His comments about us are great to hear! I’ll take smart and well read any day!

    Thank YOU, Richard Armitage for being a caring, sensitive soul! Your dedication and hard work shine though in all that you do! I can’t wait to see what you get up to next! XXOO

  9. Love the Thorin and Harry thing! Why would the interviewer be confused by the power of the armitage attraction, I know it was a bloke but he had all those fans there to give him some sort of clue! Will follow link for rest of interview and try my best to picture him chatting with those oh so expressive hands!

    • To be fair, this was done before the Q&A session with fans and I think they weren’t there doing this interview with the audience–one of those who was there can correct me if I am wrong. And guys Don’t Always Get It. 😉 If that link in post doesn’t work, try the one down below in comment section.

      • I don’t know if this was done at the cinema, in an office or lounge, or somewhere else, but it wasn’t done with us there, more’s the pity. It would have been fabulous to see. Even if they just filmed it *sigh* that plus the Q&A… I would be prepared to pay for a copy of a videoed interview of Richard that ran to an hour or so.
        I personally think the PT guy was trying to be funny. Not sure if it’s a blokey thing or an Australian thing, but it’s not the first time I’ve heard a question or comment couched in such a way.

        • i’ll second that. I’ve been on another blog explaining that Australian men have the back handed compliment down to a fine art. They really wouldn’t want their mates getting too big headed so they combine an insult with a compliment. For example “Jeez mate, you’re punching above your weight” can be translated as “Your girlfriend is gorgeous – you are a lucky man”. Mr Bolly reckons the time to worry is when the guys around you don’t insult you because it means they don’t consider you to be one of them. So, ironically,OH’s comments are probably a sign he liked RA a lot.

          • Bolly, I read your comments over there and was sitting here thinking, “Yes, yes! You’ve explained it perfectly!” And wishing I could be as eloquent! 🙂
            I’d say OH was pretty impressed with him, and hopefully Richard, having spent so much time in NZ, recognised the humour for what it was.

            • Thanks Mezz – for i sometimes think i don’t explain myself well. Or take 300 words to say what could be said in 10. You can see why i don’t do Twitter. 😉

              I hope he does enjoy our humour – we want him to come back regularly!

              • Well, now that he’s been here twice, and had such a seemingly good time on the second visit (karaoke, Harbour Bridge climb, relaxed interviews) I hope he wants to come back. While he’s in NZ he’s only a four hour flight away from our east coast! 🙂

              • Karaoke? I missed that. How much would i love to do ‘Something stupid’ with him!

              • So would we all. Just thinking about that delicious baritone makes my insides go funny.

              • Now that everyone and his brother are putting out “Duets” albums (not that I’m complaining,mind you–I LOVE most of them, my partner and I used to do tons of duets and since he was the arranger, he also turned songs into duets for us), I’d think a lot more of the karaoke DJ’s will be carrying the duet versions of certain songs in their repertoire.

              • I thought it was the Alice Tynan interview, but I’ve checked and can’t find it. It was mentioned at the same time as his bridge climb, and I read a couple of comments somewhere about where the karaoke session might have been. Some well known establishment IIRC.

                “Something Stupid”…a la Nicole Kidman and was it Robbie Williams?

              • Yes – it’s in my range! My son bought me the new Michael Buble CD and he’s done a version with Reece Witherspoon that is very good too.

                (whispers) They are better than Robbie and Nicole as Reece can sing 😉

    • This makes me laugh–one of his great influences was the incomparable Spencer Tracy; and when someone asked Mr. Tracy for advice on acting, he said “Learn your lines and don’t bump into the furniture”. Sounds like Richard may have taken that very much to heart.

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