Sexy, Heroic Soldiers & Spies–Oh, My!



The enigmatic Lucas North–dedicated, determined, trying to make his way in an ordinary world after eight years of torture and deprivation in a Russian prison. Haunted by the past.  NOT John Bateman (that was the lie).  A hero–and sexy as hell. Watching Lucas run in those tight jeans–*guh* Pure poetry in motion.



Sgt. John Porter: tough-as-nails but with a tender side. A man who needs to find the truth, restore his tarnished reputation and fight his way back to a normal life. The very sort of bloke you’d want to come to your rescue. Heroic, clever and when necessary, ruthless. Trust him.


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  1. Luv them both, but I think that Porter has the edge here–it’s so hard to choose. Have been thinking that I haven’t watched “Strike Back” in a while–chilly and rainy here today, so this might be a good day for that. At least I can imagine snuggles in my mind.

      • Had hoped I was going to get to garden some this weekend–my housemate came home with a tomato plant last night, plus a big pot of mint and and another of basil. Also have a giant blackberry bush and one or two other things to put in, But I’m not into getting soaked while doing it–so think I will have to settle in with at least one or two of my Richard favorites and a project. Thanks for the photos–definitely hope you’re feeling better today, especially your foot. If you have stuff to do, a sore foot is a huge drag.

        • Yes, the rain is hampering people’s plans here, too, as seen by comments by local folks on FB. There is a big fundraiser being held today and I am hoping the weather doesn’t mess things up too much. It was to benefit a child who was fighting cancer, hardly a year old. Sadly, she passed away roughly a week ago. Of course, her parents have huge medical bills to pay so the benefit is still very much needed. The foot is still sore and tender. Walking is uncomfortable. That being said, I think the mail finally came and I need to check the box if it’s not raining right now!

          • Try some lambs wool–should be able to purchase it at your local drug store in the aisle with foot stuff. It will pad the soreness and also keep your shoe from pressing on it. I’ve used it on more than one occasion and it really helps. Broke my little toe once and it took forever to heal–had to wear open sandals for a year! But when I did have to put a real shoe on it, the lambs wool really helped a lot.

  2. Just the pick me up I needed! I’m fighting a valiant battle against my old enemy the migraine and feeling very sorry for myself! Just thought I’d see what today’s offering was and oh my! Will watch video later when able to focus/cope with music. Lovely pics, will be back to study those properly too! On the good news front my Spooks s7 has arrived! Hurry up head and get sorted lovely Lucas awaits!

    • Sorry to hear about the headache. 😦 Hope it’s better soon. *hugs* The goodies will always be here, waiting for you. And hooray for Spooks 7! Wonderful disheveled Lucas in his tatty jumper and track pants, offering Adam a chip. *sigh*

      • Wow, I do love Lucas in Spooks 7 as well–so many riches to choose from, so little time; haven’t seen that one in a while either. Plus I was already considering watching The Hobbit again–Richard, you just make it too difficult to make these choices. And he wonders why we love him?

        • Life is just so tough! Should be resting eyes but tablets finally kicking in and I’m loving the distraction! Have found a buddie in Austria to twitter watch spooks 7 with which will be fun, only hour time diff. Am going to team watch the hobbit with lady oakensheild which will be hysterical and fun to organise as we live on opposite sides of the world! Hope the weather clears soon ladies. It’s actually glorious here in Wales! Hope the foot gets better soon Angie. Huge thanks for creating this blog that feels like home. Love ya!

          • I had a care package from a dear blog reader arrive in the mail today–complete with a card from Thorin HIMSELF! You can imagine I was over the moon. Take care, everyone. XXOOXXOO

          • Supposed to be yucky all weekend here–I don’t mind all that much except to the gardening thing. I actually like rainy days and they certainly inspire lovely day dreams of a certain blue-eyed gentleman.

  3. Lucas, Porter, so different and yet both so irresistible *sigh* They are so good for what ails me. Intermittent thunderstorms here and tomorrow to be overcast., on top of it all. Maybe tomorrow I’ll make up the bed with Lucas blue sheets and dream a little dream.

    I sure hope your foot gets better quickly and completely. Sending healing thoughts

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