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Panama Ang, a Warrior Dwarf & Adorable Canines: a Miscellany


I feel as if I may fall asleep watching telly yet again so I’d better “git ‘er dun” while the getting is good.

Just to catch you all up~

Met with Susan today re the children’s book on adoption. Had a good lunch and talk together; she loaned me some children’s books written in the style she hopes to somewhat emulate. Feeling better about that whole project.

Bought a new hat. Got quite a few other bits and bobs at dear old Wallie World aka Walmart, but this is definitely my favorite purchase. Haven’t bought a new hat in ages. This will be my “Panama Jack” hat, a nice soft crushable chapeau.


It was quite warm today–as you can see, I got a bit of a flush going. Hauling stuff up the steps and into the house put roses in the old cheeks.


Seabee’s got a sore paw. Poor baby is limping a lot, but still in good spirits. She is one sweet dog. Gave her a piece of ham with aspirin rolled up inside it to help with pain and any possible inflammation. Seabee certainly did like that ham! Put an extra twinkle on those brown eyes.


As for Jack–well, he’s just too cute. And it turns out that like his Uncle Rascal, he just LOVES cold French fries.

As planned, I practiced with the “nused” video camera and shoot some footage of Rascal and Jack once it cooled off a bit outside. Watched the rough draft of the dance recital video tonight to look for any worrisome bits Benny might need to address, put my alliteration skills to use for blurbs for the opening portion, and tried (in vain) to find my black “working” T-shirt.

Have a lower backache; glad now I got Walmart out of the way today, as I have two events to cover tomorrow, one in the early afternoon and the other in the evening.  Wish me luck! Happy to say we already have about ten of the kindergarten vids and same number of the high school grad package vids pre-sold.

Oh, getting really sleepy . . . I leave you with this silly face to hopefully put a smile on yours.



See, I even made Thorin smile!

Love you all!


‘Black Sky’ is ‘back on track.’Sounds good to me!

Hooray! This tweet showed up on Twitter last night from Black Sky producer Todd Garner. It seems post-production is “back on track” after being derailed by the bankruptcy woes of Rhythm and Hues, the SFX company handling the film’s special effects.  Good news indeed!

Todd Garner     Todd Garner@Todd_Garner                            12h

Getting back on track. #BlackSky pic.twitter.com/MIvd8qxzEd

Methinks I spy Richard Armitage as Gary Morris in this clip seen on the monitor, described by co-star Nathan Kress as one of the “most intense shots” of the upcoming tornado disaster flick.