Sir Guy is Fly! Happy Guyday Friday.


Feelin’ kind of beat up this morning. Being in a hemmed-in situation (via the tethered tripod and knobby-kneed teenager poking me in the back) at Honors Program aggravated my shoulder, knee and back. I am not a woman made for sitting in the bleachers, alas, not even down front, it seems 😉 Event took quite a bit longer than expected. Benny took a good look at me when Harry and I got back to dealership and said. “Take a muscle relaxer. We can do without you tonight.” I didn’t argue. 😉

I’ve some other video production-related work to do, not to mention trying to catch up on all your comments, my lovelies,  but for now let’s just concentrate on the ravishing creature we celebrate each Friday: the ever-so-thudworthy Sir Guy of Gisborne.  The leather! The locks! The eyebrows! The smirk! The Guyliner! It’s all good . . . Sir Guy is fly!







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  1. “Best Use of Black Leather…” Oh dear Lord, I love it!! That boy really does rock the stuff like no other.

  2. Oh my goodness! And his goodness too! In all that leathery goodness! And just get that wanton sex god one out of my head! Can’t imagine why…… Hate the time difference have to wait until Friday evening to get my Friday guy fix! Love the vids as always and they keep me going!

  3. Supposed to say CAN’T get the wanton sex god one out of my head! Goodness I’m all of a dither! Hope you get rested up soon Angie my dear!

    • I’ll be hitting again work-wise Sunday afternoon for the baccalaureate and then I think Kindergarten graduation is Monday night . . . so I have a little spell of relative rest. 😉 My Sir Guy certainly can disconcert and discombobulate a girl, can’t he?! 😉

              • I’ve never known! Hotter than here though! Especially with all those SND’ s in the house!

              • Yep, you get Guy, Lucas and Porter (and Thorin, who has already been granted said status) in the room and it warns up REALLY quickly. 😉

              • Snigger! I bet! How’s poor Guy coping with Thorin joining the club? Lots of manly sniffs,folded arms and hair tossing I bet! Oh I do love your world angie!

              • Just remember that 20 C is 70 F, and for every 10 C each way it’s 18 F. Another handy coversion is that normal human temp is 37 C = about 98.6 F.

  4. Thank you Angie for making so much fun with our king of beauty. And don’t worry I can concentrate very very well. Happy Guyday Friday !!!!!

  5. Thank you, Frances Tempest, for covering this gorgeous man in head-to-toe black leather!! What a triumph! 🙂 You could not have thought up anything more perfect or so unbelievably swoon-inducing for his character. Once we clapped eyes on him we were hooked. For us it became the Guy of Gisborne story, not Robin Hood! 😉

  6. Somehow I think Richard would be crawling under the furniture if he saw himself labelled as a “wanton sex god”, even if it is as Sir Guy. Sorry, luv, can’t be helped–you are just too delicious!

  7. I’ve been watching RH S3 this week. He’s just too good to be true! I love when he comes back from Prince John’s spa! Yummy!

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