Daily Archives: May 14, 2013

Because I just can’t resist playing with Mr. Armitage.



There’s a certain challenge in his look in the photo above–and I find myself responding with thoughts of just what I would like to do to/with him . .  .


Wouldn’t the world be a prettier place if Mr. A was painted on the walls of our old buildings? Could cause some traffic congestion problems, though . . .


Edited this one using classic sepia allowing some of the original color to bleed through–with a little extra *pop* for those amazing eyes.


Wanted this crop of the latest Ascroft armchair shot to have the look of a photo on a vintage movie magazine cover. He is every inch the star.


Emphasized that angelic masculine beauty here. Just heavenly . . . *sigh*

All photos by that master of RA photography, Robert Ascroft, with my edits using BeFunky. Don’t be surprised if there’s more to come . . . because I just can’t get enough of Richard Armitage–or his image. Happy Tuesday!